Thinning Edges: A Chemical Reaction Book

Thinning Edges is about hair choices. It will help you decide if relaxers really fit with your overall hair care goals.
Having healthy hair for the rest of your natural life is defined in Thinning Edges. With this book you are not limited to straight hair styles and you are not limited to natural hair styles. You decide daily what your look will be whether natural or straight. This versatility is not realized when you loc your hair or chemically relax.

Thinning Edges takes you beyond locs and relaxers to individuality.

A must have teaching guide for understanding the requirements for afro textured natural and chemically processed hair.

Key Benefits:
Identifies one of the most common causes of balding and thinning hair Black women experience
It provides instructions on how to safely straighten natural hair without the use of chemicals, as well as instructions on how to safely relax hair using chemicals
Guides you through the process of transitioning from chemically processed hair to natural hair without cutting off the chemically treated hair
It provides tips and instructions for long term success with caring for afro textured natural hair.

90 Pages (Soft Cover)
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