When I started researching and writing about black hair growth in 1985 there was NOT 1 book out there on the market that even approached the subject on growing black hair. Now in the past few years, every hairdresser out there, not to mention models as well as consumers want to tell you how to grow some hair.

  • Was it a big secret they were hiding before and now they want to help us?
  • If they knew how to grow us some hair before, why were they hiding it from us?
  • Have they finally decided to unlock this mystery for us or have they just given us more "traditional methods" like the ones that have not worked in the past?
My research and experience reveals why we have to "break tradition" in order for us to have hair. If tradition worked, we would already have long hair! One of the things I found out in 1985 was that our information was very lacking in adequacy and accuracy. Now this wealth of knowledge comes from so many sources; books, websites, hair chat rooms etc. Sharing information has certainly made us smarter! On the other hand, accuracy is still an issue. Therefore, having perfected a system of hair growth and proven it since 1989, I continue to police this new found phenomenon. Hairdressers are the professionals, why shouldn't we believe what they say and know to be true? Ensure you read my Hair Tips under the catagory Hairdressers as these observations were submitted by consumers as they experience the industry. ***This page also reviews black hair books in general, not just those that claim to help us with growing longer hair.

Cathy Howse

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Hair Rules
3 Stars
This guy tells our story
Hair Story
5 Stars
Dont know your past.....
2 Stars
Spiritual twist
Lisa Akbari
2 Stars
Traditional Methodology
Shamboosie Book
1 Star
I expected more..
Barry Fletcher
2 Stars
Good but not good enough
Black Woman Rejoice
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