Washing Black Hair Tips

Question: I am in college and I work so only have time to wash my hair once (twice if I’m lucky) a week. My head starts to itch a lot and I scratch it ...sometimes profusely and my scalp is a bit sore. It just itches so much. Can scratching to much affect my growth results or make me lose extra hair? What do you suggest I do??

Answer: Candice, washing once a week is fine. As I get closer to a retouch I find I need to wash more often because of the need to scratch also. Scratching too much will do nothing to the growth rate. Friction in the same area of the head, same spot can result in hair loss if it is not stopped. Take for instance if a person rubs their head vigorously in the same spot day in and day out. This will result in the hair permanently disappearing from the spot as a result of friction. You may also have an allergic reaction to the products you are using. Try changing your shampoo or use a clarifier to see if this helps.

Question: My second question is about water. The water here is desalinated and everybody tends to think that it is the number one cause for hair breakage. People say it is too hard. I don't know what to think.

Answer: Don’t blame the environment for your hair troubles. That is not the problem. Caring for your hair appropriately is the key and you have found the answers in my book. Use the system then you decide if your friends know what they are talking about. I say they don’t know because if they did, they would not have hair problems if the solution they had offered worked. (not washing the hair was their solution.) It is ignorance that keeps our hair in bad condition and you now have the truth.

Question: Most of my friends don't want to wash their hair here and only do it when they have no choice. What do you think Cathy?

Answer: Baloney is what I think and that is the reason we have no hair!!

Question: It is summer and extremely warm. Lately I have been washing my hair every other day if not every day. Is this damaging to my hair? (When I do this, it is air drying, no blow dryer).

Answer: Washing your hair every day is not a problem (look at white people -if this was a problem, they would all be bald headed) It is not how often you wash your hair that causes the problem; it is what you wash your hair with. You can wash your hair every day and apply a conditioner to your hair (not UBH conditioner) that rinses out in the shower. This will help to smooth the hair. But you still must do your deep conditioning treatments at least 1 X per week.

Question: Congratulations on your book, it is wonderful, truly common sense is the only way to grow hair. May you continue to prosper, and thank you for bringing the truth out. I have been on your program for about 2 weeks now, so hopefully after 1 year I will be able to send you before and after photos. After reading your book I have found out now why it is so important to wash your hair. There is one thing that has always puzzled me. Before reading your book, I would put off washing my hair for a long time, because when I tied my hair and untied it, it seemed to have grown considerable. Then when I do wash it, my hair seems to shrink. The question I am asking you is why is it that hair seems to shrink when you wash your hair....???

Answer: When hair is wet it is stretched to its tensile length, which is the longest length. It is because we have a tight curl pattern and when the hair dries, it returns to the natural curl of the hair unless it has been chemically altered.

Question: I read in your book that you recommend that we wash our hair once a week. I talked to a girl who washes hers once every 2 weeks (the way I used to). Do you think that washing Afro-American hair every other week will damage it? I am just afraid to continue washing my hair once a week. I do not want to lose too much hair.

Answer: Washing your hair EVERY day if you choose to will not damage it. It is what you wash your hair with! If washing every day was a problem all white people would be baldheaded! The not washing is a myth we have lived with for decades!

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