1. I purchased your products and I have a weave. Are there any negative consequences to using this product while I am actively wearing a weave, or should I expect the same results of growth and healthy hair despite the fact that I am using the product while I have a weave? Do you have any past clients that reported to you that they had a weave and still had good results with your products?

Anzella, any time you weave in, sew in, glue on hair to your own hair you can experience hair loss. That is one of the many problems sistahs tell me about and I have seen. How they took the hair down and their own hair was pulled out with it. I dont recommend any fake hair but many sisters do it and still use my products. The biggest problem I see is the hair that is covered in the fake hair does not benefit from the products. Hair that has been braided will thicken at the roots but underneath the hair will be thin because the protein was not able to get to this hair and build on it to strengthen it. So can you use these products with a weave - yes, just ensure the hair under the fake hair is treated just at the book recommends. And yes, weave wearers and braid wearers do get results with this method too.

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2. Can you help me find a way to moisturize my hair daily as recommended?

Just spray on Dew, lifting the weave to ensure the spray gets to the real hair.

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3. I have the sewn-in type of weave and I would like a regimen that goes between the tracks to take care of my hair.

However you took care of your weave before is still how you will care for it. Lift it up and spray the Dew on your own hair. It is not recommended that you push anything between the tracks.

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4. I would for once and for all STOP WASTING MONEY ON ALL THESE DIFFERENT TYPES OF HAIR CARE PRODUCTS. I know that you don't like giving out the names of products, but any help you can provide as far as what to use and how will have me singing your praises on top of the highest mountain

I dont give out names of products I have never used. The only products I use are my products unless I dont have my own. If you choose to use other products, you are using them at your own risk. Most products provide no real benefits for the hair. My products do thus the reason I use only mine and not others. Choosing to use anything else is strictly your decision. And I dont know if the products will help you achieve the same results.

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5. I just stumbled onto your web site quite by accident. I was looking for Hair style pictures and up popped your site. Well of course I started reading. I will later today purchase your book. However, my question is regarding the FAQ's. I did not see anything about wig wearers. Perhaps you address it in your book. I wear wigs because I am fed up with uninformed, uncaring beauticians and time spent in their shops. My hair is very dry and perms are not an option for me, my hair breaks off far too much even with regular hair care maintenance. I even used the Wanakee product for a while, but it made my hair too lifeless. Both her conditioners were too strong for my hair. But, I am not putting her product down, it just did not work for me. Is your product okay to use while wearing wigs. I wear a full cap wig with a cap underneath everyday. I even wear one at the gym and I only take the wig off at home. I keep my hair loosely braided underneath (I only know how to braid one way, not very good either). My hair is growing and seems to be in okay shape. But, I know the ends are in bad shape. So, will your product help to create a better growing environment?

My book teaches you hair care. It does not matter what style (braids are a style) you choose, it is about hair care that obviously the hair care industry has not addressed. My methods are tried and true over 15 years, however the industry hates what I do because I teach black women how to care for their hair and add length or just to simply make it look better. The make more money selling you hair to the tune of $600+ for glued in weaves that can take the hair out while temporarily giving you length. My approach is common sense and developed from a sincere desire to find out why we have short hair and how to correct it. My real testimonials attest to other successes not just my own. You must first understand why we have the problems before we can correct them. Your wigs will not be a problem as long as you take care of the hair underneath as I have specified in the book.

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6. Before I order your products online, I want to know if I can use the product and grow my hair while I am still wearing weave? I am too embarrassed to wear my hair natural, it is so damaged and about as short as yours when you started letting yours grow. I hope I can.

Yes you can use the products with a weave.

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7. How would you recommend me going about using your products with the weave in? I put on own weave in by glue.

GLUE is very bad and should NOT be used. This will severely hinder your hair care options and in some instances cause you to go bald in the spots where the glue is attached to the hair!

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8. I am very excited about getting your book. However, I have a question in the meantime. I have had sewn-in weave for almost 4 months. When removing the weave, a GREAT deal of my hair came out. Now, it did grow in length, but on the left side of my head, it's not as thick.

Protein builds on to the hair causing it to thicken. My conditioner contains the protein for regular maintenance and it thickens the hair. If you are having a lot of breakage, you need a protein treatment!

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9. I just ordered your book and I am waiting for it in the mail. I emailed you earlier about weave and glue...I've just decided not to wear weave anymore, if I can't glue it. I am a college student, and I can only afford to do my hair...I only know how to glue weave in. Having weave sewn in is too exspensive, is there no other way to keep wearing weave besides that?

Dont know because I dont wear weaves but I am glad you gave up that silly glue that will destroy your hair.

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Disclaimer: UBH products do not fix balding and alopecia problems. UBH products address dry, brittle hair that breaks.

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