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Question: I just want to know what steps I need to take care of my natural hair. I currently have a blow-out. I currently stopped using strong perms. I noticed it didn't promote hair grow, it only broke my hair off and kept it limp. I just want it to grow healthy. I am not too interested in the length currently. I know that will come in due time. Healthy hair is what I want. Can you offer suggestions for me?

Answer: Hair is hair whether it is natural or chemically processed. Care for the hair comes before and after the style. You would follow the same requirements for natural hair as for chemically processed hair. Your hair still requires protein as well as frequent washing and conditioning. My system is applicable for all hair types. Chemically processed hair is the worst case scenario. I wrote my Ultra Black Hair book from the viewpoint of chemically processed hair. You can adjust the system to suit your needs depending on the condition of your hair. My book Thinning Edges details how to care for natural hair which is the method I use now since I got rid of my chemically processed hair.

Question: You might have addressed this in your web site, but I would appreciate your input. My mother has fine textured hair (she just washes, blow dry her hair and it is straight). She has not had a relaxer in 11 years, but her hair snarls easily between washings, any suggestions?

Answer: It sounds like the condition of her hair needs to be improved. If the hair is constantly blown dry and good products are not used to improve the hair, the hair shaft becomes damaged. The blow dryer is one of our worst enemies to our hair second only to the hair brush. After reading my book it is hoped her techniques have changed and with time her hair’s condition will improve and the cuticle will lay down thereby preventing snarls. She may want to try hair polish to help smooth her cuticle but that is just a temporary fix that she can use to minimize her problems. The best option is to use my Satin Crème moisturizer daily, which is what I use on my natural hair that is blown dry weekly.

Question: Hi Cathy and Congratulations in doing something I've been looking and hoping to find for a very long time; someone who can teach me the ins and outs of black hair care. I have a full head of natural hair (after wearing braids for 9 months) I would like to chemically straighten it with a texturizer instead of a relaxing it, what would you recommend that I use?

Answer: Tracy, thank you for your compliment as I too looked long and hard before I realized there was nothing out there and I needed to find the way. Regretfully, I do not use texturizers and don’t recommend any product that I have not used myself. I’m sure there are good ones out there but I cannot offer you any suggestions. Just remember that once find that chemical texturizer you want to use, stick with that chemical. Purchasing the book is one of the wisest decisions you can make, because once you get that texturizer, you are going to have to learn how to properly maintain it to keep your hair on your head.

Question: In order to get my afro hair back to its desired shape, I wet it every day in the shower and then I apply a deep conditioner. I put it on lightly and don't rinse out. Is this okay to do?

Answer: A deep conditioner is meant to be rinsed out. It also should be used with heat to provide the best benefit for the hair. Check the label for protein in the product. Protein causes the hair to harden and should not be left on the hair continually. So no, it is not a good practice for your hair.

Question: I have a natural Afro, but my greatest problem is that every time I wash it, it comes out in chunks on the ends and falls out. Can I stop this?

Answer: There could be any number of reasons you are having this problem, like using the wrong shampoo, combing your hair with the wrong comb, to no properly detangling your natural hair. After you read my book you will be able to identify common problems.

Question: My hair is gray and I wear it natural. What I've noticed is that my hair is drier than ever since it started to gray. Can your product work for natural hair?

Answer: Hair is hair in that the chemical composition is the same but the characteristics (color, texture) are different. My products work for dry hair that breaks. UBH products actually improve our dry hair condition! My own hair is natural now and yes my products do work for natural hair.

Question: I found your web site and read through the FAQs, tips, and testimonials. I know you say your book and products are for all styles (given that the problem is dry hair), but I'm not sure how your guidelines will work with my coarse, natural hair. I currently have cornrows in my natural, un-relaxed hair. I'm beginning to believe that the style is thinning my hair. I'd like to change to another natural style, twists, in particular. I don't see how your recommendation to air dry hair will work for my coarse hair. When I don't have the cornrows, I have to blow dry my hair with a comb attachment to straighten and smooth my hair. I don't think smoothing it with a curling iron will work at all. Blow drying lengthens the hair from "shrinking up" when it's wet. I don't like the afro look and I prefer a longer, smoother style. I would try pressing my hair, but I exercise daily and I would have to press every day to keep my hair smooth. Do you have any recommendations for those of us not using relaxers?

Answer: Marla, my focus is on hair care before and after the style. You can achieve your look however you get there but just ensure you care for the hair before and after the style. My suggestions in the UBH book are for relaxed hair, because the book was written when I was using chemical relaxers on my hair (pre 2004). You can wear twist successfully or whatever style is comfortable for you, even blow dry. Just ensure your natural hair is washed each time you blow dry. So as far as suggestions for non-relaxed hair, your basic requirements for your hair care are still the same as the relaxed hair. Styling, using a blow dryer is an option I now use with natural hair weekly. How you choose to style is up to you. My book Thinning Edges give more insight into how caring for natural hair differs from relaxed hair.

Question: Hello Cathy. One of the users of your products said on the testimonials page that your products are helping her to grow her hair naturally without needing a relaxer. I don't know what her hair type is but I was wondering if your products can be used to grow very dry coarse afro hair naturally. I like the wave pattern in my hair, but I just want it to be more soft and manageable and grow it naturally. Will your products help?

Answer: It does not matter what style you wear your hair in. If you hair is dry and breaks this will work for you. I use my products only on my natural hair and the proof is in my results!

Question: What shampoo and conditioners are better for natural hair?

Answer: The shampoo that I recommend for our hair whether it is natural or chemically processed is my UBH Cleansing shampoo. It meets the requirements I mention in my UBH book and throughout my website. The conditioner I recommend is my UBH deep conditioner because it has benefits/requirements for our hair that improves the hair like no other conditioner I have ever used.

Question: Any recommendations for a good moisturizer for natural hair?

Answer: I use and only recommend UBH Satin Crème moisturizer. It can be used if you press your natural hair or blow dry and flat iron. Sometimes, I will put hair polish on my hair afterwards to further smooth the cuticle and help combat humidity that will make natural hair frizzy.

Question: I need some advice. I am thinking of letting my hair grow out until there's no relaxer left. However, I'm experiencing a lot of splitting even though I'm washing and conditioning. It's been almost 9 weeks since my last relaxer. What should I do to combat that?

Answer: Splitting ends and hair can be caused by lack of adequate conditioning. Splitting can also be caused by a number of other things from appliances to styling tools (combs) hair rollers etc. If the splitting is making your hair look bad or frizzy then you perhaps should have it trimmed. If it is not bothering you except that you know they are there, then no worries - leave them until you do decide to trim. Also check your conditioner; it may not be really helping improve your hair.

Question: I have strands of hair that have a tiny knot close to the ends of the strand. It looks like my hair curls back on itself and ties itself into a sailors knot. There is no way to loosen or untie these knots. Sometimes one strand has two knots. Have you ever seen this condition? If so, can you explain what causes it, and if I should be concerned about preventing it?

Answer: To me it sounds like your hair is tangling from something you are using or something you are doing. If your hair is relaxed, do you comb your hair when wet? You should not comb relaxed hair not even when you apply the conditioner. If your hair is damaged and the hair shaft is open, it can tangle easily. If your hair is natural try using my Silky Spray moisturizer to detangle with. The ingredients in this wonderful spray smooth the cuticle helping prevent the little knots from forming..

Question: I just want to say thanks for writing your book. It seems like I am continuing to do your treatment. I wash my hair sometimes every day or 2 twice to once a week with motions shampoo and conditioning products. I deep condition with your conditioner or motions CPR repair and set my hair with roller under a medium setting hooded dryer. Then I use motions light creme moisturizer. However it seems like my hair isn't growing any. Could using the dryer every time I wash instead of letting it air dry bother it? Also I relax my own hair, could I have over-relaxed it and my hair is growing but unnoticeably breaking off (it has been slightly thinner sense I haven't gotten it relaxed professionally in the past 6-8months) I am somewhat tired of relaxed hair and chemicals. I am thinking about going natural but I don't want to cut off all my hair and start again. I know when hair grows the area where the new growth and relaxed is very vulnerable. How can I use the moisture system to not break off my currently relaxed hair and grow out my natural hair to a desirable length?

Answer: I noticed you purchased an 8 oz bottle of conditioner in February of 2002 year. If you have extended that bottle to now, you are not using it correctly. You MUST deep condition with my conditioner at least 1X per week. The other products you are using do not provide the same benefits as my product which IMPROVES your dry hair condition to help stop the breakage and stimulate the hair cells to produce more hair.

You would be having problems with the dryer daily only if it is a blow dryer. Not using the conditioner regularly is what I see as your biggest problem. Your hair is breaking because the products you are using provide NO real benefit for your hair like my conditioner. If you are getting a retouch, your hair is growing but breaking as fast as it is growing. Use my deep conditioner regularly. Stop using the other products which provide no real benefit. As far as growing your relaxer out I provide instructions in my book Thinning Edges A Chemical Reaction and have a video that talks about transitioning from chemicals to natural on my website. Please get these valuable tools to assist you in transitioning to natural hair.

Question: I'm sorry to bombard you with all of these questions, but I feel you're the god of growing black hair I was wondering if it is possible to over moisturize and if there was anything you'd recommended for someone who is growing out their relaxer? I would also like to say thank you so much for opening my eyes about brushing hair. You are truly an inspiration. If I hadn't surfed the web and stumbled on your website my hair would be two inches long. I was so frustrated I wanted to cut it and because you were so honest and convincing about your hair growth I decided to take a chance. I'm so glad I did because it's been 5 months and my hair is getting thicker and the texture is soft and very manageable. You are a true angel.

Answer: It is not a problem asking me questions. Although I may not be able to answer all your questions, I welcome them. Sometimes if I am real busy it may take a few weeks to respond but I will give you any information I have.

For our overly dry hair I don’t think there is any way to over moisture. As far as growing out of a relaxer - it is very difficult to switch from one style to another without some breakage. How much breakage you get depends on you and how you take care of the hair between the weakest point of the hair - the new growth and the relaxed hair. If it were me, I would probably wash my hair the same, moisturize with a spray because cremes wont get at the hair closet to the scalp which is where you must concentrate your efforts. Twist appear to be a great style for growing out of relaxers because you dont handle it a lot much like braids. I would go with twist because I hate braids. Also if you wish to continue straightening the new growth Dew works excellent after washing and drying your hair, use the curling iron straightening technique I talk about in the book it straightens the hair and softens which softness is certainly going to help stop breakage. Great questions! Hope this helps and Thank you for your wonderful compliments!

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