Roller Set Natural Or Relaxed Hair Tips

Question: I roller set my hair and wrap my hair. Needless to say, I love the spray moisturizer; however, it takes out my body and leaves my hair flat and straight. I love how my hair feels with the spray, but I do not like the straight look, I prefer the bumped end look that I get with the roller set wrap. Do you have any suggestions? I do not think I am using too much of the spray. I have medium length hair. I spray once on top of my head, and three times on each side (top, middle, and the ends.) Wow! Now that I am writing this, perhaps it is too much. What do you suggest?

Answer: Use the spray AFTER (not before you roller set) and mist only the ends. When I travel I get my hair done sometimes 2 days before the show. I loosely clasp it on top of my head then put my bonnet on it to sleep. It generally does not get flat until about the 4th day. A little less spray and only on the ends should help you.

Question: Do you ever use a setting lotion?

Answer: Nope. I have not used setting lotion in years; however I have used my Satin Crème moisturizer to roller set.

Question: I roller set my hair and sprayed the spray on and when I woke up this morning my ends were white/gray looking!!!!!!! What is with that? I did everything in the book. Please help me!!

Answer: Michelle, the spray is not a setting lotion! Use the spray when you roller set, AFTER comb out. Don’t know what the color change is caused from. Just rewash and use a clarifier shampoo if it appears to still be on your hair.

Question: I just ordered your conditioner today. I was wondering what you meant that my roller set look may change if I use it?

Answer: Roller sets generally look best when they are smooth. The conditioner will make your hair hard/rough (purposely) until it has been moisturized. Your look will probably change because now with the application of protein your hair cuticle will become coarse. The conditioner builds on the hair to make it stronger. I have had a couple of sister’s comment on their hair texture after using the conditioner. So you may experience a different hair texture than you are currently used to.

Question: What are the best rollers to use at bed time?

Answer: Regretfully I don’t use hair rollers at bedtime so I cannot recommend rollers for you because I really have no knowledge or experience with using them.

Question: Should I use setting lotion after washing my hair, or is your spray moisturizer enough?

Answer: My spray moisturizer is NOT a setting lotion. Some sisters use it that way and it works for them, but it was not intended for that purpose. Use your setting lotion as you did before. You may want to spray after you style as spray moisturizers can interfere with the look you previously expected. (It could frizz).

Question: When using the “Silky Spray” moisturizer after shampooing and conditioning, is it a good idea to use a setting lotion on top of the moisturizer?

Answer: Vicki, use your moisturizer AFTER you do your style. Roller set as you normally would then the following day, spray your moisturizer on.

Question: What should we look for in a setting lotion?

Answer: I have no idea as I don't use setting lotion and I will not comment on products that I don't use.

Question: I would like to know if using foam rollers on black hair causes breakage.

Answer: Foam rollers can catch the hair and tear off ends if not used with end papers. But the most important reason to use the end papers on foam rollers is that sponges suck moisture from our already dry hair. End papers usually have a coating that will not dry the hair out as much. They work best when wrapped around the hair ends instead of laying the papers around the roller like we did as kids.

Question: Is roller setting and sitting under the dryer ok and if so, what kind of setting lotion would you recommend that is not drying?

Answer: Yes, roller setting is okay as well as a setting lotion but just make sure you don't leave products like setting lotion or hair spray on your hair without washing frequently. No recommendations on a setting lotion because I don't use them.

Question: I just wanted your opinion on sleeping in rollers. I don't do it, but a good friend of mine does and I wanted to know if it was okay? I usually roll my hair when I get home in the afternoon and by bedtime I remove them and tie my hair up with a scarf. Thanks for everything that you doing to keep hair on black women's heads. I'm using your information on my 2 year olds head (NO BRUSHES) and her hair is looking great! Thanks to you, she will have the healthy, long hair that most black women long for.

Answer: Good job on getting rid of the brushes on your daughters hair and you are right, she will grow up knowing how to care for her hair because of your knowledge.

I do not sleep in rollers. The only rollers I use if any (from time to time) are the long rods used to produce spirals. There is nothing wrong with using the ones you sleep on if you take care of the hair while it is on them. If the rollers are not used with end papers, you increase dryness on the ends because you are wrapping your hair around a sponge.

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