Hair Growth Tips and Hair Life Cycle

Question: I have to say I enjoyed reading your book and I'm a faithful user of your conditioner and moisturizing spray. I thought that it took your hair an awfully long time to grow; I am talking about 14 years here. Fourteen (14) years is a long time to wait. Did it take you that long to put the basic steps together to growing longer hair or do you think now that you know the basic steps and what it takes, that the time frame would be shorter? To be honest I will do anything it takes to grow my hair long. I am 18 years of age and I do not want to wait 14 years until my hair grows. I want to enjoy my hair when I am young. My question is how long do you think it will take me to grow my 9" length to 18" to 20" with the proper care?

Answer: The length of your hair depends on the natural life cycle of your hair so yours may be 5" per year and someone else may by 12". How long it will take to get possibly 9-10 inches more is something I cannot tell you.

It DID NOT take 14 years for my hair to grow this length. My hair grows about 5 inches per year. My hair is approximately 18 inches from the crown of my head to the ends of my hair. The hair is constantly going through a growing and resting stage all over the head. ALL hair has a natural life cycle. If this was not true, would not the hair on your legs or under arms grow long enough to braid it if you did not shave it? The life cycle of my hair is about 3 years. At the end of the 3 years, the hair goes through the "resting" stages that are known in the industry. I did not want to include this type of technical information in my book because you can get this stuff anywhere. My book is not a technical book but an easy to read method that can be followed to success! As far as your hair growing down your back in 1 year - the AVERAGE growth rate is 6" per year. Some people have hair that grows faster, others have hair that grows slower, but the AVERAGE growth rate is 6" per year. If the methods you have used in the past were unsuccessful with growing your hair, you probably have never experienced a full natural life cycle and growth rate. With my proven black hair growth system you now have an opportunity to grow your hair its longest length.

Remember you will also have some breakage but the key to keeping our hair is to minimize that breakage. (I also have occasional breakage but when I do, I know what steps to take before it gets totally out of hand) So with this knowledge and your own hair life cycle your total length depends on you.

Question: Your hair is quite lengthy now, but after 11 years? With 6 inches of growth per year, your hair should be long enough to sit (or step) on!!! Between 1989 and 1994 your hair appears to have grown an inch (just estimation from the pictures I saw)....?

Answer: Your observation is incorrect. My hair grows a little over 5" per year. The reason it is not "long enough for me to sit on" is the fact that all hair has a natural life cycle. Once your hair reaches the end of the life cycle, it falls out at the roots and starts over. This process is ongoing and happens all over the head in different places, at different times. This is the technical information that I did not want include in my book because if someone wants to know the technical stuff, there are many books out there that address that. To further illustrate this point, the hair on your legs also has a natural life cycle and if you never shaved your legs, that hair would NOT grow long enough to braid! Get my point? My hair will probably stay this length for the rest of my life, but the point I am trying to make is that I have maintained my hair length over this time period!

Question: I ordered your products last week, and also purchased your book. I am so eager to get started on growing my hair long; and stopping the breakage. Here is my question: I understand that our hair will grow for several years, and then take a rest. But how long does that last? Is it a year, 6 months etc.? Thanks for your book, products, and your intelligence.

Answer: Your hair life cycle depends on the individual. Scientist say the average growth rate is between 2 and 6 years. Mine is between 2-3 years. Your life cycle maybe longer or shorter. My hair grows about 1/2 an inch per month and the longest pieces are about 13-15 inches long. So yours may vary.

Question: I had long hair during my teenage years, I am 23 now and I do not know why I cannot grow my hair back. At the moment my hair is constantly shedding and it is very dry. I am very much interested in using your product hoping that it would make a difference in my hair. I hope that it grows properly.

Answer: Keva, if you had it once, you can have it again! I have never had long hair in my life and I have kept my new found locks due to my challenging traditional industry methods. You have taken the first step by purchasing the book. It is the truth about our hair and will tell you how to achieve your hair again.

Question: I have been looking through the website and found that the information on it was very helpful. I just ordered Cathy's book and products and pray that they will work for me. I have never had long hair and I am 27 years old, the longest my hair has been is right at my neck, not even shoulder length is it possible for my hair to grow longer and healthier? I have thin hair and it is currently natural and I get it pressed, since I have been doing that, it seems to grow a bit better, but not to the length I want it. I would like for my hair to be to the middle of my back, is that a realistic goal?

Answer: There were 3 problems I found that cause our hair growth problems: 1) our information is inadequate and in accurate, 2) our products are garbage (they provide not real benefit) and 3) the industry works against us. The top of the hair care industry is controlled by whites, men, Indians and Asians. They make our products yet they don’t use them. And everybody wants to make us something because they realize we spend 3-4X more on our hair than any race of people- so therefore we have junk products because people want to make money off us, but don’t really know our hair. We are no different than any other race of people in that: God did not say that only white people, Indians, and Asians can have long hair and not black people. You just need to understand why you have short hair problems and how to correct them. My book defines this.

Question: Are there other people whom you know of who could never grow their hair, who have been successful at it with your products?

Answer: YES, many of my testimonials are customers who have had the same problems as you and have overcome them. I assume you have tried everything else, why not try this? I think you will be amazed with the results.

Question: I would like to start off by saying, hello! My name is Lathea I'm 25 years old. All my life my hair has never been longer than maybe give or take 4 inches. My mother, father, sister, my entire family etc... HAVE LONG HAIR!!! But not ME. I get so depressed sometimes; I just think that it's unfair. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Not only is it extremely short it's also very, very thin. I don't know what to do. I'm tired of people asking me (why does long hair run in your family but you don't have it!) I know it's in my genetics because it runs on both sides of my family. I don't mean to tell you my whole life story or be a cry baby but simply put (I WANT LONG HAIR TOO!!!) Please give me a response on this issue. Thank you and GOD BLESS.

Answer: First you need to understand why we have short hair problems before you can correct them. You could be causing your own problems. Do you have a relaxer? Do you brush your hair? Are you on any medications? I help you identify why we have short hair and give you practical understanding on how to keep your hair on your head if you have dry hair that breaks. If these are your problems, I recommend you read my book. It is a great start to understanding your hair and its problems.

Question: I wanted to describe my background and hair-care routine to you a little and get your thoughts. I am 27 years old and once upon a time (about 10 yrs. ago) had really long hair - down to about the middle of my back. It was fine, so never really thick, but a very nice texture and beautiful when straight. I went away to school and the well-water on campus did a real number on my hair.

Answer: I try to tell people you can’t blame the environment. Learn to care for your hair where ever you are. Then select good hair products. I talk about this in the book.

Question: I would like to start off by saying thanks for everything. I followed everything you told me to do. I threw out the oil sheen and purchased some of the serum you suggested, (it was a little expensive :), but that is ok, it was worth it. My hair feels so healthy and it actually looks like I went to the beautician. Thanks so much Cathy. I was wondering, is the only way you can tell if your hair is growing is by the amount of new growth at your roots?

Answer: Yes, this is the only way to tell if your hair is growing by the new growth at the roots.

Question: Does the hair grow even if you don't have a lot of new growth at the roots?

Answer: Hair grows at the scalp (roots) so it is the only way to have growth is at the scalp (new growth at the roots).

Question: I have a question about the hair natural life cycle because you said everyone is different. What if someone hair life cycle, only allow them to have short hair length? I do not believe that all African Americans can grow shoulder length hair because their hair life cycle is not meant for them to have long hair. I have read your book several times. Your book is awesome and I am following your hair guidelines. By following your book information my hair is stronger than ever. When I comb my hair no hair is in the comb. "Oh to make a long story short," it has now been 12 weeks since I had a retouch for my relaxer. Time before I never could wait this long for a retouch, because my hair would shed so bad that I had to get a relaxer in 6-8 weeks. Can you believe it? My hair is still not shedding. I have only been using your hair regimen for 2 months now. Thanks to your products and the every 3 days hair washing, deep conditioning and moisturizing daily system, my hair is in good condition. I will keep you updated on the progressing of my hair. Your hair system is grrrrreeeaaat!!!!!!!

Answer: The natural hair life cycle - I will expand on this briefly and a better explanation can be found in "Milady's Hair Structure and Chemistry Simplified" by Douglas D. Schoon. You can ask Barnes and Noble to order for you. This information is taken from this book and I give credit to the publication.

I paraphrase here -"Every complete hair life cycle has 3 phases, which are repeated again and again throughout life. The 3 cycles are: Anagen phase, the Catagen phase, and the Telogen phase."

The Anagen Phase – is the growth part of the phase. The stem cells actively manufacture new keratinized cells in the hair follicle. This part of the cycle generally lasts 4 years and in extreme cases can last as long as 10 years.

In the Catagen phase - the follicle prepares for the new growth.

In the Telogen phase - the resting stage that can last for 100 days. The hair is pushed out and prepares for the new growth.

This information is too "technical" for the average individual, thus the reason I left it out of my book. If you want a detailed explanation of this, please get a copy of Hair Structure and Chemistry Simplified.

Question: If our hair goes through a natural cycle, does that mean that our hair has a defined, limited, maximum length that it can grow?

Answer: Yes that is correct.

Question: It’s a shame Cathy that it took you 14 years to grow your hair!

Answer: It did NOT take 14 years to grow my hair to the length in my pictures. My natural hair life cycle is 2-3 years. The pictures you are talking about show 2-3 years of growth although I have been growing my hair (since 1989) the natural life cycle is what determine everybody’s length!

Question: I am currently a user of your spray moisturizer. I have had less breakage however I am experiencing hair loss of many strands with the white bulbs at the end. I am only 23 and am not sure what the problem is. I just ordered some of your conditioner to stimulate my scalp. Is this normal hair behavior? I know hair has a life cycle but I am worried.

Answer: The white bulb is shedding/part of the natural life cycle. If you are getting handfuls you should worry, however, I bet you are having mostly breakage.

Question: I have been on your program for about 5 months. People are saying that it looks as if my hair got longer. But it looks the same to me. I think it may have been because all these people saw me after my touch up, when I had been wearing my hair up for two months. But anyway how do you measure your hair? Do you do it yourself?

Answer: Yes I do measure my hair myself. When I was relaxing my hair, I would measure the new growth. Seeing new growth after a couple of months let me know it is growing. If I am getting longer hair depends on whether or not the hair is breaking. I also measure the entire strand. To measure your hair, simply place a ruler against your scalp and measure the hair from scalp to the ends of the hair.

Question: I have been wondering something since I first started using your program. (Keep in mind I am very impatient when it comes to my personal hair growth) I understand what you mean about the hair's natural life cycle; however is it possible that my hair's natural life cycle will only give me length just above my shoulders?

Answer: It is NOT possible to determine "ones" natural life cycle until you have been through one completely. A natural life cycle can be from 3 to 6 years. The only way to know what yours is - is to not trim your hair for 3 or more years and stop the breakage to allow the hair to go to its full potential.

Question: My hair has a very loose curl pattern and is in good condition. I am wondering if the hair care tips in your book for growing Black hair will be useful for someone whose hair is not tightly curled and is healthy. I would also like to know if you could tell me how I can determine my natural growth cycle.

Answer: The hair care information in my book is an eye opening experience that teaches you why we have short hair and how to correct it - it teaches you how to add length or simply how to maintain our hair. My book is the most comprehensive hair care manual available for our hair. It is worth the investment just to understand our hair. So yes this can help you if you don't know much about your hair. In order to determine your natural life cycle you would have to let your hair grow for 3+ years without cutting and breaking. The average growth rate is 6" per year, some may have hair that grows 3" while another may have hair that grows 10" but the average growth rate is 6". If you allowed your hair to grow for 3 years and your growth rate is 6" you should have about 18" of hair. After 5 years if your hair is 18" long then you can say your natural life cycle is 3 years.

Question: I was one of the attendees at the Expo for Today's Black Woman. I purchased your book, conditioner and moisturizer. I do however have a question that I hope you can answer. Are there any conditions which can prevent hair from growing?

Answer: When the hair stops growing, you go bald. As far as conditions that can prevent hair from growing, I am sure there are many from forced trauma to burns. Those are not things or issues I focus on.

Question: If one has suffered chemically induced baldness, how can one know if the hair cells inside the scalp are not dead? And if they are not dead, will this method which you've prescribed work?

Answer: If the hair has been gone in a particular spot or all over the head for upwards of a year and no hair is present - then you can assume the hair cells are dead. If the baldness was caused by radiation treatments (as we know even the good cells are attacked with that therapy) then these products can assist your hair care and growth efforts. Yes, if they are not dead this can help you.

Question: Thanks for the recommendation. I will use the reconstructor until my breakage stops. I just thought that once a person's hair reaches its potential growth, then it stops growing and starts to break. My hair has never been longer than it is right now, so I assumed that it could never grow any longer. But hopefully I am wrong. According to the science books, a person's hair length and thickness is determined at birth, therefore no matter what you do, it will not grow any longer than that. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my worries and I am definitely going to send you some before and after pictures.

Answer: I think that what the science books say is "broadly" true. Everybody has a natural life cycle. The average growth rate is 6" per year. Some people’s rate may be 3 whereas others may be 12 but the average is 6" per year. If you have never had your hair at its longest length how do you know how long it will grow? I have never had hair this long in my life so I am trying to see just how long it will get. Hair on the legs does not grow 5-6" because of the makeup of its DNA however, your hair on your hair is capable of growing much longer. (This is what they might have been alluding to in the science books too) Please don’t assume that this is it not for you because once you stop the breakage with the reconstructor, your hair will continue to reach its maximum length - it still remains to be seen if the length you have now is you maximum.

Question: My hair was long too, but I made a mistake and was pressing it too much. So I would like to know which product will make the hair grow and keep it growing?

Answer: Kathy your comment is typical of what most sisters have gone through at some point in their life. I did not know what to do like most of us so my wanting to know is what produced these products and the book. The book is going to answer your questions about why we have the problems we do and how to correct them. Do yourself a favor. Get a hold of a copy of the book and I bet your eyes will be opened!

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