Cathy's black hair care tips are created from questions received in emails on the website. Because we have never been given this type of information before, many questions are generated as a result of it from proper black hair care to the correct black hair care products we should use. When I began researching hair care in 1985 "adequate, accurate information" was 1 of 3 things I found were missing in caring for our hair. Now many books, some good, some bad give us our information, as well as numerous websites. When you learn the truth and employ common sense techniques to your hair care routines, you will be able to immediately pick out the foolishness. Since previous questions have come in with so many on the same subjects, I tried to catagorize as many as possible.

Note: Due to the overwhelming number of request and the wide range of questions that are sent to me it is no longer possible to answer every email. Only emails that are sent to me regarding my products will still be handled. Sorry but I no longer am able to answer questions about other products, styles, etc. Finally, Please keep in mind emails answers are a courtesy not a requirement of this website.

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Chemical Free (10) Conditioning (28) Coloring our Hair (8)
Gel and Sculpting Spray (6) General (112) Grease and Oil (14)
Hairdressers (30) Kids Hair (23) Moisturizers (34)
Products (69) Protein Treatments (13) Hair Polish (12)
Relaxers/Perms (54) Roller Setting (7) Shampoos (27)
Skeptics and Problems (40) Weaves and Wigs (9) Vitamins for Hair (9)
  1. Do I need to deep condition with heat every time I wash my hair?
  2. Will a leave-in conditioner made with shea butter work on days I don't use a deep conditioner?
  3. Black Puerto Rican with extensions and fine hair, any suggestions?
  4. Are your hair techniques mainly for women who have perms?
  5. Do you think that women who do not perm their hair can grow long hair successfully while pressing it?
  6. Is Mayonnaise okay to use on my hair?
  7. What causes braids to smell?
  8. What temperature setting should the dome hair dryer be on in order for your conditioner to properly penetrate?
  9. Even after I wash my hair it is still itchy, is this because My scalp is so dry that it does need to be lightly oiled?
  10. Can you think of any adverse effects of washing my hair every 3 days while it is in braids?
  11. Is it okay to go 3 months before I re-do my braids?
  12. Is it ok to get a relaxer during this same weekend before I re-braid?
  13. What is more damaging to Black hair the relaxer or the perm curl? Why?
  14. Since my hair seems to need extra help can I keep the conditioner on for 30 minutes instead of 20?
  15. Does your book address how to take care of your natural hair in braids?
  16. Can you recommend a crème moisturizer that I can use as well as your moisturizer?
  17. Why do you promote hair growth with straight hair?
  18. It took an awful long time to grow your hair, 14 years is a long time
    I am 18.
  19. What is your opinion on Willie Morrow relaxer products?
  20. Can I use a leave in conditioner in my Optimum relaxer kit?
  21. Could you recommend a moisturizer I can buy in the store?
  22. I want my soft wet hair to stay that way when it dries. Is it possible?
  23. Do you give money back if this does not work?
  24. When I press should I grease the scalp?
  25. Can a scalp massage stimulate the scalp?
  26. When you straighten with the curling iron how much should I do?
  27. Do foam rollers cause breakage?
  28. Can I use a texturizer for my course hair?
  29. My hair has grown now my hairdresser wants to trim it, what should I do?
  30. What are your suggestions on protective styles?
  31. Is it okay to use a wig brush?
  32. Is there another terminology used for the word protein?
  33. Your product ingredients are no where online.
  34. Do you recommend using Mane and Tail?
  35. I always wrap my hair at night, is this okay?
  36. Can your products be used on very dry course natural afro hair?
  37. What percentage of black women grow their hair back from your book?
  38. My hair was long and I made a mistake, which products will make the hair grow?
  39. What do you think of Organic Root Stimulation products?
  40. Should I get another perm or would this be a mistake?
  41. Do you recommend Dudley's PCH Moisturizer?
  42. I don't wash my hair but every 3 weeks, is this okay?
  43. What do you think of Wanakee products?
  44. I choose to hot comb because I am a guy wanting partially straight hair, is this okay?
  45. Can I use Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion on my relaxed hair?
  46. Any special recommendations for persons with active workout lifestyles?
  47. If hair is dead how can it be strengthened by your products?
  48. I currently use Mizani, what are your views on using Heatsafe?
  49. I am a faithful user of your products. How long will it take to grow my 9" length to 18" to 20?
  50. My new growth is very course, I also have dry scalp and I am a student on a budget, will this work for me?
  51. Do you think that it's okay to air dry my hair and then blow dry it just to get it straight, using a blow dryer with an attachable comb?
  52. I wear my hair in a ponytail or bun most of the time, do you think that will damage my hair at all?
  53. Do you know anything about Luster's Pink Oil?
  54. Can I do what is in your book and still have extensions?
  55. Can your products be used on natural hair or curl permed hair?
  56. I am skeptical about all this. My mother tells me that all this stuff they put out there to make your hair grow longer is all a scam. Can your book really help me?
  57. The ends of my hair seem very dry, I use Dew but is there anything else I should use?
  58. Your skin looks flawless in your photos, do you recommend any skin care products?
  59. Should I be using the All Ways moisturizer after styling?
  60. Is roller setting and sitting under the dryer okay, and what setting lotion do you recommend?
  61. If I relax, should I take my UBH products to the salon with me?
  62. Curling with the curling iron produced lots of hair on my sink, am I doing something wrong?
  63. Is it wise to get a relaxer while my hair is real dry and brittle?
  64. Have you heard of Hair Formula 37 vitamins and what do you think of them?
  65. I press my hair, will Dew revert pressed hair?

Disclaimer: UBH products do not fix balding and alopecia problems. UBH products address dry, brittle hair that breaks.

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