Relaxers are one of the main reasons Black women's hair thins!

If you are using relaxer/perms OR have used relaxers/perms in the past, and your hair is thinning, relaxers are the real cause in most cases!

Relaxers need to be thought of as "liquid drain cleaner"---they are the same chemical you pour down the drain to eat away the hair clogs! Even the so called "no-lye" relaxers are still "lye" but they are a slower working form of lye! (a ploy the industry uses to make you think "no-lye" is better) Relaxers are misapplied which causes the real problem. They are smoothed against the other hair (and your head) which goes into the pores and changes the hair cell DNA. The result of a DNA cell change is little fuzzy hair that will grow no longer than 1-2 inches. Once that happens, there is no coming back from it except a hair transplant! There is no "regrow" product that will EVER bring your hair back so dont waste your money on those gimmicks. I stopped relaxing my hair in 2004 because I could not make my hairdresser stop applying the relaxer by pushing it against my head. If you continue to relax your hair and it is pushed against your head (any chemical, even hair color), can make you completely bald!! Something to think about..


  1. I've been trying to grow it back. my hair is growing wonderfully, except for the back of my neck. I know its due to the relaxers I put in my hair but I do not know how to get it growing. Do you think I should just skip that section of my head when relaxing it? I know that you can over process your hair and I think this is the problem. What do you recommend?
  2. I'm 20 years old. i've been getting my hair relaxed for about 5 years now. i am considering letting my hair grow out but i don't want to cut it just yet because it took those five years to get my hair shoulder length. can your book address my dilemma?
  3. My hair grows very good in some areas, but near my front line I have very little to no hair growth (it's bald in some areas).When I used to relax my hair this is where I FELT most of the burning. Do you think there is any -hope??
  4. I was just wondering how I should know what relaxer to use. I'm debating between affirm, mizini, and dudleys. I haven't had a professional relaxer in about four years and am out of the loop. I've inquired about affirm at several salons and none of the beauticians seem to like it very much. they say they have had complaints from customers about it causing damage to their hair or it seems to not work in their hair after a year or so. Or do you think this is due to just bad upkeep or bad applications? Can you help me?
  5. I have been using Wave Nouveau (similar to jerri kurl) for several years, and would like to try your products. (My hair is oh-so-dry!) But I have a concern. Is it "safe" to use your products on my already over-processed hair?
  6. I wear my hair in a curl and my ends tend to become tangled and they are dry. What would you suggest?
  7. I have relaxed my hair..Using Wave Nouveau...and my hair is nice.getting longer...the only problem I have when I wash feels like a lot of strands are coming out on my hands as I put my fingers through it. Is there something I am doing wrong or should not be doing...I dont comb or pull my hair at all in any way..but and its nice and curly..but I want to ensure that i am not damaging wetting it everyday...
  8. What does it mean to texturize the hair? What is a texturizer?
  9. My colleague at work is intrigued by it. I also would like to thank you for sending the condtioner and moisturizer, I received it this morning (UK ) time. One other thing, please could you give an advice for my colleague. when she uses a relaxer kit, whether kiddies or normal, they always seem to burn her scalp, can you explain why this happens., and what advice could you give her to prevent this from happening.
  10. Would you recomend a product called Volumax, I believe its some kind of texturizer so it will soften my new-growth instead of relaxers, of course to use with your conditioner?
  11. I will need a touchup soon--how long should I wait or -- what do you recommend that I do to my roots?
  12. What's the difference between relaxed and permed?
  13. My friend gets her hair permed by this beautician and her perms come out really well. I had used Affirm for 3 years on my hair prior to now. I like the results. She also uses Vital too.
  14. I have been looking on the web for information on black hair care concerning pressing the hair while wearing a "Wave Nouveau" and I found your website. I have worn a "wave" for years and my hair is long and healthy, although its not quite as long as yours, but, its getting there. I agree with you when you say that it is not good to apply different chemicals to the hair. However, I don't want to change from the wave perm, but I would like to start getting it pressed between touch-ups. I have discussed this with my beautician, whom I have been with for the past five years and she does not press hair, but referred me to a lady that does.
  15. My hairdresser swears by Mizani. I thought I recalled reading that you like it, too. Anyway, she says she prefers it because it's the only relaxer she knows of that will let her put a deep conditioner in a patron's hair BEFORE shampooing with a neutralizer. I never had to read your book to know that that sounded extremely risky, and consequently, I've never let her handle my touch-ups. Is that something you've ever heard of, deep conditioning with Mizani BEFORE using a neutralizing shampoo to stop the straightening process?
  16. What is a fiberguard affirm, and will my hairdresser know what it is?
  17. I finally decided to get a perm so I wouldn't have to comb it so hard and to make it easier for people who braid my hair because I have thick hair. They used dark and lovely. Is that a good perm? I want to know how often should I wash my hair and is blue magic (green in color) Hair and Scalp conditioner good to use to oil my hair.
  18. If I used a perm all my life can I switch to a texturizer? If so can I use anyone off the shelf, which are typically for men?
  19. I have a question. I have had a wave noveau (curly perm) for the last 10 years. Recently I went back to a mild relaxer, but I find that my hair is breaking off very badly. My hair breaks off when I comb my hair. ANY SUGGESTIONS!!!!!!
  20. Hello. I am a young female who has taken out a kiddie perm relaxer for three months now. Now that it is back to school time I want a relaxer, a real relaxer. It will be either Lady Velvet or another one like Optimum because those are the only kinds she uses I think. I really want to know, is my hair growing now( about an inch and a half since she trimmed it two inches in January when I first permed it) because I am pressing it or should I get my relaxer?
  21. My hair texture is coarse and kinky. Your products appear to be targeted for women with relaxers. Does your hair care system work as well on natural hair as well as relaxed hair?
  22. Have you ever heard of Joico?
  23. I would like to know if you've heard of the "Naturalaxer" and what are your views on it.
  24. My hairstylist uses the Affirm perm Which has changed the curly structure of my hair. However, each time I get a retouch, it gets very dry. Not to mention, that I go once a week for a conditioner and set. Is once a week too much for very fine hair? My hair seems to be very thin.
  25. I saw this new relaxing method. What you think about: The Secrets of Japanese Hair Straightening
  26. I keep my hair cut short and was very pleased with a texturizer called Dark n Natural. This product did wonders for my hair and now has been discontinued. I have decided to just let my hair grow and just go natural. How long do I have to wait before I can perhaps try a perm or relaxer to obtain a different look?
  27. My question is should I put a home kit texturizer on it or should I perm it with a regular perm? I want it to grow also and in the past the perm only take it so far and I am right back were I started. I also need to know how to put the texturizer on so it gives me the wave look and not the regular look. I hope you will be able to help.
  28. Please settle a matter in my mind. Are stylists meant to COMB the relaxer through the new growth or simply SMOOTH it through? I think to smooth it is the correct way but it appears that most people have their stylists comb it through. Isn't that damaging?? Any thoughts on this issue?
  29. There is a girl at my job with a pretty good length of hair and she mentioned to me that she gets a touch up about every 3 weeks! I don't know about you but that sounds a bit dangerous to me. What do you think?
  30. Avlon's website lists salons in any given area that are "supposedly" retailers of Affirm FiberGuard, and when I called on of them, not only did they tell me they don't use the Affirm FiberGuard, they told me they use something called Syntonics which is much better. Told 'em thanks, but no thanks, and went right back to my girl.
  31. After a month of using the Revlon hair repair kit I told my hair dresser it was not working. Only than did she start giving me deep conditioners without charging me (I guess she had a guilty conscience). During this same time period she also "trimmed my hair" which was really a drastic haircut even after I told her I wanted to keep my hair in the style I was currently wearing.
  32. I just accidentally found your website and I have a question. Can I use your products even though I have the "Wave Nouveau" relaxer?
  33. The reason why I want to get a new relaxer at this time is because my hair is growing and the roots are kind of hard to comb. This seems to just cause more breakage. What can I do in the meantime to get my hair back in health condition while dealing with the kinky roots? At this point I am really scared of losing my hair.
  34. The hair dresser started out using Excelle Relaxer, Then, she switch to Optimum. Then to Lustre Silk. This was all done without my knowledge. I suggested to her that switching relaxers might have causes the breakage. She denied it, because only the color treated hair broke and not the hair at the root. She suggested a hair trim or cut because the hair shaft split the hair. So she cut some, but it still looks damaged and bad at the top. Please give me some suggestions, because I don't want to cut my hair!!!!
  35. Do you allow your hairdresser to use the Affirm Reconstructor and/or Positive Link Conditioner for Medium & Course Hair on your hair AFTER the Affirm Relaxer has been put in and rinsed out? What's the name of the chemical blocker?I'M REALLY NERVOUS ABOUT THIS CHANGE, CATHY!
  36. I've been doing a lot of reading lately on relaxers that are supposed to be less harsh than those containing sodium hydroxide, like the one I believe you said you use, Affirm. I've been using Revlon's Relaxer (normal strength) for some years now, but I think that I'd like to give my hair something of a break with regards to the sodium hydroxide exposure. I know that what's in Affirm can be damaging to hair and scalp, too, but from what I'm getting from MY research, the damage should be much less because of some "cationic" something or other. Bottom line to my question: do you think that I can safely make the switch from Revlon to Affirm as long as I maintain with your maintenance system?
  37. Cathy, I'm giving my hair a break from relaxers. Do you know of any other products that I can use to keep it straight without relaxers?
  38. Over the last two months, my hair shows signs of needing a touch-up by my 3rd or 4th week. Prior to using your system, which I've been on now since April 2002, my hair wouldn't show signs of need for a touch-up until my 4th or 5th week. I'm inclined to believe that between the iron and zinc supplments, the twice a week shampooing and deep conditioning, and the constant moisturizing, my hair is growing much more quickly. However, I've never been one for the "big hair" look. I don't live in Texas, I live in Philadelphia, PA and I prefer a much less "mile-high" appearance! And while this is a beautiful, sophisticated look for the office (I'm the office administrator for a law firm - the e-mail address from which this message comes), it gets boring QUICKLY. Any suggestions?
  39. Everytime I get a relaxer, I get a bald spot in the back of my head about the size of a half dollar. I have been fortunate that although thin, it grows back after the relaxer has grown out. I have decided no more relaxers. Could you give me advice on what would have caused this?
  40. I cannot afford to go to the beauty shop as often as I would like (money is tight). What at home relaxer would you recommend in this instance?
  41. I have my friend do my relaxers, and the chapter on chemicals is helpful to both of us, since we do EACH OTHER's relaxers. We are both on a budget. I know that I can trust her to trim my ends. I am glad to finally hear someone back up what I have been telling people about the fact that trimming CANNOT make hair GROW. Every time I cut my friend's hair she would say that it grew because I had cut it.
  42. How long should I wait to get a relaxer?
  43. My hairdresser uses Revlon Fabulaxer, regular strength, and adds oil to make the mixture milder. Friends have suggested Mizani and Affirm Relaxers. I am not familiar with them. How are they different from the Revlon product?
  44. Would you recommend making the switch from Revlon Fabulaxer to Mizani or Affirm?
  45. I have been relaxing my hair since I was small an now that I'm, older I color it probably once a year. And I just put extensions in my hair this summer and it destroyed my hair and it was shoulder length. How long does it take for your hair to grow?
  46. Also can I use Affirm on top of Vigorol or wait?
  47. Do you have any suggestions for caring for a curl? Also why is my hair thinning?
  48. I have not done anything different (chemically ) over the years to cause this loss and I really wanted to change to the Affirm that you recommend, but am now afraid. Should I switch to the Affirm at this stage or wait?
  49. I would like to know if it's safe to relax my hair while I am pregnant? I am in the first trimester (7 weeks) and currently wear it short and have no chemicals in it.
  50. I have been using a Revlon relaxer and would like to make a change to Affirm relaxer, how long should I wait before changing over?
  51. Do you use Affirm (Guainidine) Or Sodium Hydroxide? Lye or no Lye is the question I quess.
  52. I've relaxed for years now and am tiring of it. I used Avlon's thio products years ago and would like to start using their relaxers now (especially since you use it). When on their website, I found that they sell a moisturizer also. Have you used their moisturizer at all?
  53. If relaxers dry out our dry hair and hence we need to apply moisturizers plus grease (oils) to retain that moisture, dont you feel that our scalps are somewhat affected during the relaxing process?
  54. I want to get a perm eventually but I heard that they take your hair out in the top leaving a bald spot. Would you suggest perming my hair myself?
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Disclaimer: UBH products do not fix balding and alopecia problems. UBH products address dry, brittle hair that breaks.

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