1. I am getting ready to put my order in the mail for your book, conditioner and dew moisturizer. What about a shampoo?

For years, we struggled with whether or not to formulate a shampoo. After many request from our customers, UBH shampoo is finally available for sale on our Products/Ordering page.

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2. I think your books are great! I have been following your system for six months with fabulous results. Yet, I am beginning to experience a problem, and I hope you can help. My hair has grown more than three inches, and is now past my shoulders. However, when I wash my hair it becomes seriously tangled. This problem is more than just time consuming, it actually causes quite a bit of hair to come out. My hair is relaxed, and I have never experienced tangling like this before. I am interested in learning whether you have experienced this problem, and if so what you've done to deal with it. Is this normal? Any advice or suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

If you are washing your hair in the basin, wash in the shower to avoid bunching the hair on top of the head. Your shampoo might be to alkaline and is raising the cuticle on the hair. Perhaps the products are not improving the condition of your hair. It could be any number of reasons you are having tangled hair. Hair polish is a cuticle smoother and can be used as well as a creme rinse.

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3. I'm just a little confused, especially because with wearing natural hair, I feel like I have special needs, but don't know what should be emphasized or eliminated. Also, how often should I use a clarifying shampoo?

Maybe once every 6 months to a year or sooner if you notice a build up on your hair or scalp.

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4. The shampoo I use is a tingling shampoo, is that OK to use in place of the stimulation that should be in a conditioner.

It may. I dont know

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5. I was wondering, how often would you say that you change shampoos?

When you see or feel buildup on the hair or when the scalp gets scaly is my recommendation. Itching is another time I may decide to change.

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6. Do you circulate among a few specific brands, or do you you just snatch whatever is formulated for dry or color treated hair off of the shelf?

Any clarifier or even Head and Shoulders some times. I also dont pick up cheap shampoo like Suave. My experience has been that cheap products have very few if any good ingredients.

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7. I have tried a few brands in the last few months, and I have only found a FEW that I actually like. So many shampoos just leave my hair feeling stripped. Would it work if I just had one favorite shampoo and then periodically used a clarifying shampoo??


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8. I just received your products yesterday and I am anxious to use them. Now I have a question for you I am currently reading your book and as we speak I am on page 89. I read the shampoo chapter and I would like to personally hear from you which shampoo do you recommend? (being as though this is the 2000 edition) Do you recommend another shampoo? or do you still recommend Head & Shoulder and Neutrogena?

As of May 2011 UBH shampoo is now available for purchase on our website. We dont recommend any others, just UBH cleansing shampoo now.

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9. Hi, Cathy. I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed your book and I look at it as truly being a God-send. I can't wait for my conditioner and Dew moisturizer to get here! I do have a thought that I need clarification on, however. You mentioned in the "Shampooing" section of your book that it would be good to use a clarifying shampoo every month or so to get rid of build-up. I just needed to understand how often within a month should we switch to one? Following your hair cleansing plan, I would wash my hair a total of 8 times/month (wash hair every 3rd day) with a low pH shampoo. At what point in that cycle should the switch be made to a clarifying shampoo and for how long should we use it? Should it be used 1 out of those 8 times, or two or three or four? I just needed to understand how to do this. Before I bought your book, I read the same thing on another hair site but I just haven't gained a clear guideline as to how to incorporate the whole clarifying shampoo thing into my hair care regimen. I know it's important because you said it's important, so I just want to do it the right way.

Thank you for your comments on my work as I truly believe God uses me as conduit to get this message to our people! As far as switching to a clarifying shampoo, I dont have a specific rule. I base my decision on when to use a clarifying shampoo on these few things:

1) During or after I wash my hair is there a cremey feeling on one part the hair that my regular shampoo is not getting?

2) Is there a smell in my hair that doesn't seem to go away after wash out?

3) Is there dandruff or flaking that immediately returns after I wash my hair?

4) Finally, if I have not done one in a while.

One of the reasons I recommend you change your shampoo frequently is to PREVENT buildups. If you change your shampoo often, buildups should rarely occur, therefore you may not ever need a clarifier. But if they do THEN use the clarifier. As far as the interval, I may go as long as 6-8 months before I think I need a clarifier. When I do use the clarifying shampoo, I use it ONLY for 1 shampoo before switching back to my regular shampoo.

Need to correct you on the term "low" pH shampoo, it should be an acid ph that is specified for dry damaged hair, colored or chemically treated, then you should have the correct pH.

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10. First, let me say that you hit the nail on the head with your comment that it was meant for us to have long hair same as women of other races, for years i've wondered what it is about us that caused us (not all) to have hair that would not grow, this was especially painful for me who had a mother who has had long, thick flowing hair (she's of mixed ancestry). I want my hair to grow beautifully and healthy, and have and would like to continue to follow your regime, the only problem is that you don't seem to address those of us who have opted for weaves. I use Nutregena T-Gel dandruff shampoo for each wash (3 - 4days like you recommend) and an Aveda Sap Moss conditioner (deep condition of course) but the itching still persists and I have no idea what type of daily moisturizer to use.

I do not recommend either of these products. I use UBH cleansing shampoo. If you choose to use other products other than those I have mentioned, you use them at your own risk. The weave could also be causing your hair to itch. As far as a daily moisturizer, I only recommend my own.

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11. Is a protein shampoo okay?

There is no problem with using protein shampoo.

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12. I just recently received your products and I would like to be precise in following your program, but I have a few questions. Please tell me what acid pH Shampoo do you use normally?

I currently use UBH Cleansing shampoo only.

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13. Generally speaking, are shampoos and conditioners containing tea tree oil too drying for hair? I've always taken special notice of the shine my hair has always been left with after using either one or both, but because it's been so long since I've used a shampoo with tea tree oil in it, I can't quite recall whether my hair felt striped or soft.

The tea tree ingredients should not have a negative affect on the hair but the shampoo base can! If the product is too alkline, yes it will dry out your hair!

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14. I noticed that in your book you mentioned to only wash your hair with shampoo once, what if I have dry scalp?

Shampooing more than once is too drying for the hair. Every time you reshampoo you get more suds. The more suds you get, the more oil that will be stripped from the hair. You are using an acid product so you dont get as much suding. Your goal is not to strip the hair everytime you wash it! Wash more often, and shampoo only once per wash. The dry scalp itching scalp can be caused by things you are putting on your scalp. Try leaving off putting anything on your scalp and wash more often to see if this cures your dry scalp.

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15. At the Vitamin Shoppe I found a botanical shampoo for dry hair it has a 5.5 ph balance is this ok to use?

If the shampoo is specified for dry damaged hair, color treated hair or chemically treated hair - use it. Although it sounds like it might be okay, I dont know any thing about that product and I can not recommend it if I have never used it.

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16. Is it OK to use the T-Gel shampoo for the itching and follow with my regular shampoo (I use the Aveda Sap moss shampoo as well) then deep condition?

If your head is itching perhaps it is not clean or you have something on it that is perhaps causing it to itch (fake hair, grease etc.) If you are itching, and you want to use your T-Gel shampoo by all means use it. I have never used the product as I dont have an itchy scalp when my hair is clean. And again, I also do not recommend anything I have not used. Your choice of deep conditioner could also be causing your itching.

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17. Also I was told that my shampoo was going to dry my hair out, because it contains ammonium sulfalte or laurel sulfate. They said that its a harsh ingredient. They recommened a natural shampoo if I am going to be washing my hair that many times a week. I have never paid attention to what the shampoos contains I always have used a moisturizing shampoo. As a matter of fact the shampoo that I mentioned above has ammonium sulfate in it.

Do not get bogged down in the shampoo ingredients. Pick your shampoo as I have specified and shampoo only 1 time and you will be okay if the product is not too harsh and drying. I can tell immediately after washing if a shampoo will work with my hair.

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18. When choosing a shampoo what should you look for?

Just that it is for dry damaged hair, color treated or chemically treated.

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19. How do you feel about black shampoos such as Creme of Nature and Dark and Lovely shampoos and TRESemme?

I do not focus on black or white as far as my shampoo as most black products (shampoo made by whites but marketed to us). I only recommend UBH Cleansing Shampoo now. The other two you mentioned, I dont use nor do I have knowledge of them.

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20. Is Kera Care Hydrating Shampoo any good? I have yet been able to get my hands on the bottle to read the label, every beauty supply store is out or they don't carry it.

I dont use that shampoo anymore and I dont recommend anything that I dont use. I only use UBH cleansing shampoo now..

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21. My name is Nykesha Thomas. I've recently heard of you and your products 3 days ago while trying to find Barry Fletcher's Why are Black Women Losing Their Hair? I have very soft and fine hair. My mother has medium coarse hair that is ALWAYS DRY. I've convinced her to try your moisture system. The problem is my mother needs to get a touch-up as soon as possible, but we need help finding the right shampoo (one with a ph and one with protein and for dry or damaged hair). I'm having a problem finding one with all. In other words, what shampoo do you use? If you don't mind.

No protein is needed in your shampoo. Most dont say what pH either. Look for a shampoo that is specified for dry damaged hair, color treated or chemically treated. Dont pick something cheap like Suave either because a product that cost 99 cents has about 1 penny worth or ingredients in it and we all know you cant get anything for a penny! Currently I have UBH cleansing shampoo in my bathroom.

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22. I was wondering whether your company sells shampoo? I bought the two conditioners that were offered on the website. I found it peculiar that only conditioners were advertised. Please recommend an effective shampoo.

Please read my book. The shampoo requirements are specified in the book. That is one of the problems with people just buying the products. If you dont read the book and change the way you take care of you hair today, you will have the same result tomorrow. I dont develop a shampoo because there are too many good ones on the market and I am not about reinventing the wheel. Nor is it my focus to deluge you with products like most product companies. My focus is hair care and if you dont read the book, you can not expect the products to help you. I currently use UBH cleansing shampoo.

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23. Is it okay to use neutralizing shampoo, in complying with your growth program? On the bottle (Motions), it says the function is "to eliminate residual alkali on the hair or scalp and restore the natural pH to freshly relaxed hair." But, it also has directions for weekly hair cleansing. Could I use this to clean my hair and then use your conditioner after it?

Neutralizing shampoos should only be used AFTER a chemical. They are NOT to be used regularly under any circumstances! They can strip the hair of all its oil! And that is certainly not what we want.

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24. Noticed you do not sell a shampoo. Do you recommend any particular brand or what ingredients should I look for. I am working with hair that is chemically relaxed (2 kids and myself) and also hair that is of a fine curly status, (11 year old, hair is fine, thin and wavy when wet and poofy and curly when dry)

As of May 2011 we have formulate our shampoo and it is available on our website for purchase!

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25. I have bought a shampoo 100% Aloe Vera, but I wanted to know if aloe vera is a protein? Although it has all the specifications i,e for dry, damaged, chemically treated, coloured hair, I just wanted to know if it was drying out my hair because of the Aloe.

Aloe is a protein however protein does not dry the hair unless it is left on and not rinsed out as in the case of moisturizers with protein in them.

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26. I have the book, the dew and the conditioner I just had a quick question. I used this shampoo with the following ingredients: Coconut Oil Soap, Coconut Oil-Corn Oil Soap, Organic Green Tea/Nettles Extract* (Organic Green Tea Leaves*, Organic Nettle Leaves* and Natural Grain Alcohol), Organic Aloe Vera*, Lemon Oil, Almond Protein, Blue Camomile Oil, Aubrey's Preservative (Citrus Seed Extract, Vitamins A, C and E). Question: Is the Aloe Vera in here to much when used with your conditioner? I know you said that too much protein is drying. They seem to work together ok, however I'm still experiencing some drying.

If your shampoo is specified for dry damaged hair, color treated or chemically it is okay. As you know I dont recommend products I do not use myself. If the product you are using works for you, by all means use it. Aloe Vera used in your shampoo does not cause a problem for your hair. It is in the moisturizing stage that you want to avoid it. Also protein does not make the hair dry, it makes the hair hard (purposely).

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27. I wash my hair normally on Fridays sometimes Saturdays. I shampoo my hair twice. Is this okay?

No it is NOT Okay. ONLY 1 shampoo. The more shampoo you use, the more lather you get and we dont want lather because the lather is what strips the oils from the hair. Not exactly what I am looking for as the oils are needed to keep the hair lubricated.

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Disclaimer: UBH products do not fix balding and alopecia problems. UBH products address dry, brittle hair that breaks.

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