Best Hair Tools for Black Hair

Question: I press my hair. Will my hair still grow if I still do your methods of washing, conditioning, and moisturizing (twice a week) along with the pressing?

Answer: The requirements for pressed hair are the same as chemically processed hair so you will need to press more often which I don’t recommend. Opt for a twist style. You can only go up to 1 week before you will need to rewash again. Yes your hair will still grow (it always is) my products and methods will simply improve the hair to keep it on your head.

Question: I have not been able to get my hair straight with a curling iron. My hairdresser told me that ceramic flat irons are not as damaging to the hair as other irons. Would it be alright if I allowed my hair to air-dry and straightened it with a ceramic flat iron?

Answer: It does not matter what you straighten your hair with as long as it is not heated on one of those little stoves and it is NOT a pressing comb at all! The curling iron or flat iron must be the plug in kind.

Question: Is there any specific size the curling Iron should be to straighten the hair?

Answer: The size of your curling iron barrel depends on the length of your hair. If you currently have one use it. If I were to buy one, choose one that meets your needs.

Question: Is sitting under a hooded dryer okay to do at least 2 times a week without causing damage?

Answer: No problem. The hooded dryer dissipates the heat all over the head and is far less damaging than a blow-dryer with the heat so close to the cuticle.

Question: I read in one of your responses that hooded dryers are okay to dry hair, but not the bonnet dryers. Why not?

Answer: Bonnet dryers contain a hose that air blows through mostly around the back of the head. Although the flimsy cap has holes, the heat rarely gets to the top and sides effectively so you will need to turn the hose periodically to have the heat on all sides to really benefit..

Question: Does pressing the hair change the chemical bonds in the hair? An article in Hype Hair magazine recently said it did?

Answer: Pressing creates a temporary changing in the chemical bonds of the hair. Hair that is simply pressed without a chemical application cannot permanently alter the hair, I don't care how many years you press it. Pressing does not permanently change the chemical bonds in the hair. If you apply a chemical and then heat the hair with the product on it, then a chemical change occurs to the hair bonds that can be permanent.

Question: I noticed that one of your responses to a user was that you straighten your hair with a curling iron, is it okay to do this 2 times a week?

Answer: I straighten my hair with a flat iron now (when I wrote my book flat irons were not that popular) Yes you can flat iron 2X per week if you wash your hair each time.

Question: Are heat appliances with temperature control and steam heat--i.e. curling irons, hot rollers, flat irons--gentler on the hair?

Answer: Irons heated on the stove should never be used on chemically treated hair. Those with a thermostat control are okay to use, (provided they are not pressing combs), just test them before putting them in your hair.

Question: I use a wide tooth rubber brush (wig brush) to help detangle my natural hair into a smooth ponytail to air-dry. Is this okay?

Answer: Get rid of the brush. Brushes should seldom be used on Afro hair wet or dry. Wash your hair in the shower and you will avoid most tangling problems. Use UBH Silky Spray moisturizer. It is an excellent detangler!

Question: Is it okay if I use the brush with the bristles with the balls on the ends?

Answer: I do not recommend brushes at all.

Question: What temperature setting should the hooded hair dryer be on in order for your conditioner to properly penetrate?

Answer: A medium or high setting should be sufficient.

Question: When you say straighten with an iron, does that mean just the new growth or all the hair? Can this process be done weekly without causing damage to the hair?

Answer: Straighten the entire hair shaft, not just the new growth. Once a week is fine, however, if you begin experiencing a lot of breakage and your hair is chemically straightened, I would recommend waiting until after your retouch to try again.

Question: I received the products yesterday and I have a few Questions: regarding the Silky Spray moisturizer. I washed, deep conditioned and applied the spray then air dried, and then I proceeded with the curling iron. I think that if I were to use the silky spray every day I believe I would have to use the curling iron every day because it made my hair really curly (it looked good but I don't want to wear my hair like that) should I be using a creme moisturizer after styling?

Answer: PLEASE don't use the curling iron every day. Spraying a moisturizer on daily on ironed hair can cause it to revert. Which moisturize you use, depends on your style. If you like a straight smooth look, I recommend our Satin Crème moisturizer.

Question: I noticed a lot of hair in the sink when I was curling with the curling iron but when I combed my hair there was hardly any hair coming out. I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong.

Answer: Curling with the curling iron and breaking - could be caused by a couple of things - if you are almost due for a retouch, and air-drying the hair close to a retouch. When I used to relax my hair and it was just around the time for my retouch, I sometimes noticed the same thing with the breaking with using the curling iron. Right after my relaxer up until about the 3rd week before I need a new one, I noticed the breakage is a little more than I want to see. If it became extreme, I would start protein treatments until I got it under control or I avoid all curling irons and flat irons until after the retouch. Air-drying my hair around this time also seemed to make my hair less straight than using the hooded dryer, so I smooth my hair with my hands as it dried. It seemed to break less when using this method (hooded dryer) -close to a new retouch. You may also want to try my Silky Spray after you wash, apply Silky Spray, detangle and dry.









Question: Do you let your hair dry naturally such as pony tail method or do you get under a hooded dryer?

Answer: When my hair was relaxed I would dry my hair under the hooded dryer when I was in a hurry or during winter to speed up the drying. In the summer, I would let it air dry. Now that I am relaxer free and my hair is all natural hair I have to blow dry my hair to straighten and then flat iron.

Question: Cathy for me it's just great that I have discovered your book. I feel very confident now dealing with my hair although am just starting your program. I am a Kenyan lady living in the Dubai, UAE, where as you know is a desert and very hot. I have relaxed my hair because African natural hair is impossible to deal with. My Question to you is what to do after shampoo and conditioning and air drying because my hair is too puffy when it dries? Setting it under a dryer makes it stay straight and wavy. Can you advise me on how to keep it straighter without getting under a dryer?

Answer: Have you tried the UBH Satin Crème moisturizer? It softens the hair and helps extend your relaxers. I recommend after the hair is washed you spray the UBH Silky Spray on, then air dry or use the hooded dryer. Flat ironing your hair will make it straighter and more manageable even without the hooded dryer, and then apply the Satin Crème to help keep it straight.

Question: Will I be wasting my time using your products if I do not have drier/steamer?

Answer: UBH deep conditioner works best when it is used with a hooded dryer, heat cap or a hair steamer. Heat causes the hair shaft to swell open allowing the products to go inside the innermost part of the hair. Putting UBH deep conditioner on in the shower and immediately rinsing it out is a waste.

Don’t have a hooded dryer, here’s an alternative to get the conditioner to penetrate is to use a wool cap over the plastic cap. You can also use a warm towel over the plastic cap. When you can, invest ($40) in a hooded hair dryer, you will be glad you did.

Question: I was wondering instead of using the curling iron to straighten my hair after air drying is it ok to use a flat iron?

Answer: Yes, you can use a flat iron to straighten as opposed to the curling iron.

Question: I try to wash my hair every week, but after about 3 weeks, I start getting new growth and the roots don't stay straight. I know that you recommend air drying relaxed hair after shampooing and deep conditioning and then curling it, but I'm not very good at using the curling iron for straightening my hair. Do you think that it's okay to air dry my hair and then to blow dry it just to get it straight, using a blow dryer with an attachable comb? While, blow-drying my hair is it okay to use my daily moisturizer to protect my hair from the heat?

Answer: Air-drying is recommended for chemically relaxed hair because relaxed hair is fragile. Using the hooded dryer to dry the hair and smooth it with your hands as it dries is also okay, especially the closer it gets to a new retouch. I also recommend you avoid the blow dryer whenever you can when your hair is relaxed. Finally you can use our Silky Spray moisturizer as a heat shield for the blow dryer, only if your hair is freshly washed.

Question: OK, so we don't see our White and Asian sisters using hand stimulators and consulting dermatologists (as Barry Fletcher prescribes) but neither do they particularly HAVE TO abstain from heat appliances, brushes or any other steps that may be outlined in the book. I was thinking that perhaps our hair structure is different so we need to take better care. BUT THEN AGAIN HAIR IS HAIR!! Or what do you think?

Answer: Any hair that is blown dry every day suffers from drying out without replaced moisture. The straight hair pattern in Whites, Indians and Asians makes their hair not as dry. Consider this example, I had a white friend with beautiful long almost waist length hair. On the top there were split hairs all over her hair (I could tell by the little white spots on the ends of the hair). Underneath the hair splitting had not occurred. The problem was the brush. It was breaking and splitting the hair on the top hair while the hair underneath was not brushed and did not suffer the same splitting. The effects of the blow dryer and the brush inflict the same concerns for them as for us but Dry hair like we have causes even more problems when we abuse it.

Question: First I would like to thank you again for your book and your products. I have been following your system since June and I am amazed at the results. My hair is the healthiest it has ever been. My friends and family are so impressed and I have gotten several people to try the system also. I have been going longer and longer between touch ups. This is an accomplishment for me because I used to get touch ups every four weeks without fail. I am currently at week seven. My Question deals with getting the hair straighter. My sister-in-law suggests using an electric straightening comb. Her logic is that the comb doesn't get any hotter than a regular curling iron but that I would be able to get the roots straighter. My sister on the other hand is totally opposed to the idea. She says the comb will be hotter and will damage my hair. What is your opinion on the subject?

Answer: Under NO circumstances should you put any type of straightening comb in your relaxed hair! It will destroy it. I know your intent is to only touch up the new growth but the comb will touch the processed hair and destroy it. No pressing combs at all on chemically processed hair it will cause you MAJOR breakage.

Question: I'm a 13 year old girl and I found your website on the internet. It's the most brilliant hair advice I have ever seen/read. I just ordered the book and I won't get it for about 2 weeks. I want to know is it okay if I press my hair with a hot comb or curling iron every 3 days after I wash my hair? My hair has grown 2.5 inches from June to August. So I want to make sure pressing it won't damage it or weaken it all over again.

Answer: Do you have a relaxer? If you have a relaxer under no circumstances should your hair be pressed at any time! If you simply press your natural hair (to make this easier for you to follow) I would recommend you wash and press your hair only once a week. Too much heat is very damaging. In my book I say to wash your hair every 3 days. Can you wash and press every 3 days, absolutely. But pressing the hair is very time consuming and having done it myself as a young girl, I know the amount of time it requires.

Just be very careful with the pressing comb because extreme heat can also be damaging. When you receive my book your eyes will be immediately opened. After you read it please write me again and tell me what you think. Then write me after you follow the system for a while to let me know about your progress.

Question: First of all I just want to say thanks for all of the information that you have provided through your website and book. I have ordered both the conditioner and the dew, and have been pleased with both. My Questions are concerning my profession which requires me to live in Spain for 9 months out of the year. I am a professional basketball player who plays in Europe and the only problem I have is not being able to sit under a dryer to deep condition my hair at all. I have tried to bring my dome dryer overseas, but the electrical system over there is not the same and it blew the fuse in my dryer. I was just wondering if wearing the conditioner with a plastic cap and wrapping a towel around the cap will be a sufficient substitute. If not, do you have any recommendations? This is my 5th year overseas, and my first using your system. I have a lot of time to dedicate to treating my hair during the week. I started using the system in late June and my hair is doing very good now. I will be leaving in 2 weeks and I want to know what I should be doing and taking to Spain before I go. (No hooded dryer though).

Answer: Answer: I am delighted also that you find the products working for you! You can put the plastic cap on and if you can heat the towel a couple of times (in a microwave or even in a sauna while you sit) you will get a much better benefit from the products. The hair of course needs to swell open with the heat and the products go inside. I too experienced the appliances blowing out when I took my curling iron to the UK. Just ensure the hair is heated to get the most out of the products which appears to be what you are doing already!

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