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Your Conditioner Does Wonders for my hair

Dear Cathy,

Thank you so much for your reply. Cathy, I’ll stick to your products only. I’m doing something wrong.

The reason I’m 100% convinced about your product is the INSTANT result I got with the Satin crème.In less than one week, the breakage was much reduced. In my entire hair struggle with my dry breaking hair, I had never seen anything like that before.

So, Ms Cathy, I’ll stick with your product, until I get it right.

Now, I’m being greedy, the breaking is very much reduced, I now want soft hair too!!!

My hair is natural, I recently stopped blow dry. Also, because I’m going grey, I use hair colour to cover my grey. It is also fast growing, which made it very difficult to manage the chemicals, because in about 4 weeks, the new growth was all over the place! Now though, I'm natural, I have been natural for about 7 years, I did the big chop, so no more chemical relaxer only hair colour which I put on every 10 weeks or so.

Anyway, I read your book again, the chapter on moisturizer; because I felt I may have missed something important. I also went back to your website and went to the moisturizer hair tips. I watched the you tube videos and listened properly this time, and not just watching and admiring your beautiful hair .

Then I got what I was doing wrong. I’m too embarrassed to tell you what I was doing wrong; you may have a heart attack!!!

If I tell you that I used a full 16 oz OF Spray MOSITURIZER IN ONE WEEK does it give a clue? Everywhere, in the book, your hair tips information, your you tube videos, you say light mist, you say don’t wet it, (it’s not Jerri curls) I was doing the exact opposite !!!

My poor hair was suffering from TOO much of product. So, the next three weeks, I’ll go back to spray , which I’ve been fearful to use and this time LIGHT mist , and not WET. I’ll use it together with the Satin crème which I just love and I know it’ll be okay.

I shall continue with my twice a week wash and deep condition with heat routine and LIGHT spray! Use the crème as daily maintenance and light spray .

I’ll let you know.

Yes, the conditioner REALLY, REALLY does wonders for my hair, after the deep conditioner, while the hair is still a bit I use the Satin crème and my hair feels baby soft. Yes, it’s strong, but feels soft at the same time. I cannot tell you how beautiful it feels, my hair has never felt like that before. Before, it always felt like Straw!!

I don’t understand it myself, because my natural hair is very thick, coarse and dry I cannot tell you how many wide toothed Afro combs, my hair has snapped!!!

Thank you so much again for you care and concern. I’ll update you in three weeks. This is really so exciting and I’ve bought the range for my sisters, but I need to educate them properly so they don’t mess up like me and drown their hair in the spray!!


ChiChi of London

My hair has NEVER felt this way before!

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First Time, Feels Awesome

Got my 4 piece, 4oz collection this week.  Used it for the first time on my 15yo.  First time using and her hair felt softer after the wash and conditioner.  Used the moisturizer, blowed dried and flatironed her hair.  In the past her ends felt like straw.  This was the first time that there was bounce.  Her ends felt smooth and silky.  I am getting ready to do mine now.  If my results are as good as hers, I will be buying the bigger bottles!

Yolanda Easter
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Thank you for a product that works for ethnic hair!  My hair is longer now and more manageable than when I was a teenager!  I'm loving it!


A Hair Solution Specifically For Me

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I Love UBH!

Hi, I'm in love with your products. I received it from my godmother Rakiah Green (Bryant of NY Salon ~ Denver) about a year or ago and it's the best thing that ever happened to my hair. I've been completely natural for a year and 3 months, I've tried many products in between because it's easier to pick up something from the local store when your in there but NOTHING I mean NOTHING works better for the rough, brillo pad and dry scalp kind of hair I have.

Thanks for your products, hope to see it soon in my local Brooklyn stores.

Ashley Jones

I love your products

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Our Household LOVES Your Products

Hello Ms. Cathy!

It was a pleasure speaking with earlier today. I really enjoyed our conversation ;-)

As I stated, my daughter and I love using your products!!!

I have purchased all your products in your line. I love your shampoo (the smell and feel of my hair is amazing, without my hair feeling stripped). The UBH Silky Spray Moisturizer and UBH Deep Conditioner, is a must, that our house just cannot be without (those products are as essential to us as food and water) ;-)

That may be pushing it a bit, but you get my point, on how we LOVE using your product and how your products are an integral part of our daily routine!

We have been using your products for years and will remain faithful consumers.

For those who have not used your products, I encourage them to give it a try. If the shippiing is an issue... I hope they get some of their friends to purchase over a $100 of products for the FREE shipping.

I try to always purchase over $100 in products, so that my daughter and I will always have product on hand, but for those who do not want to spend that amount, at least 2 or 3 others can buy product and see what my daughter and I have known for years. The UBH products are supreme!!!

Thanks Cathy, for bringing products that address our special hair needs and I pray that you have continued success!

God Bless!

Angela W. Richards

UBH Products Delivers Awesome Results, Again and Again and Again!

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I went from bald to big hair thanks to UBH Products

Dear Cathy,

It's such a pleasure for me to write this cause i am more than satisfied with your products.

In fact, i shaved my hair in October 2012 and ever since, i have been using UBH Products.

I never knew my hair could be so long, so thin and so healthy. Today, iam almost 8 months natural and my hair keeps growing very well.

Thanks a lot for what you do and keep it up. 



Ornella From France

Black girl with very coiled hair.



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Thank you

Dear Cathy,

I just want to say a very big thank you for sharing with us on how to care for black hair.

You book is common sense, and it all makes sense.

Your products I think are excellent, because it has the proper protein, moisture and oil balance for the shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser.

I cannot believe that I've only stumbled on your truth, while I was searching on the internet for black hair solutions. I cannot believe it has been around all this time!

Your solutions sound the truest and I could identify with everything you say and write.

Your book has easy to understand explanation, without needing a college degree in Science.

I am going to start your regime and I'll give it a year only to see just on average how much my hair really does grow.

I am lucky that I naturally have long hair, which is fast growing but it breaks, breaks and breaks.

I don't like it. Hopefully, your solution which makes sense to me will help.

I am only one week in and all I've done is to ditch all those creams and only moisturise once or twice daily with your moisturizer and I cannot believe the difference already. I run my hands through my hair and the palm of my hand is not filled with hair!!

I will use your prescribed regime of weekly cleansing and deep conditioner and daily moisturising and take it from there.


I want everyone of Black African descent struggling with their hair to have a copy of your book, and if possible to your excellent hair products.

I'm spreading the word here to all sisters in my family.

I'll let you know every 3 months, how I'm going, just so that I can share my success with you, because I think you deserve it.


As a final thing, I did my first wash and deep conditioning etc and my hair felt ok, no problems, I also used the creme moisturizer, and how can I get it to tangle less?


Thank you again.


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My hair loves the products

I have been using your products for 8 months.  My hair really loves the deep conditioner it smells good, and it feels good tingling on my head, and makes my hair soft. I also love the satin creme moisturizer. My hair is getting thicker too. I hope to keep growing my own healthy hair. I hated wigs and weaves I love my hair blowing in the wind. Thank you.


Love the products!

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Back On Track

I used your method years ago with great progress. Everyone noticed the difference and so did I. The growth was amazing. I don't know why I stopped. I am going to start back again though. I ordered your conditioner and spritz. I am going to take it day by day and see what i can achieve by the end of the year. You have some great information on your site. I am looking forward to sharing my growth pictures as well. Once I receive your product I will take a before photo and get this thing rolling. I am excited because I know it works and I am ready to start it up again. Thanks again for all the knowledge you share and the growth you have given all these wonderful women.

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Wonderful Products!!

I have been using Cathy's products for years and have always loved them.  I didn't think it was possible to get better, however the silky spray has.  I won't comb my hair without it!  Being tender headed, the silky spray is a life saver!  My son is growing out his hair and he is now using the spray daily.  He won't let me comb his hair out without it.  Also, I had awful damage from coloring and found the conditioner has brought health back to my hair.  I love these products and will recommend them to all my friends and family!  Cathy, keep up the awesome work.

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Returning customer

Hi Cathy, I was first introduced to your products about 4 or 5 years ago.  I was faithful in reading your book and applying that advice.  Needless to say I fell off the wagon so to speak.  I use to be a diehard relaxed girl but am now natural. Thank goodness.  The problem I have is that my hair is a mixture of different textures 4a,b and c.  I have tried so many different products its unreal and my dwindling bank account can attest to that.  My hair is super coarse and thick which I have grown to love but would prefer a little bit more suppleness to it.  I have purchased the 16oz kit on your website and look forward to receiving it in the mail.  I will be getting rid of all those other products I have that have not lived up to their hype.  Thanks so much for the inspiration and candidness on the youtube videos.  You are gorgeous and I love your hair.



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I use the Satin Crème Moisturizer on my natural hair. It is great for twist outs, braid outs or flat twists outs.You can use it on wet or dry hair. My hair absorbs the Satin Crème, there is no product build up, it does not flake and it holds up in humid weather and I have great looking curls. I encourage naturals to try the Satin Crème as a Styling product, it is GREAT. I am a self-proclaimed product junkie and I have tried some of the top brands for my 4C natural hair. This product yields excellent results every time.

Edna B Satin Crème Moisturizer
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Fabulous Products!

I have been using your Products (The Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Spray Moisturizer and Satin Creme) for a month. After the 1st application of the Deep Conditioner my hair was healthier. Now, not only is my hair healthier, it is thicker. The Satin Creme is very good for my dry hair. My hair soaks-up the Satin Creme like a sponge. Cathy, you have to advertise your products worldwide! As you know, the Pink Moisturizer is used by millions, but it doesn't moisturize the hair like your Satin Creme. It doesn't penetrate into the hairs. I learned so much from reading your Ultra Black Hair Growth II Book. Cathy, you have to promote your book and products to the millions of women worldwide who are wearing weaves. Millions of Black women truly believe that taking care of their hair, you know, moisturizing it and using the correct products are just too complicated. Unfortunately, most of the black hair care products are damaging the hair. Cathy, you have to eliminate that barrier of confusion, race-solidarity that envelopes millions of black women regarding their true reasons for purchasing those damaging products.

Sheila Haouchine Your Fabulous Products and The Ultra Black Hair Growth II
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I am already seeing results!

I recently purchased UBH shampoo, deep conditioner and moisturizer.  I have been wearing my hair short and natural for the past 3 years.  I like my short cut,  however after having long dread locks for  8 years, I'd like a full afro. After the first use of the product, I noticed my hair felt fuller and thicker.  I couldn't believe it!  I told my husband, my hair feels different.  I will resist the urge to shave my head and see how well this product works on my hair over time. If the first 2 shampoos are any indication, I should have a beautiful healthy afro by summer!



Stephanie Hancock

 Short Natural hair.

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UBH Rocks with relaxed, transitioning, AND natural

Thank you sooo much for the UBH Products. I found the product over 5 years ago and it works so well! When I had relaxed hair, the product made my hair long, thick, and shiny. When I transitioned from relaxed to natural, the Silky Spray Moisturizer worked wonders. The Silky Spray was my only moisturizer while I wore senegalese twists for 6 months. My hair grew and remained moisturized like never before. Since I have been completely natural, the Deep Conditioner has worked wonders. It is as if the products change my curl pattern to bouncy, larger curls even though my natural hair texture is 4c/b (as they say). After 23 months natural, I intend to go for the UBH 1 year challenge! THANK YOU

Kimberly Annette


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Thank you for Ultra Black Hair

I would like to thank you so much Cathy for coming up with such amazing hair product. My hair is doing really really good. I just can't believe how thik my hair is now, and how my hair growing without breaking. 

Before finding you on my research on google, i had so much problems. I kept changing products after another till I got to yours. I am believer and I am staying a client for as long you will never stop.

Wow, my hair looks alive. And best of it all I don't have to do a lot to it anymore!!!!!! And I love the smell of my hair now. Most of those hair products do smell really bad and when blowdrying my hair, there would be so much smoke coming out of my hair like it's on flames. Now . and I promise you , not such thing.

A very happy client I am indeed all the way from Thailand. Next time I will post some before and after 1 year of using your producs. Can't wait. It has only been about two months since I started to use UBH and the change is a big deal. I get compliments now :-)

Keep it up. If only more people knew about you. Wow

Many thank again and again


Jackie Nakato

Amazing for my hair WOW!

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For years I have had perms. Since the 70’s My hair would never grow. I had the perms because, without them, I could not put a comb through it. My mom gave me perms. After the first perm week and the first wash it was overdry and brittle hair. It was the worse. Folks tried to tell you what to do. “Sike” wouldn’t work. Then the internet got real big. I got hip to you tube and joined a hair forum; they talked about all types of stuff for the hair. How to make your own moisturizer. What to use in shampoo, all kinds of stuff. I was home making a mess of my kitchen with all kinds of oil, mayonnaise. Spending a ton of money on products, oils, etc. Still nappy, dry brittle hair, can’t get a comb through it and dry as all “get out”. One woman on the forum, suggested that we buy the book. Read it. Stop doing everything else read the book first. Well, I read a lot anyway, what harm could it do. Another book claiming to do what no one has done before. I read the book, in one day and read it again. Since then I have purchased the book for my friends and I have suggested the book to so many people. OMG, it have saved my hair. The book was awesome, as I was reading it, I remembered those days with the hot comb on the back porch. I remember the smell of burning hair. I remember the cries of my sister who would wail when she had her hair combed, I just toughed it out. I remember the greasing of the scalp and hair could not bounce cause’ it had so much grease on it. I remember.

So I followed the book. First, the washing every three days, I had a perm but I put my hair in a bun. I still got my perms but I waited longer between perms. Every week I put on a white tee shirt and my sister measured my hair. OMG it was growing and every week it was longer. I then purchased the Crème moisturizer and the deep conditioner. Say no more. It made my new growth so much easier to manage that I could wait up to 12 weeks between relaxers.

I went to a seminar that was hosted by Cathy Howse. She shared her story. She had transitioned to natural. I went up to her and asked how did she do it without cutting off all of her hair and she told me how she used the moisturizer. I still was not convinced, so I kept getting my perms but putting more time in between. Then I found a bald spot in the front where my widow’s peak used to be. Oh, no.

Today I am transitioning. I use the moisturizer and no breakage. After I wash, I condition and I moisturize. Imagine that. I can wet my hair and get a comb through it. The texture seems like it has changed over the past few weeks which allows me to wear other styles. It is not dry and brittle. I most like that you can call the office and they will talk to you. Give you additional help. They will ask you about you hair and what you may be doing wrong and suggest other techniques. So with that said. I am on. They are like family. I call all the time. Make no mistake. I buy my moisturizer from them only. I buy it for me, my daughter and my best friend. We love it and would not live with anything else. I have had my hair “trimmed” because with the perms, I did had a great deal of shedding and other issues. I am transitioning very nicely now and I am rockin my natural hair. It is past my shoulders nappy, nice and soft but if I straighten it ‘get out”. Unbelievable.

Thank you Cathy for caring enough about black women to do everything you did to help us remain more beautiful than we already were.

Iris DiPasalegne-Black

Extremely course hair. That Kunta Kinte stuff that fights back. Must have a perm or all bets are off. A big glob of hot mess. Now, no more perms, full, soft, longer and wonderful, thanks to UBH nothing better.

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I'm Lov'in My Hair & My Hair Loves UBH!

Hi Cathy,

I just wanted to say I love your product line! The formulations work very well on my natural hair. The Silky Spray is awesome! The hair on the crown of my head is very kinky and knotty but the kinks are no match for the Silky Spray, it melts them down like butter! ;-)

Even though my hair still frizzes (after straightening with styling tools), it is much more manageable, soft, shiny, full, and stronger and I receive a lot of compliments on my hair.
Thank you so much for your due diligence and I plan to be a customer for a long time.

P.S. I cancelled my Wen auto-delivery.

Thanks again,
Atlanta, GA

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I finally found methods that worked for me

I remember when I was having trouble with maintaining my hair and then I discovered Cathy's website. I learned a lot from looking at her hair tips and realized that moisture and protein was a requirement for afro textured hair. I have been successful in maintaining my hair since, using Cathy's methods. However, I have never used her system but, recommend others to use her products because, in examining the ingredients in them I strongly believe that they will improve the condition of dry afro textured hair. Considering, the fact that products are to help to maintain the hair, and not necessarily to make the hair grow. Regardless, of whether women choose to use her methods or her system they will still be successful because, her methods are still valid in order to successfully maintain afro textured hair today. Howse's system is also an added benefit for those who are serious about growing their hair to longer lengths and want to use her products.

Khrys-Ann J. in NY

I had a problem with my hair being dry and perpetually breaking off and that's when I discovered Cathy Howse's methods after, much debate on the requirements for afro textured hair. Howse's research has helped to revolutionize the approach to black hair growth and is like no other system of its kind on the market today.

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I have been a customer of Cathy's, for several years. I will never be without the moisturizer and deep conditioner. When I order I usually purchase 2-3 large bottles, of each product, to ensure that I always have these items on hand.

The moisturizer and conditioner have been instrumental in the growth and health of my 4a/b hair. after I made the big chop over two years ago. My hair has never looked so good or been so long.

As long as Cathy continues to make these products, I will be a customer for life.


Christal B. in MI
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