Hair Weaves and Hair Extensions Tips

Question: I purchased your products and I have a weave. Are there any negative consequences to using this product while I am actively wearing a weave, or should I expect the same results of growth and healthy hair despite the fact that I am using the product while I have a weave? Do you have any past clients that reported to you that they had a weave and still had good results with your products?

Answer: Any time you weave in, sew in, glue on hair to your own hair you may experience hair loss. That is one of the many problems sisters tell me about. They tell of how they took the hair down and their own hair was pulled out with it. I don’t recommend any fake hair but many sisters with hair extensions do it and still use my products. The biggest problem I see is the hair that is covered under the fake hair does not benefit from the products. Hair that is close to the scalp will thicken but underneath the hair extensions, hair will remain thin because the protein was not able to get to that hair to build and strengthen it. So yes you can use UBH products with a weave. Just ensure the hair under the fake hair is treated just at the book recommends. Weave wearers and braid wearers can get results with this method too.

Question: I wear a weave, how can I moisturize my hair daily as recommended?

Answer: Use a spray moisturizer to moisturize your hair. Lifting the weave allows the spray gets to your real hair.

Question: I have the sew-in weave and I would like a regimen that goes between the tracks to take care of my hair.

Answer: Lift the weave up and spray the moisturizer on your own hair. It is not recommended that you push anything between the tracks.

Question: I put on own weave in with glue. How would you recommend me going about using your products with the weave in?

Answer: GLUE is very bad for your hair and should NOT be used. This will severely hinder your hair care options and in some cases cause you to go bald in the spots where the glue is attached to your hair.

Question: I am very excited about getting your book. I have had sewn-in weave for almost 4 months. When removing the weave, a GREAT deal of my hair came out. Now, it did grow in length, but on the left side of my head, it's not as thick.

Answer: Protein builds on to the hair causing it to thicken. My conditioner contains protein for regular maintenance and it instrumental in thickening the hair. If you are having a lot of breakage, you may need a protein treatment!

Question: I just ordered your book and I am waiting for it in the mail. I emailed you earlier about weave and glue...I've just decided not to wear weave anymore, if I can't glue it. I am a college student, and I can only afford to do my hair...I only know how to glue weave in. Having sewn in weave is too expensive, is there no other way to keep wearing weave besides that?

Answer: I don’t know because I don’t wear weaves. I am glad you gave up that silly glue that will destroy your hair.

Question: I am a black Puerto Rican. My hair is extremely fine. It has been damaged badly by chemicals. As a result I have chosen to wear extensions (bonded). It has caused serious stress to my fine hair. What I wouldn't give to have long flowing healthy beautiful hair like when I was young girl. I am now early 30's. I refuse to give the extensions up. But to be natural is the ultimate wish. Do you have any suggestion?

Answer: Yes I do have one suggestion. Please get a copy of my book and read it. I am a firm believer in my system because I have never had hair this long - EVER in my life. If your hair is dry hair like about 80% of the black population, this will work for you whether you have natural or chemically processed hair.

Wear your extensions but give up the bonding. You are destroying your own hair! You can style your hair the way you want but, you have to take care of it when you style it. Choose another way of wearing the extensions without bonding.

Question: I have been wearing weave bonded into my hair, it has broken off in several places and is very uneven and very dry. I know that you do not believe in trimming or cutting hair, but due to the fact my hair is so uneven, is it a good idea for me to get a good hair cut so that my hair may grow evenly; or should I try wearing artificial buns and ponytails and let my hair grow from there? I look forward to your advice and I cannot wait to start your program. It is a blessing to find someone who truly understands Black hair.

Answer: I am happy that you found my book and trust it will give you your longest length ever. Sorry to hear you had the problem with the bonding of your weaves; in fact I tell everybody that if you want to wear a weave under NO circumstances should you use bonding glue! This message comes a little too late for you. I am only opposed to trimming every six weeks with the intent of making the hair grow. I agree with trimming to make the hair look neater. Go ahead and have your hair trimmed to even it out. You can start growing from there and I think you will be much happier.

Question: I am writing you on behalf of my wife, Laurie. I read through your site and testimonials and even reviews of your book and am impressed. For over eleven years I have lived with my wife struggling with extensions. She is a very beautiful woman and I love her. I have seen pictures of her when she was under 19 years of age and they all show long hair. At least past the upper back. It seems after around 19 years her hair in the back would not grow anymore. I think she cut it for some styles and never had that length any more. I have ordered your book and would like to help her any way that I can. I don't mind the extensions but I know she is really unhappy with the process. She calls it a "curse". I read to her all the testimonials and reviews. She really doesn't believe anything will work. Can you email an encouraging letter to her? I know an email from you would ignite something in her. I promise to buy your products and keep her motivated. She is 36 years old now and just as beautiful as ever!

Answer: Dear Laurie, for decades black women have lived with lies and myths about our hair care. The professionals we trust actually destroy our hair in many cases and are key resources for perpetuating the myths we associate with our hair. I was tired of the confusion and misguidance which is why I decided to research and write the truth about black hair growth and maintenance. The key to identifying hair growth gimmicks is to understand that anybody who is saying "trim the ends for growth" is promoting one. It should be obvious because this “ridiculous” message has been around for decades and has not, nor can it possibly work. Know that people who say things like this have not done any research, but are merely trying to capitalize on the fact that we want long hair. You will never find that message in anything I have written. The people who have given us traditional hair care information have been men and whites. Neither of these groups has ever felt what it is like to want long hair and be unable to get it. Their solution was wigs, weaves, braids etc. The problem is "I don't want to wear a weave; I want to wear my own hair like most sisters. So the idea had to be conceived by a black woman." Although there are a lot of materials written by black women about our hair growth, most hold on to the "trimming myth".

I honestly have never had this much hair in my life and it is due to my research and understanding about our hair. If your problems are dry hair that breaks (aka short hair problems) this will work for you. There are many gimmick surrounding our hair care and I understand why you are skeptical, I was too before I did my research. Now I can tell who is wrong as well as who is just trying to capitalize on our desire to have long hair.

The book that I have written will open your eyes about our hair care and the common sense perspective will soon have you understanding how to correct the problems you have. Please take the time to read the book cover to cover and then make a decision to stick with this system for just 3 months. I believe that if your hair problems are caused by dryness which is 80% of the black population’s problem this is the last hair care account that you will ever need. Email me your questions so we can make it happen for you!

Question: Look at the money being spent on braids and weaves. This should be in your pocket. I don't think anyone would prefer a weave over real hair growth.

Answer: Contrary to what you think - a lot of women prefer to wear fake hair even after they find my system because they know nothing else. It is for most, easier to care for. Many sisters have hair loss due to fake hair and it won’t come back so they use my products but keep the fake hair in. The women who refuse to wear fake hair that find my systems are delighted to have found something that makes sense. It does require patience and time to make it happen.

Question: I would for once and for all STOP WASTING MONEY ON ALL THESE DIFFERENT HAIR CARE PRODUCTS. I know that you don't like giving out the names of products, but any help you can provide as far as what to use and how, will have me singing your praises on top of the highest mountain.

Answer: I don’t name names of products I have never used. The only products I use are UBH products unless I don’t make something I need. If you choose to use other hair products, you are using them at your own risk. Most black hair products don’t provide real benefits for our hair. UBH products do what I say they will do which is to improve the hair. That’s the reason I use only my products and not others. Choosing to use anything else is your decision. And I don’t know if “other” products will help you achieve the same results.

Question: I just stumbled onto your website quite by accident. I was looking for Hair style pictures and up popped your site. Well of course I started reading. I will purchase your book today. However, my question is regarding the hairtips. I did not see anything about wig wearers. Perhaps you address it in your book. I wear wigs because I am fed up with uninformed, uncaring beauticians and time spent in their shops. My hair is very dry and perms are not an option for me, my hair breaks off far too much even with regular hair care maintenance. I even used Wanakee product for a while, but it made my hair too lifeless. Both her conditioners were too strong for my hair. Is your product okay to use while wearing wigs? I wear a full cap wig with a cap underneath every day. I even wear one at the gym and I only take the wig off at home. I keep my hair loosely braided underneath . My hair is growing and seems to be in okay condition. But, the ends are in bad shape. Will your product help to create a better growing environment?

Answer: My book teaches you hair care. It does not matter what style (braids are a style) you choose, it is about hair care that obviously the hair care industry has not addressed. My methods are tried and true since 1989; however the industry hates what I do because I teach black women how to care for their hair and add length or just too simply make it look better. The hair care industry makes more money selling you fake hair to the tune of $600+ for glued in weaves that can take the hair out while temporarily giving you length. My approach is common sense and developed from a sincere desire to find out why we have short hair and how to correct it. My real testimonials attest to other successes not just my own. You must first understand why we have short hair problems before we can correct them. Your wigs will not be a problem as long as you take care of the hair underneath as I have specified in the book.

Question: Before I order your products, I want to know if I can use the product and grow my hair while I am still wearing weave. I am too embarrassed to wear my hair natural, it is so damaged and about as short as yours when you started letting yours grow. I hope I can.

Answer: Yes you can use the products with a weave.

Question: My hair use to grow at a very fast rate. I wash it and style it myself once every week or two weeks. I also add hair extension with glue. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: I can tell you what you are doing wrong - you are using hair glue!!! Get rid of the glue and any fake hair as this is very abusive to the hair and is destroying your hair while you are trying to grow it. It is not the system that is wrong and causing you less than favorable results, it is what YOU are doing to your hair that is hindering your progress!

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