The products we choose can help our hair growth or hinder it. Although I do not go out and test products just for the sake of finding what works, I do try products to use in my own hair care and will identify them throughout this website. One of the 3 problems I found with our hair care is that our products are garbage that provide no real benefit for our hair. Be selective when you choose products for our hair because there are so many out there. We spend more than any race of people on our hair looking for that one thing that will make it grow but instead you get duped into buying just another white product marketed to us. Everybody wants to make us something to get some of that money. Dont be mislead sistahs, become an informed consumer. If it makes some ridiculous claim stear away from it.
  1. I have been using the Dew as a detangler after washing out the conditioner and before I dome dry. Is this also okay?
  2. Should I follow every time I wash my hair with a conditioner. If so, what kind, and could you recommend any? Currently I use a Humecto conditioner by Kera Care (Avlon product).
  3. At 45 years old, I believe I'm experiencing perimenopausal symptoms of hair thinning and hair falling out from the roots. What do you think of the companies who promote one of the causes of hair loss as DHT and advertise their expensive "drug free" product?
  4. I am a 17 year old girl who is seeing a difference in my hair by following your program. I started in February but this is my biggest problem: new growth! My mom wants me to get another touch up ASAP because it looks bad while I want to hold out for at least 6 weeks. I saw you recommended anti-frizz serum so I assume you mean John Frieda's version for black hair?
  5. I am on medication...Predinsone, methotrexate, hydrochlorothiazide, folic acid, vioxx, and estrace. needless to say my hair is coming out and I am at my wits end on what to do. Will your book and products help me even though I am on all these meds?
  6. Will the book you recommended "Don't Go Shopping for Hair Care Products Without Me" help with the identification of harmful ingredients or does it just review products that are out already there?
  7. I'm a 35 year old South African and finds your website very interesting. Is your product and book available in South Africa?
  8. What is your opinion on Keracare products? I currently use Humecto conditioner and Detangling shampoo.
  9. I had problems after having my son with my hair about 3 years ago and finally just cut it all off and went natural for a little over a year. Why is taking vitamins and washing every week and keeping it moisterized (which I use a Oil liquid base almost everyday) not working?
  10. I am a 14 yr old girl who has had extreme hair breakage at the back of my hair. I have used every hair product in the whole of london but my hair is always breaking at the ends. Is there anywhere in london that sells ubh black hair products because I am underage to buy off internet?
  11. I came across your website, while I was doing some research on hair vitamins that my hairstylist told me about. Anyway, my background is research and development of hair-care products, I have worked for two of the black hair care companies whose products you have tried, and not approved of. My question to you is about aloe vera, In my years in the lab, I had heard of wheat based protein to replace animal protein, but never aloe vera based protein. I wonder where you got this source for this information?
  12. I was wondering if your methods and products work with black hair that is dry but the scalp is slightly oily from psoriasis, leaving flakes and a scaly build up on the scalp?
  13. I like your moisturizer, but I still use it along with the Dudley PCA because yours does not seem to be heavy enough for my hair. When I use it alone, my hair is very bushy.
  14. I like the tingly feeling I get when I use your conditioner, but my hair seems to be very dry when I used it, so I will continue to use the Mizani.
  15. Have you done any research on Cetaryl Alcohol? This is also a new ingredient for the Mizani Moisturefuse. It is a common ingredient in most "over-the-counter" White hair care products. I notice your products do not contain any.
  16. Do you know of a good resource for researching product ingredients?
  17. I have questions about the use of products with deionized water, petrolatum, ceterayl alcohol, phenoxyethanol and hydrolyzed wheat protein. Especially the hydrolyzed wheat protein. Are these ingredients friend or foe?
  18. I thought the price of the conditioner was a bit prohibitive so I bought a regular restructuring deep conditioner from Sally's beauty supply store and found that my hair (and my daughter's)dries out within a day or so and regular moisturizing just doesn't help.
  19. I already have your Dew but it is hard for me to use as I have very fine hair so even a light misting sends my hair into immediate frizzies. It works very well on my daughter's hair though.
  20. I wanted to know what you do think is the best shampoo, conditioner and moisturer on the market today for black women?
  21. I had mentioned to you that I still have hair breakage. I still have it in spite of washing my hair weekly and conditioning it. I also use the Aphoghee Protein treatment. It does not seem to stop the breakage for me though. Although I have the breakage, it is nothing like it was in the past and my hair is finally seeing some length as the breakage is probably half of what it used to be.
  22. Have tried or have gotten any testimonies about a relaxer called PHYTOSPECIFIC PhytoRelaxer Egg & Soya Complex Kit and if so would you recommend it? Their website is Someone told me that it is a very gentle relaxer system.
  23. While searching the Internet I have found relaxers that claim to ensure that hair can not be overprocessed if you use that particular relaxer. For example
    ( The process takes about 4 hrs. It seems to be very expensive, some London salons offer the treatment for approx. £150 - £170 depending on length ($234-$265). There is no mention of these methods on your website. I am wondering if you know of anyone who has had the treatment with success?
  24. I just wanted to know if it was right to deep condition my hair EVERY time I washed it (every 3-4 days).
  25. I don't know if i should use the protein treatment after or before I do the deep conditioning...can you help?
  26. I was searching the internet and ran across a product by Prodesign that supposedly allows you to put the protein back in your hair while relaxing. Just wondering if you are familiar? Do you think it is safe for black hair?
  27. What do you know about products that contain emu oil?
  28. I notice you don't have styling products. Are there any out there you recommend?
  29. By the way... you look beautiful on your website. Make sure you ask your consultant to try the new Mary Kay Timewise Cleansing Bar which will debut on Dec 15th!
  30. I have dark brown and mixed with gray hair which grows slowly. Brown colored shampoos and conditions turn my gray hair yellow. What color are the contents of your product?
  31. Could you please suggest a product to take out the yellowing that occurs in gray hair when permed?
  32. Is it true that Biotin will grow your hair?
  33. I recently purchased your conditioner and mist. When I read the label it said do not use this product unless you've read the book. I would have love to order the book at the time I order the products but didn't realize I should have the book first.
  34. Is there a bookstore in New Orleans that carries the book?
  35. Currently I alternate between hot oiling, and deep conditioning my hair every other week. So I shampoo every week. Should I continue to hot oil, and if so how do I work it into your program?
  36. I have been using your conditioner and your Dew for about a month now and I like them a lot. What style do you do with your hair when air drying or sitting under the dryer?
  37. I also notice a lot of acids & chlorides & alcohols are in shampoo and conditioner, I'm assuming it bad for our hair?
  38. I got AVEDA conditioning and detangler -it ingredients contains Cetearyl Alcohol, Dicetyldimonium Chloride& Cetrimonium Chloride- which are the only alcohol and chloride I found it it. Is that ok for our hair?
  39. I tried the B&B and I really did not see any difference. Actually my hair (new growth) just soaked it up. If protein is to be avoided during the moisturizing stage, because it makes the hair hard, what product do you use that does not contain this?
  40. If I continue to use either one of these B&B or Motions, would not it defeat the purpose?
  41. I read your book, but it was vague when it came to creme moisturizers. What product do you suggest?
  42. I've been giving myself protein treatments everytime I wash my hair to try to strenghten it. Is there a such thing as over doing it with the protein treatments or can I do them as much as I want as long I keep it moisturized?
  43. I am a guy and I wear an afro and braids sometimes but my hair is dry. My hair seems to grow 3 inches a year well i've only had it 4 a yr is that normal?? Your book says 6 or is that up to 6?
  44. How much conditioner do you recommend using on shoulder length hair? Would you estimate specifically for me dime size quarter half dollar size etc.
  45. After every wash, I use a reconstructor creme conditioner by IC or Apoghee which I sit under the dome dryer with a plastic cap for 5 mins. Then I use a leave-in creme conditioner by Nexxus, which a girlfriend advise me to use a leave-in creme conditioner with T-Tree Oil & A creme Carrot Oil for the scalp/hair by parnevu.
  46. I wash and condition my hair with Nexxus products incl. BotanOil or Diametress shampoo. Are these products good?
  47. Is African Pride (which is what I use on my hair when it's time for a touch up) ok? Could you check for me?
  48. I understand that the cost of things are high these days and marketing is a pretty costy business but what's with the ten dollars a bottle for you products, is there no way for you to lower the price??
  49. I am 18 years old and about to start college in the fall I am on a budget, can u tell me
    what product I should order first...(dew or the conditioner) I do plan on getting both, just not now, is one more essential to have NOW?
  50. Do you think that your products will be sold at Sally's beauty supply store any time soon?
  51. I have the UBH book II since two years but I used the conditionners just once. I would like to know if we used just the conditionner properly with some other shampoos, will we get good results?
  52. Are there any salons or stores in Atlanta or surrounding areas other that Lagrange GA that carry Dew Moisturizer? If not is there another product that can be purchased in the store that may be close to it?
  53. Do you recommend any of Barry Fletcher's products? 
  54. Can I ask why your book or any of your products aren't sold over the counter?
  55. I wash my hair about once a week with Organic Stimulator shampoo and then I condition my hair with their hair mayonnaise. I use their Olive oil to "grease my scalp" During the week I apply carrot oil on the ends of my hair. Is all of this necessary and are Organic products good products to use?
  56. Which should be applied first, oil or moisturizer?
  57. Have you looked at Nioxin's Scalp therapy?
  58. I also use an Aveda lubricant. I use the conditioner and the lubricant to hold my curls. I need something heavy to hold the curls and reduce frizz--I have 4a/b hair. So would you suggest that I also use a cream moisturizer?
  59. I tend to wash my hair once a week, should I alternate from week to week with a regular shampoo and then with a clarifying one?
  60. Is olive oil, carrot oil and mayonnaise good for stopping breakage, if not what is?
  61. I have to order everything I need from Stockholm. Is there any other effective method to deep condition? We do sauna, would applying conditioner and sitting in the sauna with a cap and towel wrap be effective?
  62. You do not mention any other products such as setting lotions, hair polishers, leave in conditioners, or oil sheens in the book but I notice people have asked about them on the website. How should these products be used in conjunction with your system?
  63. I must say that after reading through your website and review of competitors article, I was very impressed. I also use the product Root Stimulator and occasionally treat my hair to a "Honey and Mayo" cream treatment. How do you feel about these products on the hair?
  64. I would love to buy your products, but the problem is that I live in the United Arab Emirates, so I would like to know how your products will reach me, and how long would they take, especially since I prefer to pay by check?
  65. I would like to know how you feel about Cream of Nature Shampoo and Nexxus would you recommend either of them?
  66. How soon can I expect a difference in my hair while using your products? How long will I have to continue to use your product too see results continously?
  67. How long does each product last (per month?)
  68. I tried Razac's hair oil but it left my hair WAY TOO GREASY; i'd like to try your Dew Moisturizer but it's a spray and i'm not sure if it would help.
  69. I use Alternatives moisturizer and after reading your book, you said that it should not contain alcohol and protein and petroleoum....Alternatives contains Cetearyl Alcohol, Petrolatum, and Hydrolyzed Soy this why my hair has been brittle and thin?
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Disclaimer: UBH products do not fix balding and alopecia problems. UBH products address dry, brittle hair that breaks.

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