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UBH Conditioner is Unmatched!

I've been perm/chemical free since 2007 and bottom line - your conditioner is amazing.  My hair  stayed the same length for years due to major breaking.  My hair was also VERY thin and sparse even in it's natural state.  I used rogain and took vitamins with no major improvement.  It wasn't until I used your deep conditioner that I noticed major change within the 1st 3 weeks!  My hair is thicker, has no breakage, and feels healthy.  I will forever be a customer.  Please don't change the formula!

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I had given up all hope of ever having my thinning, balding and breaking hair being healthy. After searching the internet for weeks i stumbled upon your website and initially i was skeptical. I had never heard of hair products for black hair and i thought it was a Sham but i decided to go ahead and buy the book first to find out what it was all about. I spent a day reading through the book and finally ordered the hair products. My hair felt so wonderful even with the first application and i new i had finally found something that i could the hold on to forever. The balding and thinning is much much better and the additional hair length is   a bonus. Thanks Cathy! May You come up with More wonderful ideas to help us!


The products are the best i have used so far and i love each one of them but my favourite is the Silky Spray Moisturuzer and the deep Conditioner.

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I love these products

Well my name is Demisha and for years i could not grow my hair i am a black woman and i just figured that out of all the races most black women had to just accept the fact that we could not grow long hair until i stumbled upon ms cathy's website, i figured well i spent so much money elsewhere i may as well try this its not so expensive and i also viewed the web clips and the things she said made a lot of sense so i purchaced the book along with 3 starter small bottles to see if i would like the product i started using it in january 2012 and my hair in the back i could not really grip, now with following the suggestions in the book like washing the hair every 3 days (which i thought would be impossible for a black girl without a perm)my hair can be put into a ponytail. ....long story with time and patience black hair can grow....thanks ms. cathy....,.Misha

Demisha T.

Black woman mid 30's with hair worries, but not so much anymore.

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Great Results

I use UBH products on my 5 year daughters hair as well as myself. I LOVE the Satin Creme moisturizer and the silky spray. I use it daily as recommended to keep our tresses moisturized  and healthy. I have read the Ultra Black hair book twice and applied what I 've learned, which I have cut out many bad habits. In which, the difference in our hair has been nothing less then phenomenal. I LOVE the new website too!!

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I am IN LOVE with the Satin Creme Moisturizer!

I encountered serious breakage and thinning with my hair while it was relaxed and decided to go natural. Four months ago I discovered Cathy's book and subsequently her website. I decided to employ her hair care tips and tried the Satin Creme Moisturizer. I LOVE it!!! My natural hair is very coarse but the Satin Creme Moisturizer keeps it detangled, soft, deeply moisturized & manageable. I now see little to no hair in my comb and have experienced, amazing growth in the last four months. I am so looking forward to the next 8 months and at this rate of growth, my hair will probably be down my back! Thanks for sharing your tips and creating this wonderful product!

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Cathy, Thank you so much for sharing the wealth of information that you learned by doing such a good job in researching black hair. I grew up in a house where my mom was a beautician and she took good care of my hair when I was younger, but now she is gone and I have had to take care of my hair myself, although she taught me a lot about how to use chemicals there were some basic myths that she still had believed in. I recently moved to a different climate and had a lot of problems with hair breakage. I tried so many products nothing was working. So I found your website on the internet, ordered your book and started following your suggestions and using your deep conditioner, silky spray and satin cream and within a month my hair stopped breaking and growing back, my beautician asked what I was doing different because she noticed the breakage had stopped. I let her know that I came across great information that I started to use and she said "whatever you are doing keep doing it" and that's what I have been doing, my hair is growing faster than it ever has. Your techniques described in your book truly SAVED MY HAIR. Thank you

Twyla S.
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With some love and patience you can have hair you are proud of.

Hello Everyone! I have been using UBH for a little over a year. I have placed heavy concentration on the Silky Spray Moisturizer (works wonders when I just finished washing my hair eliminating tangles) and the Satin Creme Moisturizer (my hair always thanks me after I apply it as it keeps me moisturized for days). I just came back from hairmare horror when my whole front of my hair had broken off and I could not even place it in a ponytail holder. Now my front is long and able to join the rest of my tresses.


Young girl once foolish with the hands and now wise with my locks : )

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Faithful User

It has been more than 5 years and I am still loving all the products. I have 6 sisters and I have encouraged 3 to order these wonderful products and I am working on the other 3....Lol I am so thankful Cathy created her new shampoo with no sulfates and parabens because I love how it makes my hair feel and it works great with the conditioner.  I want to encourage Cathy to keep up the good work in getting the word out to those of us who have struggled with trying to grow longer hair because her products, when used properly, truly work! Keep in mind, it takes patience and care to get the results I have been proud to see. At first, I did not notice the results because I look at my hair every day. In no time, family and friends have asked what I am doing differently because they say my hair is thicker and longer. When I started the UBH products way back my hair barely reached my shoulders, was brittle, and shedding. Today, my hair hangs to the middle of my back and it is full and shiny. When I am able, I will have someone take pics so I can show my before and after results. My best advice to new users is to religiously follow the steps Cathy points out, be consistent with your hair care, and exercise patience. Your hair will grow!

Fasika Stowe
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I absolutely LOVE your products


I have been using your products since 2006 and I love it.  My hair isn't real long but it's longer and healthier than it's ever been before.  It would be longer if I wasn't constantly cutting my ends (I hate untrimmed ends).  My hair is past my shoulders now.  Prior to using your products, it never made it past my neck.  I have recommended your products to a few of my family members and they love it too.

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Best haircare system

Hi Cathy it's me Kelly one of your long time followers. just want to say to you that I have started to incorporate your products into my regimen again now that I am a natural girl. I have been using your products as you know since 2006 when my hair was relaxed and I must say I never had my hair grow that long before (midback length). would have made it to my behind had I not cut it to help myself transition to Natural hair lol. my hair was so healthy after using your tips and products. I have now been natural for a little over a year now and I am trying to get that long, healthy, beautiful hair back so I decided that I am going back to what I know will work. thank you Cathy for teaching so many black women how to truly care for their hair. I know I am a believer.


Cathy's tips are proven. I have been using them since 2006 and they truly work.

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Hair is Wonderful!

Hi Cathy, my name is Cynthia and i wanted to give you some feedback on your products. I have natural african american hair and i haven't had a perm since my teens and I am in my fourties now. I was having such trouble with my thin, short damaged hair untll I found your site 10 years ago. My hair is healthy and to the center of my back and grows like a weed. One thing i really like is most of your techniques I can do myself and we all know we take better of our own hair. I only go see my beautician occasionally and when I do I SPEAK UP about the heat and appliances used. We he sees me he keeps looking at my hair and saying wow it's really growing long:-) I just wanted to say thank you and wish you well. I hope someday to see you in the stores in Long Beach California where i live:-) Cynthia M. Hicks

Cynthia Hicks
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Thank you for offering shampoo!

Aloha Cathy, Mahalo (thank you) for FINALLY offering your own shampoo to compliment your product line. I've bought several shampoos formulated for "dry damaged hair" and most of them are GARBAGE. I'm looking forward to using your shampoo. I'm very happy with the results I'm getting with your deep conditioner, moisturizer creme and moisturizer spray. All the best, Karmyn

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The absolute best moisturizer for all hair types!

I can not live with out this moisturizer! leaves my hair soft and feeling very nourished. For moms like me with biracial children this is the best for curly,fine and long hair. Tried some may different products and wasted soo much money until I discovered UBH

jessica king

Just writing to say i love the Satin Creme Moisturizer!

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Falling in Love with my hair again

I purchased your book Ultra Black Hair Growth II 2000 Edition. I have been natural since 2004 and over the last 2 years I've fallen out of love with my hair. I've been doing what the book recommends and I must say that in the 3 weeks that I have been doing the recommendations I notice a serious difference in my hair. It is so much more healthier. I just wanted to thank you for helping me to fall in love with my hair again. I actually look forward to doing my hair and that's such a great feeling. Keep doing what your doing, I am sure that you have helped many women fall in love with their hair again. Have a great evening!

Ja'Net Lyons
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I love the Creme Moisturizer

I have been using the creme for a few years now.  I don't have a relaxer and i love my curly hair!  The creme works best for me. 

I use Nexxus products for my shampoo and conditioner and then i slap on a lot of moisturizer!  Since i swim everyday, i prefer to "wash and go" i don't use a hairdryer unless it is a really special occassion. 

Most people who don't know me do not know how long my hair is.  My hair is almost to my waist!  When i straighten it, people are truly surprised how long it is.  Adonai is truly a wonderful!  Baruch Ha Shem!  And, thank you Ms. Cathy!

Lady S
Tags: black hair products

Love The New Moisturizer

Love the new moisturizer--I just add a few drops of olive oil!


M Faison
Tags: black hair products

Love Your Products, Wont Use Anything Else!

I need to get this order a.s.a.p i love your products and wont; use anything else. I also use it on my daugthers. Next time i will try to get a bigger order. Until next time.

Mrs Townsend
Tags: black hair products

My husband comments on my hair everyday

I am enjoying all the products. my hair never looked healthier and my husband comments on it everyday. I emailed you a few weeks ago because I could not find the right balance with the moisture cream but now my hair is responding very well and I just love it!

Rose Mason
Tags: black hair products

Your products helped my hair!

Just recently, I expressed the issue to my best friend that lives on Maryland and she came back to me a couple of days later and told me to check out your site. She said that an older woman in her office recommended I do this because she--the older woman--had the same issues I did once upon a time until she incorporated your techniques and now her hair is the longest it has ever been in her life.

Yolanda in CA
Tags: black hair products

Your products work with locs

Love your products even with loc hair

Ms Vaughn
Tags: black hair products

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