Hair Gel Styling Tips for Black Hair

Question: I desperately need a style to wear my short hair until it grows out. It looks horrible now that I don't hot curl it daily anymore. It's too short to twist too. Is it ok to gel the hair if you wash & condition every couple days, but then turn right around & re-gel it again?

Answer: No problem if you wash and condition every other day going no longer than three days. I would limit the everyday use of the gel because of the alcohol. Perhaps put it on for the style the first day and avoid it until you rewash and condition. Just ensure you wash out at 3 days. Also you might try a wrap style since your hair is short. You get to flatten your hair into your style while you sleep.

Question: Dear Cathy, I purchased your book yesterday because I have very dry coarse hair that seems to suck up oils and moisturizers. Until I receive the book, can you tell me if there's a gel for styling that you recommend when I want to wear a pony tail style? The protein styling gels seems to dry my hair out even worst. Also, I was able to have a lot of questions answered from the tips you gave others and I can't wait to read this book. It seems finally someone found the answers. I used Break Thru moisturizer and it made my hair stiff. Right now I'm using Elaster QP Recovery Oil Moisturizer and it is doing a little better and it's not so oily.

Answer: Hello Marva, thanks for purchasing my book. After you read it your eyes will be immediately opened! I don't use gel (currently) so I really can’t tell you a good one to purchase. When you get my book, you will understand why protein maintenance products left on the hair are not recommended.

The hair care industry was so lacking with accurate hair care information. If you have read my product reviews page, Break Thru made my hair stiff too and I do not recommend its use! Elaster QP is not a product I have used and I do not recommend anything that I have not used myself.

Question: I know that some things are necessary in hair styling products to give them shelf life, is isobutene one of them?

Answer: No it is not.

Question: I enjoy wearing style like hard wraps, finger waves, and straw curls; these are all styles that require heavy hair spray (yes there is hair loss with these styles) do you recommend staying away from such styles?

Answer: Nope I don’t recommend staying away from them; I recommend not letting the style dictate how you care for your hair. If you put hair spray in your hair on Monday it still must be washed out by Wednesday or Thursday and absolutely go no longer than 3 days with it in there. Moisture has to constantly keep going into your hair to avoid breakage and dryness.

Question: I just had an Affirm perm and am wearing it in a wrap style. I believe that my hair won't break off by using your moisture and treatment method. My hair has grown considerably since September 2002, using your method. What kind of gel is okay for this style? Do you have any suggestions by brand name?

Answer: Regretfully I do not have gel suggestions nor do I have brand names to suggest to you. I do not use gel nor do I recommend them. They are just like hair spray except you use much more to hold the hair in place.

Question: I have to use a styling gel (I use one by Nexxus) that doesn't have dulling resins, alcohol or color to help lay down the short edges around the front of my hair line where the braids broke it off, because if I don’t, my hair will stick-up around the edges. Do you think I'm on the right track to rebuilding my natural hair back to the healthy state it once was?

Answer: To get your hair in a healthy state, you need to use products that improve your dry hair condition. I use only UBH products because they actually benefit our hair from my experience. If you choose to use other products, you will need to ensure those products actually benefit your hair or you are throwing your money down the drain. Putting gel on your hair is okay if it is not left on too long. Remember hair care before and after the style is my focus.

Question: I remember reading in your book that hair spray is bad for your hair because it has components that are drying for the hair. I have been looking at different hair sprays lately and am seeing that a lot of them don't have alcohol in them but I am noticing another chemical in all these sprays which is isobutene. Can isobutene be damaging to hair?

Answer: Isobut is the root word found in alcohol too (Isobutoxypropanol is Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol) Isobutene is used as a propellant in cosmetic sprays according to Ruth Winters cosmetic ingredients book. It appears to be some form of alcohol.

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