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Question: I want to congratulate you on a job well done! Your book is wonderful and informative. I have been using your system, the conditioner along with the spray moisturizer for 3 weeks, and I've noticed a dramatic improvement on my hair! My question is this, I've read somewhere on your website that you put hair polish on your hair to assist with the smoothing of the cuticle which causes the hair to lie down. In what way can this be done? Do you put hair polish on your hair before you straighten it with the curling iron, or after?

Answer: I prefer to put hair polish on my hair after the hair is styled. If put on before, and if you put too much, it can cause the hair to separate just like grease. This is probably not what you want to happen.

Question: I did get your book and have read the whole book. I really enjoyed it; however you did not mention anything about hair polish. I remember reading on your website how using hair polish, I believe you condition your hair to seal the cuticles or soften the cuticles.

Answer: I use hair polish ONLY to smooth the cuticle of my hair it is not to condition it. My conditioner is what I use to improve the hair and condition it.

Question: What can I use to add moisture and shine to my hair with added thickness?

Answer: I recommend UBH deep conditioner to help thicken your hair. Use UBH Silky Spray moisturizer and Satin Crème moisturizer to smooth your hair and add shine. If you want more shine, you can use hair polish.

Question: Is it unrealistic to expect my hair to have a high gloss to it?

Answer: No, it is not unrealistic. Get yourself a hair polish. The hair polish will smooth the outside of your hair shaft (aka the cuticle) plus make your hair very shiny.

Question: I was reading an article on a hair website that said something about silicone not being a good choice for your hair because it coats it and/or leaves some sort of residue.

Answer: Silicone is okay to use and I have not experienced the problems the "other" website mentioned. Please remember that the majority of the people talking hair on other websites have done NO research on our hair and are just providing an opinion. My Silky Spray moisturizer and Satin Crème moisturizers both have silicone in it and I have use silicone for years. The problems they speak of I have not experienced so I will continue to use it and put it in my products.

Question: An article said it can take weeks to remove silicone from your hair, is this true?

Answer: The texture of my hair has improved with the use of silicone. I don’t see any benefit in not having it on my hair. It is true that it takes some time to remove it from your hair but why would I want to if it is benefiting my hair.

Question: You mentioned it is okay to use a hair polisher. What is the name and brand of one that you use?

Answer: Hair polish is hair polish; they all are about the same. The two ingredients you need to look for are Cyclomethicone and Dimethicone (they may be stated in some other form but just look for these two basic ingredients) they basically are the same composition. They all do basically the same thing which is smooth the hair cuticle. I look for ingredients that do not contain alcohol, mineral oil, petroleum or any forms of protein.

Question: When should hair polisher or oil sheen be used?

Answer: I hate oil sheen and do not use it because it is the same as hair grease except you are propelling it through an aerosol can on your hair as opposed to laying it on. I do use hair polish because it has a benefit that oil sheen does not have. A hair polish will smooth the hair cuticle and you don’t feel it on your hair later like grease products. I use my hair polish immediately after I dry my hair or immediately after styling if I choose to use heat. I may put more on once after the initial application but generally no more than twice. You can put it on daily, on wet hair or after the hair is dry or after I style it.

Question: I tried a hair polish, but I'm going to give up on those, because every time I have used one, my hair ended up looking dull.

Answer: What hair polish did you use? A good one will contain Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone. Both of those ingredients smooth the cuticle and add a non-greasy sheen to the hair.

Question: Can you give me the name of a good crème rinse or hair polish to aid in softening my hair after conditioning?

Answer: I don’t have a good crème rinse that I can recommend because I soften my hair with a my crème moisturizer (UBH Satin Crème moisturizer) I also do my deep condition on the weekend so I have all weekend to soften my hair as the crème moisturizer will make the hair quite oily. (Also purposely to soften the protein in the conditioner) Please don’t mistake hair polish as having the same benefit as the moisturizer to soften the hair. Hair polish will smooth the cuticle; it does not moisturize hair!

Question: I'm wondering if over the years I just got so used to feeling oils in my hair that my hair "feels dry" when the oils are absent from my hair. One thing I know is that dry hair BREAKS and my hair is definitely NOT doing that.

Answer: Wonderful, you are doing the right things but you just need a little hair polish to enhance it.

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