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Question: Thank you my sister, your research, books and products have been a blessing in my life which I intend to pass-it-forward! You mentioned that permanent colors are damaging for our dry hair. I want to color to get rid of some gray. I am finding the semi-permanent color too temporary for me when washing as often as twice a week. Is it safe to use and how often and when should I apply it?

Answer: Permanent colors can be damaging to chemically processed hair if they contain ammonia or peroxide. Bigen, the hair color I us is mixed with water and you can only go darker, not lighter. You can apply Bigen immediately after you neutralize your hair after relaxing. That way it goes inside the hair shaft when it is open right after the chemical. If you have chemical burns on your scalp after the chemical, the color is not going to feel real good on your scalp so try hard to keep it off your scalp too. Ensure you follow the instructions and do not use heat or a plastic cap as this will cause your hair to break, even with Bigen!

Question: I have worn my hair in its natural state for over 3 years. I now find myself job hunting and I believe that my sister twist leaves a bad taste in the mind of the interviewers. So I have decided to get a perm and a dye job. I have ordered a perm that my girlfriend uses that comes from Africa. It’s the only perm I have seen handle humidity. I have shoulder length hair, very thick and dry. I was reading the info on your website and thought it would be nice to keep my healthy hair. I have dismissed hairdresser after hairdresser because I do not believe in cutting my hair. My only concern is the hair dye that you recommended. Bigen is a permanent hair dye.......I believe you said it was OK to dye right after a perm? Usually this will cause extreme dryness and maybe breakage.....please clarify.

Answer: Any permanent hair color you choose when you relax your hair can NOT contain peroxide, or ammonia. Bigen, the hair color is use is mixed with water. When my hair was relaxed I would actually apply my color immediately after the retouch because the hair shaft is wide open and accepts the color well. Applying the color days after the retouch, the hair cuticle has closed.

Question: I would like to dye my hair as I am noticing a few grey hairs. I note from your website that you say you use Bigen to dye your hair. I purchased this recently but note that it is a permanent dye - is this ok? I thought using permanent dyes were damaging to the hair. I have been told that Bigen does not do semi-permanent dyes. Can you advise me as to whether this would be ok to use. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again for all you are doing to get the information out to many who have been told a lie for years.

Answer: Bigen does not contain ammonia or peroxide to color the hair. That is why it is okay to use on relaxed hair. Yes it is okay - I have used it myself for about 20 yrs. And on your compliment, it is my pleasure to champion something that FINALLY works. Thank my Creator as I am only the conduit for a message that is long overdue!

Question: I just purchased your book and so far, I love it! I am going to start your system immediately. I have gray hair that I color about every 6-8 weeks, usually 2-3 weeks after I have applied a relaxer. I would like to know what type of advice you can provide on coloring my hair and the affect it will have on your system and growing hair?

Answer: I use Bigen oriental black and Bigen black brown to color my gray hair too. I purchase it at Sally's beauty supply. It is safe to use immediately after your relaxer because it does not contain peroxide or ammonia so it is safe on relaxed hair. No need to wait weeks after the relaxer. I have found that applying immediately after the retouch was better. Because it goes inside the hair shaft and you won’t get the color residue on your towel weeks after the application. In fact you won’t see color residue on your towels at all!

Question: I use Posner Rejuvatone (salon formula color rinse- It has no peroxide nor ammonia) It rinses out gradually average of 4-6 shampoos. I am so interested in your products. What hair dye do you recommend?

Answer: I don’t know anything about the products you are using and I don’t recommend anything I have never used. I use Bigen hair color which is a permanent color that does not use ammonia or peroxide either and it does not wash out after 4-6 weeks.

Question: I was just reading your website and noticed that you recommend Bigen hair color - what color do you use?

Answer: I prefer black brown or oriental black.

Question: Dear Cathy Many thanks for my Ultra black hair products. My hair was very badly damaged I had to give it a rest from chemicals and had to wear a wig. I am now trying to grow my hair but I want to be able to color and relax it while using your products. Can you please give me some advice on how I can do this?

Answer: Mrs Loyetta, Thanks for giving my products a chance. Ensure your hairdresser uses the same relaxer on you each time you get a retouch and make sure the color you choose is not an ammonia or peroxide formula. When I relaxed my hair, I use Bigen right after my relaxer and it is excellent. This product is mixed with water, and is also not damaging when applied immediately after a chemical (relaxer).

Question: I am 27 years old and have premature grey hair so I have to dye as well as relax it. How will this affect my hair in the long run? I live in Canada and where I live is very dry, Can you give my some tips on what would be most effective to keeping my hair moisturized until I can get your product?

Answer: Greying hair can safely accept color on relaxed hair if the color does not contain peroxide or ammonia. That means you cannot lighten the hair only darken it. Moisturizing is not the problem when you color relaxed hair, it is the structure of the hair that is weakened when you double process (chemically relax and strip color and reapply color, as in the case of hair dye that lightens). Please wait until you can my book to have a better understanding about your hair.

Question: I need your help!!! I have read and followed your book to the tea, except last week I decided since my hair was in such healthy shape I could put a permanent color in it. I put Clairol Permanent color for Black hair. I even used your conditioner, but I noticed that my hair was rough even after the conditioner and very dry even though I tried to moisturize it. I see breakage in the comb!

Answer: Natoya, I am assuming the product you used contained ammonia and that you have relaxed hair? This is a very bad mistake. Can you fix it? Not if the hair bonds in the hair have been destroyed, this is usually what happens when you double process. You can try a protein reconstructor (Aphogee) as it MAY help but it is not certain. Please reread my book because this is something you would NEVER do after reading it.

Question: I noticed you recommended Bigen for relaxed hair, but what color product would you recommend for natural hair? My hair is very dark in color and recently a stylist had difficulty in applying color to it -- she asked me to come back, but because she re-applied the color after washing it and conditioning it, my scalp felt singed. I have no intention of returning to her. I am thinking of applying the color myself. I've read your books and you are against self-relaxing, but what is your opinion about doing color at home?

Answer: I am only for doing your own relaxer if you know how to do it and you cannot find a hairdresser that you can trust to do it for you. I don’t tell people to do them because you can get severely burned (sometimes when done by stylist too) and I don’t want people coming back to me saying I said to do it themselves. On Bigen, yes you can do it yourself. You can also use it on natural hair (I use in on my natural hair too.) Just ensure you follow the instructions and do not apply heat or use a plastic cap on the hair while color is being processed. It will cause your hair to break (first-hand experience on this one.

Question: Since I'm 50 years of age and have gray around the hairline, what can I use in between the time I should have the semi-permanent color replaced. Are there any safe crayons to color, etc?

Answer: I also have gray around the hairline and all through my hair. When doing a photo shoot the photographer used Tween Time crayon to color my gray around my face. It is a good substitute for temporarily covering the gray for a short time however it wears off in a couple of days.

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