Hair Conditioner Tips

Question: I was wondering if there is any problem with using multiple conditioners at a time after washing my hair. After shampooing, I use your conditioner along with a protein treatment and another anti-breakage conditioner at the same time and sit under a heating cap. Do you know of any problems with using many conditioners at one time? My hair seems fine but I just want to make sure that I'm not putting too much stuff on my hair at once. Thanks.

Answer: Kyshia, the purpose of a deep conditioning is to improve the hairs condition. Based on what you have told me you are wasting your money by putting 3 protein products on your hair at once. Save the protein treatments until you have severe breakage. They are not needed constantly. The anti-breakage conditioner also from the name appears to be a protein product. Are you hurting your hair? No. But you are you wasting your money. You can’t rush the improvement process along. It takes time not an abundance of products to achieve success.

Question: Is there such a thing as over-conditioning your hair?

Answer: Over conditioning should not be your concern. Using products that improve your hair is what you need to focus on. Based on my experience, you cannot over condition afro-textured hair.

Question: I have finally read your incredible book, AND used your wonderful conditioner!!! My hair is already along the road to recovery. Should I use your conditioner every time I shampoo, and if not, what should I use?

Answer: If you hair is in very bad shape when you first start my method, it is okay to deep condition each time you wash. I have gotten to the point where my hair is in such good condition that when I wash my hair midweek I only use my Silky Spray moisturizer and blow dry my natural hair. Now that my hair is natural, I wash 1X per week because it is so time consuming (from 1 ½ - 2 hours from start to finish). If I am experiencing more than normal breakage, I will do a protein treatment instead of UBH conditioner.

Question: I prefer to wear my hair down, when the top is thicker with new growth. My hair becomes drier after weekly salon visit, and still continues to thin and lose luster even after their so called miracle deep conditioning treatments. Why is this?

Answer: One of the reasons we have short hair is because of hair care professionals. Their deep conditioners generally do not provide any real benefits for our hair. My deep conditioner actually strengthens your hair while providing necessary oils. Using quality products that improve the hair make a difference.

Question: What are the exact ingredients for your conditioner? I need to know for my dermatologist.

Answer: Go to the Conditioner product page. The conditioner ingredients are on that page.

Question: You implied that you use Aphogee. Have you tried the Pro Vitamin Leave-in Conditioner? If so, what did you think of it?

Answer: I have not tried Pro vitamin products because I know that vitamins have absolutely no benefit externally to the hair. This is the kind of hype I would stay clear of. Especially if they are proclaiming something that I know is not true. Do they believe it? If they do, they obviously do not know hair well enough to be developing products for my hair!

Question: Would it be ok if I used an instant conditioner AFTER I rinse the deep conditioner out for detangling and softening purposes ONLY?

Answer: No problem, after a deep conditioner. Instant/leave-in conditioners generally contain ingredients which coat the hair and smooth it at the same time. You may need to use a clarifying shampoo more because of buildups. But it is okay to use the instant/leave-in conditioner for detangling and softening.

Question: I have been reviewing your website and am really interested in taking the steps necessary to increase the healthiness of my hair with your products. I just had one question before I start. Is your conditioner considered a deep conditioner which can be used once a week? Or is it a protein treatment conditioner to be used when there is breakage thus using another type of conditioner until it is time for a protein treatment?

Answer: UBH conditioner is a regular maintenance product that is used to deep condition weekly. If your breakage is severe, you need to do a protein treatment like Aphogee.

Question: Can you recommend a deep conditioner (other than your own) that I could use. You must have found some half decent deep conditioners before you created your own. I'm still not sure how to determine a good one. I tried All Ways conditioner as I was convinced it would be really good as it was herbal, but the plastic cap was full of water when I was finished, which you said would mean it's not good. In the past I've used QP Elasta's intense conditioner, but I never tried it under a hooded dryer. I don't want to waste money by buying loads of different products just to find they're no good. Can you help, please?

Answer: I cannot recommend a good conditioner to you because my hair conditioner is the only one I use. And it is the only conditioner on the market that really addresses our hair care needs that I speak about in the book. Thus the reason I developed it because the industry was lacking in good conditioners for our hair. Regretfully if you decide to use other products, it is your responsibility to find a good one.

Question: How soon should I do my deep conditioner?

Answer: Start immediately and do one at least once a week, or twice if you have time to deep condition.

Question: I have been using 911 leave-in conditioner and it has not done anything to help my daughters hair.

Answer: Leave-in conditioners are not what your daughter needs and 911 is not a product I personally would recommend. If she is having breakage, she needs a deep conditioner with protein and oils in it. She needs to go under some form of heat with the product on her hair to make the hair shaft swell open so the product goes inside where it needs to be. Please get a copy of my book. Then and only then can you find out why she has this problem and how to correct it. It is the best investment you can make for your daughters hair.

Question: Your products are wonderful. I have been using them for over a month, in addition to reading your book and a (first time user to an Affirm relaxer by a license beautician), I have already seen a difference in texture, not equal to other relaxers and I agree that this is by far the best relaxer for black hair. I have hair past my shoulder now, and I follow your regimen faithfully and am anxious to see longer, healthier hair next year. Also do I have to use a hooded dryer each time I deep condition or can I just alternate from time to time and wear a cap for 20 minutes then rinse?

Answer: Using my conditioner with heat is important. Without it you don’t get the full benefits of the product. The cap will provide some benefit but not as much as the hooded dryer. You can do it once a week but go no longer without deep conditioning with the dryer. Putting the conditioner on your hair without heat is a waste of the product!

Question: Although I plan to switch to your conditioner, I still have about 4 lbs. of Queen Helene, and I can't afford to just throw it away. How can I add the stimulant factor to my current conditioner?

Answer: The two stimulants in my product are peppermint oil and menthol. Adding them to your product may or may not help you make your conditioner perform the same. If your product does not contain protein and oils, it will provide little benefit by adding the stimulant.

Question: Last night I used the conditioner I had a problem I have never had before-the white residues would not rinse off! It was like the residue was stuck in my roots (regrowth). I tried all, hot, warm, cold water, even shampooing all over again. That white conditioner residue didn’t go away. Now I am afraid to use the conditioner next time! What is going on?

Answer: Buildups can occur with conditioning products. Get a clarifying shampoo and wash your hair with it to remove the buildup.

Question: When I use your conditioner, my hair sheds a lot, but it's growing quite well, is that normal?) In the book, you mentioned that every living thing must get rid of waste.

Answer: Are you combing your chemically relaxed hair when it is wet? The conditioner contains protein so it should not cause breaking or shedding. Try to identify other things you could be doing because it can not be caused by the conditioner. Also if you still experience breakage try a protein treatment. I use and recommend Apoghee. The hair cells are what must get rid of waste and the hair you shed is not the waste I am talking about. The hair sheds from the scalp (remember the little white bulb) If you do not see the white bulb, your hair is not shedding. Once the hair goes through the natural life cycle, then it is pushed out from the root, thus the reason you see the white bulb or the "root." After this happens, a new hair begins producing in its place. Waste would be produced from the hair cells "eating" for lack of a better term and "expelling" just as we do when we eat. It is not "expelling" the hair. The expelling occurs underneath the scalp. Every cell in the body does this not just hair cells.

Question: Your book says that we should only wash your hair once with shampoo, because of the drying effects, but on your instructions that you send with the conditioner says that you should shampoo it out. I haven't been shampooing it out just rinsing it out as much as possible. When I put a deep conditioner on my hair, do I have to wash it out, because of the left over residue?

Answer: I think there is a misunderstanding here. Yes, a deep conditioner has to be RINSED out. If you want to use the Silky Spray moisturizer as a light conditioner you do not want the hair weighed down by the oils left behind from the UBH deep conditioner. So you can reshampoo your hair. This step of reshampooing is not necessary if you don’t mind the oils left behind by the conditioner. You are doing it right. Just rinsing out is fine. Reshampoo only if you want the movement in the hair that will be inhibited by the oils in the conditioner.

Question: I deep condition with heat once a week. I used Motions as sort of a quick in the shower conditioner to just moisturize, soften and go. I look at your conditioner as one that should be used with heat. I would like to make it exclusively my only conditioner but if it doesn't work without heat then, I would need something for the "in between" conditioner. Is that correct?

Answer: You are correct to use UBH deep conditioner only when you use heat to deep condition. You can use a lightweight conditioner, put on then immediately rinse out to smooth your hair cuticle when you do not deep condition.

Question: I sometimes use Motions after shampoo moisturizing conditioner with silicone, is this bad?

Answer: I don’t use Motions conditioner and therefore cannot say if it is helping your hair or not. So I won’t comment on it. I will give my thoughts on Silicone in your conditioner as it is a cuticle smoother. It does nothing beneficial as far as conditioning ability in my experience. A good conditioner needs to improve the condition of the hair. In other words, the silicone will smooth your hair making you think you have nice soft shiny hair. Silicone gives the “appearance of good condition” and it really may just be the product coating your hair. In the end you have done nothing to improve the hair at all.

Question: Have you looked at Affirm's Dry scalp conditioner?

Answer: No I have not because I don't focus on the scalp with any of my hair products. In my experience, the scalp is NOT the problem.

Question: Will a leave-in conditioner (African Wonders has a great leave-in conditioner made with pure shea butter for curly styles) work on days that I don't use your deep conditioner?

Answer: I am very reluctant to provide advice on products I am not familiar with. If you have used the product and it appears to help, use it. My experience with shea butter is that it is very greasy. I have only used it as a hand crème. So if the product benefits you, it should not hurt to use it. The hair care industry is changing. They are now creating many stimulating products, protein products and moisturizing products that offer help for our dry hair. You just need to be smart about reading the labels and applying them using common sense practices.

Question: I get my hair professional done every two weeks. I wash my own hair in between. Should I take the conditioner to the beauty shop with me?

Answer: Deep conditioning 1X per week is the minimum requirement. It is not necessary to take the product into the hair salon unless you absolutely want them to use only UBH products. Just ensure you continue your weekly deep conditioning treatments when you are not in the salon chair. It does not matter whether the salon does your deep conditioning for you, or you do them yourself. You just want to ensure you are using a product at least once a week that will improve your hair like UBH conditioner.

Question: Since, I still have a large bottle of my Proxcity conditioner left, I was wondering if I put the Proxicity on for three minutes and rinsed and used your product for the 20 minutes would that cause a negative reaction to my hair?

Answer: I don’t know. I would recommend (if you still want to use Proxcity) that you do that on days you are not using UBH conditioner. Your product may contain something that will coat your hair and not allow UBH conditioner to go inside the hair which is required to improve your hairs condition.

Question: I comb my hair after I finish washing the conditioner out and spray your moisturizer in it. Is this a bad move, should I let the hair air dry without combing the hair through?

Answer: If your hair is natural, combing while is wet is required to detangle. If your hair is relaxed, I do not recommend combing chemically processed hair wet as it can cause further damage to already fragile hair.

Question: I know your book stated that I would need to do a deep conditioning at least once a week, but do I need to do a deep conditioning (with heat) with your product every time I wash my hair (I wash my hair ever day)?

Answer: Deep condition every day – No! That is not necessary and because of the time it requires, not recommended.

Question: Dear Cathy, you are truly inspiring. Tonight I used mayonnaise to deep condition my hair since I was unable to get to the beauty supply. Is that okay? P.S. Last year, I followed your daily moisturizing, no hot iron, on my relaxed hair, and it grew beautifully. I wore a loose bun at the top of my head for nine months. I never cut the ends and they are not even raggedy or split. Hairdressers always comment on how beautiful and healthy my hair is. My sister, Rowena, gave me your book. God bless you!

Answer: Thank you for your kind words. Your sister is a sweetheart. But as far as putting mayo on your hair, I do not put food on my hair. Think about what is in mayonnaise, a few eggs and a lot of oil. If you benefited from it, it was probably because of the oil! That is about all I can tell you because I don't use it.

Question: You mentioned how protein is good for your hair but you did not say how we can identify products that have protein in them. Is there another terminology used for the word protein in the ingredients in products or what should I look for when looking for protein in products?

Answer: Aloe Vera, amino acid, keratin just to mention a few.

Question: I read your entire book and found it to be very informative with "common sense" hair care. As other women mentioned in their testimonials, I too am experiencing the hard hair after deep conditioning.

Answer: Protein makes the hair hard purposely! Soften it with a creme moisturizer or you can use an instant/leave-in conditioner to soften and smooth the hair.

Question: Since my hair seems to need extra help can I keep the conditioner on for 30 minutes instead of 20?

Answer: Hair that is damaged needs time to repair and strengthen. Trying to rush it along will provide no additional benefits. So that is fine but it will not improve your hair any faster.

Question: Assuming I'm using the Ultra Black Hair Conditioner every three days, how long, on average, can I expect it to last?

Answer: How long your conditioner last depend on how much you use, how often you use them, if others in the family are using them. There is no average. An 8 oz. bottle will lasts me about 1 month used once a week (considering the length of my hair).

Question: I know what ingredients identify as proteins. What are common names of scalp stimulants?

Answer: A stimulant can be anything that makes the scalp tingle. UBH conditioner contains menthol and peppermint oil. There are others but these are the two I use.

Question: I received my order today and have completed the book. I wanted to ask about conditioning. You mentioned, when first starting the program, to condition each time you wash your hair, every 3 days. How long should you continue to deep condition this often before going to conditioning once a week. Also, my hair stylist recommends a "treatment about every 6 weeks and when I do go for it, which isn't that often, she uses Aphogee treatment, which I can get from Sally's and do myself. Do you recommend getting a treatment every 6 weeks along with using your program?

Answer: You can switch to conditioning once a week when you think your hair is in good condition. The treatment your hairdresser is referring to is a "protein treatment" I recommend getting a protein treatment as often as you need them. Every 6"weeks is a good interval, but if your hair is breaking very frequently, you can get them more frequently!

Question: I just washed my hair and deep conditioned for 20-30 minutes. I noticed that during rinsing that my hair felt really dry and not soft. I guess I am use to those Cholesterol treatments that only coat the hair. My hair was really tangled also, and I was careful to not move my hair around on my head for just that reason. Is it the protein that makes it feel rough? Right after the rinse, I applied the spray moisturizer. So after rinsing the UBH conditioner out, is it supposed to come out this way?

Answer: You are right about the conditioner making your hair hard. Remember that it contains protein, (Aloe Vera in this case) that is required to strengthen. It is your moisturizer that will soften it. As far as the tangles, it is good to use the UBH Silky Spray. During the middle of the week when you wash your hair, you might forgo using the conditioner and just spray Silky Spray moisturizer on after washing.

After your hair is in good condition, you can alternate between my conditioner and your cholesterol treatments. The conditioner will make it hard and the moisturizer will soften it.

Question: Hello Cathy, in your book you said, not to use instant conditioner only deep conditioners. So are you saying that is how to determine a deep conditioner if the instructions say to apply with heat, and the instant conditioner would say to leave on the hair for a few minutes, without heat? Can the instant conditioner be considered as a deep conditioner if we applied heat with it? Please clarify that information for me. By the way did you state you only deep condition your hair once a week or do you deep condition your hair every 3 days, the same as washing? If you deep condition every three days, would that over condition your hair?

Answer: A deep conditioner should provide a benefit for the hair when used with heat because it PENETRATES the hair with ingredients to improve it. On the other hand instant conditioners COAT the hair. Using an instant conditioner with heat will provide little benefit. Instant conditioners usually contain ingredients that smooth the hair which is an external benefit. A good deep conditioner works from the inside.

Deep conditioning once a week is adequate. Most sisters today are too busy to perform a deep conditioning every 3 days. But if you have the time, it would be great. It will not hurt afro textured hair to deep condition 2 times per week. Do not go longer than 1 week before you deep condition again.

Question: I used the conditioner and my hair feels rough and it’s not shiny. Also when the hairdresser took out the rollers I felt the hair and it was just coming out! Also the conditioner you couldn't even see when put on and she used a lot. Why is my hair worse off now?

Answer: The protein changed the texture of your hair. The conditioner is not supposed to make your hair shiny. The cuticle can be made smoother by using the Silky Spray moisturizer. I am not sure why your hair would come out just to the touch because protein strengthens the hair and very little hair is lost after an application of protein unless the hair is severely damage from the start.

You don't need to see the conditioner on the hair you can feel it stimulating when it is applied.

Question: I don't have a problem with growing my hair but I have to consistently trim my hair every 2-3 months. The issue I have is that I have naturally curly hair and it's really dry. Will your program help with the condition of my hair? Is your book sold in Canada?

Answer: 80% of the African American population has dry hair. My products actually improve dry hair condition. Yes my book and products are sold in Canada. (See International Distributors below).

Question: I have used your products for the first time this evening, and I have a question. I'm so used to putting a glosser on my hair to detangle when I comb it wet; but this time I did not, I followed your instructions and will re-moisturize tomorrow morning. What opinion do you have regarding using a glosser for such a purpose?

Answer: It is okay to apply a glosser, also known as hair polish. Hair polish will smooth the cuticle and makes for less tangled hair. The Ultra Black hair conditioner contains protein and will make the hair stronger. However, protein makes the hair hard and we need to soften it. Just avoid combing relaxed hair wet as much as possible. When hair is wet, it is stretched to its tensile strength (longest length) and if in bad condition it will break when over stressed by pulling it when wet.

Question: Is a leave-in conditioner necessary?

Answer: No a moisturizer is necessary - depending on the ingredients, the name can be misleading!

Question: I wash my hair 2 to 3 days a week, with each wash I deep condition using your product. Am I deep conditioning too much?

Answer: No, it is not too much deep conditioning if your hair is in bad condition. My hair is in very good condition so now I deep condition at least once a week. Two times a week is good if you are trying to improve your hairs present condition.

Question: I apply the conditioner and comb it through. Is that Okay?

Answer: Do NOT comb the conditioner through the hair! Combing wet, damaged chemically processed hair can increase the damage by combing.

Question: Cathy, is it okay to part my hair in four sections and then apply the conditioner to distribute it evenly?

Answer: You can.

Question: Is the use of your Ultra Black Hair Conditioner a required part of your maintenance process, or are there other, cheaper conditioners with the same ingredients that I can buy over the counter?

Answer: Ultra black hair conditioner is not required however you must pick one as I have specified in the book and to my knowledge there are no conditioners on the market that includes all the ingredients in Ultra black hair conditioner. UBH conditioner is the only conditioner that contains EVERYTHING I talk about in my book! My conditioner was developed because people wanted to use what I use.

Question: Can we prevent hair breakage by using UBH conditioner?

Answer: Preventing hair breakage is not the goal. You will always have hair breakage. The goal is to minimize breakage and Yes UBH conditioner will do that if the damage is not severe.

Question: Do I need to apply heat every time I use your conditioner?

Answer: It is recommended that you use heat every time you use UBH deep conditioner. Heat causes the hair shaft to swell open and the product goes inside. Without heat you are wasting the product.

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