1. Is it important to avoid protein in styling products?

Yes it is. Protein should only be used when you condition your hair then rinse it out.

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2. I've read and reread your book and I have recently got your conditioner and dew in the mail. Tried the conditioner and I love the tingles of the peppermint oil. My question is about Aphogee treatment for damaged hair. I've tried this product only twice a few days after my relaxer and I like it, I think its helping to stop my breakage. I wanted to know if you have tried this product. If so do you use it before your relaxer or after as I have done. Do you think I have to wait every 6 weeks to use it?? or could i use it more often. Can I follow it up with your conditioner?

Use Aphogee ONLY when you have severe breakage. You dont want your hair hard ALL the time. You can follow an Aphogee treatment with my conditioner but it is not necessary. If you need the oil, try a little olive oil on your hair after washing under the dryer for a hot oil treatment to lubricate the hair, you dont need any more protein.

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3. My hair is relaxed and I am due for a retouch. When I comb my hair, I do have a lot of hair in the sink or on my shirt. The comb doesn't have hair in it though. I really can't determine what a lot of breakage is. Everytime I comb my hair, hair is all over my clothes but not a whole lot. Do you think it is time?

Your hair is breaking a bit too much. You can get the retouch now but I would you try a protein treatment to help stop some of that breakage.

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4. In a response to a question, you recommended using protein treatments when nearing the time of touch-up to help reduce breakage. How does this type of treatment help/work? Is there a particular brand that I should try?-I use Apoghee but there are others out there too that will work. I just started using your dew and conditioner this week. I am overdue (about 1 1/2 weeks for touch-up and am also experiencing a lot of breakage).

Judging from your question, it appears you have perhaps chosen to only purchase the products and not the book. The book is a very vital part of the system and I recommend you get a copy to understand how protein works, as the chapter on conditioner explains this. Briefly, protein builds onto the hair, strengthening it. Protein stops breakage because it hardens the hair by strengthening. After protein treatments, you must moisturize a lot to make the hair that has been treated, soft. Please get a copy of the book for a more indepth understanding of this requirement.

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5. You mentioned in your hair tips something about using a protein treatment for damaged hair. What brand(s) do you recommend and when should it be applied?

Aphogee (Sally) also talked about on the News page. It is applied when you have severe breakage and you need to stop it immediately.

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6. I once had a hairdresser who told me that too much protien will make your hair weak and brittle. I use to use a protien conditioner and she said that I shouldn't do that because it wasn't good for the hair to use constantly. So, I guess I'm asking you if there is such a thing as "too much protien?"

Not if you soften it with moisturizers. Remember who you got that information from. Sorry but hairdressers are not the most reputable people to get hair care information from, if they were, there would have been no need for my research or book. Use protein but ensure your hair is moisturized to keep it softened. I have used protein since I found its benefits for over 12 years. I still use it 2-3 times per month if I need it. Believing hairdressers, is the reason we don't have hair now. I have proven what I say and protein is very needed but you must soften it.

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7. I would like to know if their is a product out their that will help my hair get thicker.

Protein is the only thing that will bond to your hair making it thicker. Try an aphogee treatment and weekly with a protein conditioner to see if you can build the circumference of the hair. Protein is the only thing that will do this.

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8. Can too much protein be bad?

No, not if it is moisturized properly to soften afterwards and it is a waste to use it if your hair is not severely breaking.

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9. I was writing you to see what brand of protein conditioner you use on your hair?

I use my Ultra Black Hair Conditioner. It has the required protein for regular maintenance.

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10. I Found a Sally's Hair supply and got the aphogee!! Yaaayy!! And I also got the conditioner and spray that i ordered from you. I used the deep conditioner and rinsed it many times to make sure it was all out, Then I sprayed it with dew and got under my dome dryer for awhile ..then i tied it back let my hair air dry the rest of the way while i slept to straighten it with the curlers in the morning. My hair fills a bit stiff ..did i do something wrong.

After the Aphogee you can skip the DEW because you need a moisturizer with a lot of oil in it. The moisturizer they offer with the Aphogee is not the best for our hair. Motions is better. I put the Motions on immediately after the Aphogee (kind of heavy for the next couple of days) The Motions will soften the hair. Dew and the Aphogee moisturizer dont have the oils required to soften.
02-2005 I no longer use Motions since my Lotion Creme was developed in October 2003. Motions contains mineral oil which inhibits moisture from getting in the hair.

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11. First was scared that i didn't rinse all the conditioner out but i was in the shower and i rinsed it so many times. it feels better now that i straightened it. I was just worried that i wasn't doing something right. ..I also brought the Aphogee that neccesary?

No I never buy their moisturizer - it is for hair other than ours - we need the oils especially after protein and the Aphogee moisturizer does not have it.

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12. How long should I leave the Aphogee protein treatment on my hair? The directions says two minutes would you recommend it to stay on my hair longer?

You leave it on until it dries hard. If your directions say 2 minutes, you have the wrong product.

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13. I would apply Moisture Max to my hair and let my hair air dry. I would press my hair and pin curl it. (Last week I used UBH conditioner and Dew moisturizer along with Moisture Max Light, it's not greasy. This Friday I'll shampoo, treat my hair with Aphogee (I purchased the treatment for damaged hair, thanks for the advice) and condition with UBH conditioner (which I really enjoy! ). I'll spray my hair with Dew let it dry naturally and flat iron or curl it. With the Aphogee treatment should I use it monthly?

Use Aphogee ONLY if you are having severe breakage. It is not needed monthly unless you have a lot of breakage. The UBH conditioner is what will strengthen the hair on a regular basis if used regularly.

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Disclaimer: UBH products do not fix balding and alopecia problems. UBH products address dry, brittle hair that breaks.

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