1. I know your book stated that I would need to do a deep conditioning at least once a week, but do I need to do a deep conditioning (with heat) with your product every time I wash my hair (I wash my hair ever day)?

Deep condition every day - No. Deep condition should provide the protein and oils we need to protect the hair. Washing only provides moisture temporarily. Without a good deep conditioning, you are only getting part of the benefits of conditioning. As far as if you need to use heat - I recommend heat because the heat causes the hair shaft to swell open and the product goes inside as opposed to sitting on the surface of the hair, so therefore, heat is necessary for deep conditioning especially if you have very dry hair like most African Americans. Remember that a good deep conditioning product not only helps lock in moisture, but also helps protect the hair. Go too long without it and your hair gets too dry.

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2. Will a leave-in conditioner (African Wonders has a great leave-in conditioner made with pure shea butter for curly styles) work on days that I don't use your deep conditioner?

I am very reluctant to advise about products I am not familiar with. If you have used the product and it appears to help, by all means use it. My experiences with shea butter is that it is very greasy. I have only used it as a hand crème but if the products that you speak of have some benefit to you, perhaps it will not hurt to use them. My focus is not on a product but I developed products because there were none out there that I liked or agreed with their ingredients. The hair care industry is changing over the last 10 years - in part I would like to say it is because of my first work - but I know I will never get credit for it. They are now creating many stimulating products, protein products and moisturizing products that offer us help for our dry hair. You just need to be smart about reading the labels and applying them using common sense practices.

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3. I am a black Puerto Rican. My hair is extremely fine. It has been damaged badly by chemicals. As a result I have chosen to wear extensions (bonded). It is a lot of maintenance. And has caused serious stress to my fine hair. What I wouldn't give to have long flowing healthy beautiful hair like when I was young girl. I am now early 30's. Any suggestion.

I refuse to give the extensions up. But to be natural is the ultimate wish... My I make one suggestion? Please get a copy of my book and read it. I am a firm believer in my system because I have never had hair this long - EVER in my life. If your hair is dry hair like about 80% of the black population, this will work for you whether you have natural or chemically processed hair.

Wear your extensions but give up the bonding. You are destroying your own hair! You can style your hair the way you want but you have to take care of it when you style it. Choose another way of wearing the extensions without bonding.

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4. Are your hair techniques mainly for those women who have perms or trouble with perms? All of the testimonials have perms.

My techniques are for women with HAIR. You must first understand why you have short hair problems before you can correct them. It speaks to the worst hair condition, which is Dry hair that is chemically processed. If you have dry hair this book speaks to you.

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5. Up until last year, I did not have a perm, but it got very hot here (90-110 for two month straight) and I made a decision to perm my hair. Yes, I had a lot of damage to my hair after switching from a child's relaxer to a regular relaxer. Now, I am going back to pressing my hair. Do you think that women who do not perm their hair can grow long hair successfully while pressing it?

First let me say that you did 1 thing wrong that I discuss in my book. You applied a "kiddie perm" thinking it was not as strong as a regular relaxer then you put a regular relaxer over the "kiddie perm". One thing that I tell people is that you CAN NOT change products without expecting to have some problems. You caused the breakage in your hair because of choices you made. When you decide on a product, stick with it. Some products were not designed to work together!

Yes- Women who press their hair can grow long hair successfully if you remember you have dry hair, no matter how you style it, it requires moisture! Hair is hair, in that the chemical composition of all hair is the same. It is the characteristics of hair that make it different. The texture, color, curl etc.

The main problem that over 80% of the Black population has is a dry hair condition. My system is a moisture balance system that alleviates dry hair that breaks. It is going to be a little harder to have straight pressed hair when you have to moisturize every day. I would recommend a crème moisturizer unless you want to spend a lot of time pressing to keep it straight, which means a lot of heat which I do not recommend!

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6. Dear Cathy, you are truly inspiring. Tonight I used mayonnaise to deep condition my hair since I was unable to get to the beauty supply. Is that okay? P.S. Last year, I followed your daily moisturizing, no hot iron, no-coloring method on my relaxed hair, and it grew beautifully. I wore a loose bun at the top of my head for nine months. I never cut the ends and they are not even raggedy or split. Hairdressers always comment on how beautiful and healthy my hair is. My sister, Rowena, gave me your book. God bless you!

Tammy, thank you for your kind letter. Your sister is a sweetheart. But as far as putting mayo on your hair, I do not put food on my hair. Think what is in mayonnaise, a few eggs and a lot of oil. If you benefited from it, it was probably because of the oil! That is about all I can tell you because I don't use it.

7. What makes braids smell?

Not washing them and putting stuff on them that stinks!

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8. What temperature setting should the dome hair dryer be on in order for your conditioner to properly penetrate?

A medium or high setting should be sufficient.

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9. Even after I wash my hair it is still itchy, is this because MY scalp is so dry that it does need to be lightly oiled?

If it is itchy "immediately" then perhaps you should change products. It is my understanding that different products contain ingredients that produce an allergic reaction on some.

I too experience a very itchy scalp just before my retouch, especially when I have about an inch of new growth. The treatment I use for this condition is to wash more frequently, but under no circumstance does oil need to be applied to the scalp!

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10. Can you think of any adverse effects of washing my hair every 3 days while it is in braids (apart from the fact that it looks less neat?)

No, I can not think of any.

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11. Is it okay to go 3 months before I re-do my braids?

I am really not a braid person so I have to speak from a common sense hair care perspective. Leave your braids in for as long as you can stand them, as long as you take care of the hair underneath them. You still must wash, condition and moisturize, no matter what style you wear.

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12. I usually take my braids out and re-braid them in the same weekend. Is it ok to get a relaxer (done by a professional) during this same weekend before I re-braid it or does the hair need to rest?

"Need to rest" - what is it resting from? If you choose to condition a week before putting braids back in, sure that is okay. Re-braiding should not be a problem if the hair is not damaged during the relaxing process. Just remember relaxed hair is very porous so the braided-in hair generally rob the hair of moisture. If the hair underneath becomes very dry you braids can cause you problems. Just ensure that you constantly replace needed moisture.

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13. What is more damaging to Black hair the relaxer or the perm curl? Why?

Either can be used with little damage if it is applied properly and maintained afterwards. Just be prepared to stick with the chemical process you choose because you can not change to something else (a different chemical) without causing severe damage.

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14. Since my hair seems to need extra help can I keep the conditioner on for 30 minutes instead of 20?

Hair that is damaged needs time to repair and strengthen. Trying to rush it along will provide no additional benefits. So the answer is No.

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15. Does your book address how to take care of your natural hair in braids?

My book addresses how to take care of hair no matter how you style it. Care comes before the style. My book is geared towards the worst case scenario with is chemically processed hair that is dry, however it also addresses hair period that is dry which includes about 80% of the black population.

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16. Is there anything that you recommend in the way of a creme moisturizer that I can use as well as your moisturizer? I've tried QP Elastra Oil Moisturizer, Luster's Pink Lotion, and others. My hair soaks it up, but I don't want my hair to me weighed down.

Unfortunately, all crèmes will weigh the hair down but I still use them when I need oils to help lock in moisture. Sometimes (like today) I will use Dew and All Ways Moisturizer or Motions crème moisturizer together. The Dew provides the moisture while the crème provides the seal for the moisture. Sometimes we need more oil and this is the option I have found for dealing with it when I don't have time to deep condition.

5/19 UPDATE I no longer use All Ways- they changed the formula when they changed their label! I threw my bottle out. It no longer contains water and has alcohol and protein. Two ingredients that are terrible for our hair especially during the moisturing stage!

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17. The thing I don't understand about your website is that you are promoting hair growth for black women, but yet why is your hair so straight? Do you feel that the only solution to make hair grow much faster is to perm it?

NO - First of all, my hair is NOT permed, it is relaxed! Perms curl and relaxers straighten. Neither perming nor relaxing the hair has anything to do with growth. Hair is hair- the chemical composition of ALL hair is the same. You just need to know that we have the driest hair of any race of people and that is determined by the curl pattern in the hair. The tighter the curl pattern in the hair, the drier the hair is! You should be able to wear your hair in any style you choose but you must ensure you are constantly replacing the moisture and not abusing the hair with traditional hair advice that does not work for African-Americans.

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18. I thought that it took your hair an awfully long time to grow, I am talking about 14 years here. To be honest I will do any thing it takes to grow my hair long. I am 18 years of age and I do not want to wait 14 years until my hair grows. I want to enjoy my hair when I am young.

It DID NOT take 14 years for my hair to grow this length. My hair grows about 5 inches per year. My hair is approximately 18 inches from the crown of my head to the ends of my hair. The hair is constantly going through a growing and resting stage all over the head. ALL hair has a natural life cycle. If this was not true, would not the hair on your legs or under arms grow long enough to braid it if you did not shave it? I currently do not know what the life cycle of my hair is but I estimate it to be about 3 years. At the end of the 3 years, the hair goes through the "resting" stages that are known in the industry. I did not want to include this type of technical information in my book because you can get this stuff any where. My book is not a technical book but an easy to read method that can be followed to success! As far as your hair growing down your back in 1 year - the AVERAGE growth rate is 6" per year. Some people have hair that grows faster, others have hair that grows slower, but the AVERAGE growth rate is 6" per year. If the methods you have used in the past were unsuccessful with growing your hair, you probably have never experienced a full natural life cycle and growth rate. With my proven black hair growth system you now have an opportunity to grow your hair its longest length.

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19. What is your opinion on the Willie Morrow, Naturalaxer, Bodiphier type products that loosen the curl enough to be manageable?

AI have no opinion on the Willie Morrow, Naturalaxer, Bodiphier type products because I have never used, nor have I heard of the product, nor will I use them in the future because I do not change chemicals. The only chemical I use is Affirm and only a licensed hair dresser is supposed to be able to obtain it. I have used Affirm for over 10 years and have only TRIED to change a couple of times (unsuccessfully) only to return.

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20. I use an Optimum no-lye relaxer that has a leave-in conditioner in the kit. Is it okay to apply heat to this leave-in conditioner after a touch-up? A week after the touch-up, I go back to using my regular shampoo and conditioner.

After a relaxer/retouch I recommend a conditioner that contains protein or that you use a reconstructor. The hair shaft is open after a relaxer and the best time to reconstruct it (make it stronger) is immediately afterwards. As far as using the leave in conditioner supplied with the kit, I don't want to recommend it because I do not know the ingredients. Besides a leave in conditioner does not contain adequate protein because if it did, your hair would be quite dry. Knowing what I know about relaxers, I personally do not think the leave-in conditioner in the kit is adequate immediately after your retouch!

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21. Could you recommend a moisturizer I can buy from the store that will leave my hair soft and manageable?

The only moisturizers in the stores that I have used are Moisture Max (too greasy), Motions (greasy too but not as much as Moisture Max) Soft Sheen Break Thru (made my hair hard) Pink Oil (too greasy) All Ways Moisturizer (very good). My 1st choice is All Ways and 2nd is Motions.

However if you want a light non greasy spray that leaves you soft and with lots of movement, there are none in stores that compare to Dew. Dew, when used with the curling iron straightening technique I defined in the book makes the hair stay soft until the next time you wash it. This is the way I do my own hair. I wash, condition and spray on the Dew then curling iron straighten. My hair is soft until I wash it again. The only "nappy" part is the roots if I workout. I continue spraying the Dew on each day until I need to wash again. Dew is not greasy and yet it still moisturizes and keeps the hair soft and silky. So to your question, there are no moisturizers you can buy in the store that will leave your hair soft from my experience!

5/19 UPDATE I no longer use All Ways- they changed the formula when they changed their label! I threw my bottle out. It no longer contains water and has alcohol and protein. Two ingredients that are terrible for our hair especially during the moisturing stage!

22. When my hair is wet it is so soft is there a way I can keep my hair that way when it dries?

Your best bet is Dew. If you have not tried it, you will be in for a wonderful surprise when you do!

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23. I have been wanting to grow my hair for years because as a young child, I had very long hair. I was wondering if the product doesn't work (and I am not saying it won't), can I get my money back?

Anybody who gives you a "guarantee" that they can grow you hair is pulling your leg. I do not guarantee I can grow your hair because I do not know what you are doing to your hair, what condition your body is in (hormones etc) so therefore it would be very foolish for anyone to say they guarantee something will work.

If your hair is relaxed or natural and it is dry and breaks constantly, then this will help you. I have never had long hair in my life but learning how to care for my hair has produced length that I had only dreamed of in the past. So if you are looking for something that will give you the knowledge to take care of your hair and to grow it if that is what you choose, this system will work for you.

24. Should I use hair grease for the scalp if I decide to press my daughter's hair?

I don't recommend grease on the scalp at all!

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25. Can a scalp massage stimulate the scalp?

Of course a scalp massage can stimulate the scalp but there are easier ways to stimulate your scalp like in your conditioner!

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26. When you say straighten with a curling iron, does that mean just the new growth or all the hair? Also, can this process be done weekly without causing damage to the hair?

Straighten with the curling iron all over, not just the new growth. Once a week is fine, however, if you begin experiencing a lot of breakage you maybe too close to a retouch and I would recommend waiting until after your retouch to try again.

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27. I would like to know if using foam rollers on black hair causes breakage?

Foam rollers can catch the hair and tear off ends if not used with end papers. But the most important reason to use the end papers on the rollers is that sponges dry our already dry hair more. End papers usually have a coating that will not dry the hair out as much. I also find they work best when wrapped around the hair ends instead of laying them around the roller like we did as kids.

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28. If I were to use a texturizer how long would I let it sit on my head for course hair?

If you are going to try this yourself, which a lot of people do perform their own chemicals, I would recommend you have someone who knows how to apply one do it for you. The next time, if you feel confident you may be able to do the same, however this is not a recommendation that you do. Since I don't texturize my hair, I honestly can not tell you any specifics. A professional should know the answer.

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29. I was wondering if you can answer my question. I got my hair trimmed in May now people are telling me that they think that I should get another trim. I really don't think that my hair needs a trim that bad. I was actually planning on waiting a year to see how long my hair grows then trimming it. Unfortunately, I can't go to my hair dresser because her trim is like a cut and since May I have been following your routine and have noticed my hair has grown a lot. I don't want to get rid of the length. What advice do u have?

Change hairdressers! If you don't want a trim she should not be allowed to do one on you. Get up and walk out if she attempts it. I am very passionate about not getting trims when you don't want one. Yes you can wait a year before having a trim if you think it is not necessary, you be your own judge, not some hairdresser!

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30. I have your book and it has helped me with the understanding of taking care of my relaxed-hair. I also purchased the conditioner and the Dew moisturizer, they both are good on my hair. My only question to you is that I exercise just about everyday and sweat real bad in my hair. Do you have any suggestions on styling or what is protective styling?

On suggestions for styling I feel styles are personal and I do not speak to them unless you ask me specifically about a certain style. You should be able to wear any style as long as you care for the hair. My opinion on "protective styles" is that - "protective styles" are not anything I recommend. That idea came from Wanakee. I wear my hair down EVERY DAY which means it is not in the "protective style" idea that she advocates. Protective styles like French rolls and buns where the ends are "tucked in" actually rob my ends of moisture and oil. Every time I wear a French roll, when I take the hair down my ends are crisp and easy to break if I do not immediately add moisture to them! The "protective styles" is a method that I do not use and DO NOT recommend. Some of my customers have also remarked that this method does not work. You be the judge if you think it might work, by all means try it but it IS NOT my recommendation.

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31. Is it okay to use a wig brush?

NO Brushes!

32. You mention how protein is good for your hair but you did not say how we can identify products that have protein in them. Is there another terminology used for the word protein in the ingredients in products or what should I look for when looking for protein in products?

Aloe Vera, amino acid, keratin just to mention a few

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33. No where in your book or online does it list the ingredients of your products.

This information can be found on the website under the Conditioner.html and Dew.html pages.

34. Do you recommend using Mane and Tail?

No, I have never used it and I don't recommend anything I have not used myself.

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35. I read your book and found lots of good information. I going to began the system. But I have one concern. I always wrap my hair at night. Should I still do that or what do you do?

Debra, I put my hair up on my head in a clip and put a night cap on it to keep it from tangling.

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36. Hello Cathy. One of the users of your products said on the testimonials page that your products are helping her to grow her hair naturally without needing a relaxer. I don't know what her hair type is but I was wondering if your products can be used to grow very dry coarse afro hair naturally. I quite like the wave pattern in my hair, but I just want it to be more soft and manageable and grow it naturally. Will your products help?

It does not matter what style you wear your hair in. If you hair is dry and breaks this will work for you.

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37. My name is Chevonne. I'm 17 years old. Since I was 5 my hair has been way past my shoulders. Then one day something happened. I must have used the wrong products or something. But now it is just to my shoulders. I was reviewing your web site and I was wondering what is the percentage of black women that have their hair grow back from your book? I really want to see if this works for me! Thanks!

Any one who follows my system for at least a year will see an increased length (actually in a couple of months) if your problems are dry hair that breaks, which is the problem that over 80% of the black population has. The dryness is determined by the curl pattern in the hair. The tighter the curl pattern, the drier the hair is. If this is your problem, yes, this will work for you. This teaches you how to create a moisture balance in your hair to eliminate dry hair that seemingly is not growing but breaking constantly because of things we do to our hair. If you cant afford anything but the book, it is worth the $15.00 investment!

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38. My hair was long too, but I made a mistake and was pressing it to much. So I would like to know which product will make the hair grow and keep it growing?

Kathy your comment is typical of what most sisters have gone through at some point in their life. I did not know what to do like most of us so my wanting to know is what produced these products and the book. The book is going to answer your questions about why we have the problems we do and how to correct them. Do yourself a favor. Get a hold of a copy of the book and I bet your eyes will be opened!

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39. Have you tried the Organic Root Stimulation products and would you recommend any of these products?

No - I have not used them and I don't recommend anything I don't know anything about or that I have not used.

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40. I am now trying to decide should I get a perm now or would this be a mistake?

Getting a relaxer will not be a problem if it is applied correctly and maintained by you as I discuss in the book. If your hair is not in too bad of a condition. If it is breaking, falling and dry, I recommend deep conditioning for about a month to see if this improves the hair condition. If not, I recommend you wait until the condition improves. Otherwise, you might be setting your self for severe disappointment!

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41. Do you recommend Dudley's PCH Moisturizer?

I used Dudley's for a short time. Found it was good for about 2 weeks just after a relaxer. In the weeks to come I found it not to be too moisturizing. My hair was kind of stiff during these times. I have not used it lately because I don't have a source to purchase it from. Would I try it again? Sure.

42. I don't wash my hair but every 3 weeks when it is redone, is this okay?

NO - it is not and if your intent is to successfully grow your hair I would recommend you read my book!

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43. What do you think of Wanakee products?

As far as Wanakee products, I don't use them and I know that the "research" she said she did in her pamphlet says "grow, grow, grow, trim" implying that we need to trim our hair to make it grow - In my opinion - anybody proclaiming that message is promoting a gimmick. We have tried the "trimming" thing for decades and if that REALLY worked - there would have been no need for my research, book or products! My website has a review of her methods by one of my customers, take the time to read it, as these words come from someone who says they have used it unsuccessfully. As far as if her products are good, I do not know anything about her products as I have never tried them. Paul Begoun reviewed her products and I incorporated many of Paula's comments in my book.

I do know from personal experience that "protective styles" "aka" French Rolls and "buns" rob my ends of moisture when I put them against the other hair. My ends become very crisp and dry which is obviously not what I would want for my ends! I wear my hair down EVERYDAY and it has not hindered my hair growth! I do not wear "protective styles" and do not believe they provide any benefit in helping me keep my hair on my head and add length!

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44. I choose to hot comb my hair because I feel relaxers damage the hair awfully. Second I am a guy so I figured hot combing was a little more manly, but what kind of relaxer would you recommend? I have thought about relaxing my hair, but I don't really know of any particular name brands to try. I mean I don't want to look like a female. I want a relaxer that doesn't make my hair too, too straight. If you know of one or how to get the results I want please feel free to inform me.

I am delighted that men also want to use my products! Relaxers are damaging if you don't apply them properly or do not maintain your hair after using them. Hair is hair so my products do not discriminate against guys.

From your emails, I think you really want a texturizer as opposed to a relaxer. Relaxers straighteners and texturizers only loosen the curl. The only relaxer I recommend is Affirm. You can not get it unless you are a hairdresser. But one last thing, if you feel comfortable using the hot comb, ensure it is not one you place on a burner.

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45. I was wondering if you knew of any long-term drawbacks (based on specific ingredients) of using the Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion on my relaxed hair?

The name kind of throws me because I would speculate that the "finishing lotion" is some form of moisturizer? If it is a product similar to hair gel then I would be reluctant to use everyday! I just am not familiar with the product. As far as drawbacks to using Wave Nouveau on your relaxed hair, since I have never used the product I would not recommend anything that I have not personally used. If the ingredients are similar to the ones I discuss in the book that should be contained in a good moisturizer, then it probably is okay - I just can not say yes as I don't really know. If you think it works for you then by all means use it.

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46. Do you have any special recommendations for persons with active workout lifestyles, who sweat profusely daily at the gym?

As far as recommendations for active lifestyles, there is unfortunately very little that I can offer, however, I will tell you what I do when it comes close to my retouch as I too have an active lifestyle and often sweat a lot in my head. The day I am scheduled in for a retouch, I avoid any activity that will make me sweat because I have experienced burning from the chemical if the pores are opened even that morning of the relaxer. The closer it gets to my relaxer, I use my Dew along with the curling iron straightening technique in the book to straighten the new growth. Dew works excellent for that. I also find that I have to sometimes wash every other day if my hair gets too tight near the scalp. Washing more often is probably not what you wanted to hear but I find it is necessary to keep my hair from getting too stiff and dry at the roots.

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47. I was in a bookstore just yesterday and saw your book. I had not heard of your product. In your book you note that hair is dead. If hair is dead how can it be "strengthened" by your product?

Things that are dead CAN be strengthened. A leather jacket was once an animals skin. It is no longer living on the animal but the skin can be preserved for years in the jacket-if it is treated. A protein treatment builds onto the hair using the same substance hair is made of, protein. The lack of protein is why it can become brittle and break.

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48. I love your book and I am faithfully following your moisture balance system and using your Ultra Black Hair Conditioner and Dew moisturizer. Could you please recommend a good relaxer for my Type 4 hair. I am currently using the Mizani relaxer system and even after using the curling iron within a few hours my hair loses the curl and looks frizzy. I would also like your views on using a heat protecting cream or spray like Heatsafe when using a blow dryer or electric flat iron.

Thanks for the compliment you gave my book. As far as a good relaxer, I only use 1 and have used the same one for over 12 years and will not change to another - the name is Affirm. It is great for Type 4 as I have the same hair type and I love it. I have found no other that I like better - plus I am serious about not changing my chemicals.

I have never used Mizani but I have gotten calls from customers who swear by it. As far as the frizzes, that could be caused by the blow-dryer or too much iron curling. I am not familiar with "Heatsafe" but I really recommend not using the blow-dryer too often. My Dew moisturizer also works well at smoothing the hair when used with the curling iron straightening technique I mention in the book. Also if you are using my conditioner with the Mizani, you might try and alternate their conditioner with mine to see if that helps. My product might be conflicting with theirs.

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49. I have to say I enjoyed reading your book and I'm a faithful user of your conditioner and dew moisturizing spray. My question is how long do you think it will take me to grow my 9" length to 18" to 20" with the proper care? Fourteen (14) years is a long time to wait, did it take you this long to put the basic steps together to growing longer hair or do think now that you know the basic steps and what it takes, the time frame would be shorter?

The length of your hair depends on the natural life cycle of your hair so yours may be 5" per year and someone else may by 12". How long it will take to get possibly 9-10 inches more is something I can not tell you.

It DID NOT take my hair 14 years to grow this long! My hair grows a little over 5" per year. As of 10/13/2001 the longest hair on my head is 15". If measured from the top of my head to the ends, it is 18". Whether it will grow any longer remains to be seen because I have never had my hair this long before. Remember you will also have some breakage but the key to keeping our hair is to minimize that breakage. (I also have occasional breakage but when I do I know what to do before it gets totally out of hand) So with this knowledge, and your own hair life cycle your total length depends on you.

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50. I bought and read your 2000 edition of UBH growth, but I still have a few questions. I have very dry hair and I know that you recommend a crème moisturizer for relaxed hair, but what is the difference between a crème and an oil moisturizer and which do you recommend? I'm not sure what product to buy as a daily moisturizer. My hair is relaxed, but my new growth is very coarse, and I also have a dry scalp and dry hair. I'm a college student and on a budget, I buy my hair products from Sally Beauty Supply Store. Could you recommend a daily moisturizer for me?

I recommend moisturizing, not necessarily a crème, as Dew is my product and it is not a crème. Many women did not want to use a crème, thus the reason I created Dew. The difference between a crème and an oil moisturizer is the name. As far as recommending a moisturizer, All Ways Oil Moisturizer as a crème, Dew as a spray but probably too expensive for a student on a budget.

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51. I try to wash my hair every week, but after about 3 weeks, I start getting new growth and the roots don't stay straight. I know that you recommend air drying hair after shampooing and deep conditioning and then curling it, but I'm not very good at using the curling iron for straightening my hair. Do you think that it's okay to air dry my hair and then to blow dry it just to get it straight, using a blow dryer with an attachable comb? While, blow-drying my hair is it okay to use my daily moisturizer to protect my hair from the heat?

Air-drying is recommended, if you decide to curl is a personal preference. Using the dome type dryer to dry the hair and smooth it as it dries is also okay, especially the closer it gets to a new retouch. Styles are personal. But I also recommend you avoid the blow-dryer whenever you can. Finally a daily moisturizer is not intended to be a heat shield for the blow-dryer.

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52. I wear my hair in a ponytail or bun most of the time, do you think that will damage my hair at all?

How you wear your hair is not the problem, if you are careful and use tools that do not damage the hair. I do not wear buns, and I avoid rubber bands like the plague. I will use the elastic bands that are covered in the cloths. If you think your hair is being damaged by your styles, by all means stop doing them!

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53. I was wondering what you know about Luster's Pink Oil Moisturizer? I use that along with your Dew and was wondering if that was sufficient. I do not perm or press my hair. I just wear it natural 98% of the time and only flat iron it when something really important comes up (which is rarely).

Yes that is sufficient if you are not having a lot of breakage. I prefer All Ways Oil Moisturizer but Pink Oil is okay if you like it. Pink Oil is just not one of my personal favorites.

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54. This is "Smileyfacegurl" again sorry to bother you but I wanted to know could I still do what's in your book and still have braids (extensions). I plan on buying your book this week! I really believe your book can help me?

I have lots of women who write me and tell me they have braids and use my system. Styling has nothing to do with lack of care. You still must maintain the hair underneath the braids. Depending on how long you wait to have them "redone", new growth will still occur. Women who use the conditioner with braids dilute just a little and spray from a bottle as opposed to rubbing the conditioner on the braids.
So the answer is YES you can use my systems with braids!

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55. Can your products be used on natural hair or curl permed hair?

Yes, these products can be used on all hair styles and especially hair that is dry. The products were created for the worst case scenario, chemically processed hair.

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56. I haven't read your book but I'm becoming interested in getting it. I am very skeptical about all this. My mother tells me that all of this stuff they put out there to make your hair grow longer is all a scam. But my mother doesn't understand how it feels to have short hair like mine. She has this beautiful thick long hair and I don't. I always wanted long hair kinda like yours. But I can't seem to find anything that works. My prom is next year and I was planning on having shoulder length or longer hair but it doesn't seem to be in my favor. I would like to know if your book addresses hair that breaks off and is damaged. I seriously need a prayer and a miracle here. I would just like to know will it take me long to grow from neck length to shoulder length hair (or more) and if your book can really help me?

The problems you describe are exactly the ones I address in my book. I understand your skepticism because most of the stuff out there on hair growth is built on myths. I am living proof this works as well as the real testimonials you see on my website. Do yourself a favor, invest in the book. I can bet you will not be less informed. My book tells you why you have the problems you have and how to correct them. It is not another gimmick but facts about our hair and how to grow it longer if you have dry hair that breaks I too was in your position when I was a young girl. I wanted hair so bad I would have done anything to get it. I even resorted to wigs and hair pieces although I hated fake hair.

After you read my book I believe your eyes will be opened. I started researching our hair because I truly believed that God did not say that only Whites, Asians, Indian and Mexican women can have long hair but not Black women. When I realized this, I said there has to be a common reason why we (Black women) have short hair. I identify my findings in my book.

Spend the money and get yourself a copy of the book or go to your library - they might have a copy. If you have questions after reading the book, email me and I will try to help you achieve your goal!

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57. Hello Ms. Howse, What do you recommend I put on my OVERLY dry ends? I deep condition but I just started. The ends of my hair seem very dry. I use the Dew but is there anything else I should use?

It might be better to use the crème for a while. When I first started treating my own hair, there was no Dew. I used Moisture Max which is very oily. I use Dew as it gets closer to my retouch and I use a crème when I need more oil. (especially when it is getting close to a retouch) I just don't care for heavy oil. Use the crème and see if that helps eliminate most of your dryness problems.

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58. One thing that I have noticed about you Cathy, you are for real not like these fake companies who really know nothing about the products that they are selling, this really touches me and I must say is quite refreshing for me. By the way Cathy do you recommend any skin care products your skin looks flawless in your photos?

Dearest Judy, thanks for your kind words. I know what you mean by people selling products but not knowing much about them. I have had to experience the same ignorance before I decided to take my hair care into my own hands.

Although my pictures were done with theatrical makeup on my face, I still must say that I pride myself on taking care of my skin. I use Mary Kay cleanser and moisturizer for over 30 years. When I tried other products, my face looked like it was going through a metamorphic change - peeling and flaking! I said that if that woman can look like that at 80 I want to use what she is using. Thanks again Judy for your kind words and please keep me informed about your success with the system.

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59. I received the products yesterday and I have a few questions: regarding the Dew Moisturizer. I washed, deep conditioned and applied the Dew then air dried, then I proceeded with the curling iron. I think that if I were to use the Dew every day I believe I would have to use the curling iron everyday because it made my hair really curly (it looked good but I don't want to wear my hair like that) should I be using the All Ways moisturizer after styling?

Judy, PLEASE don't use the curling iron every day. Perhaps you should use a little bit less Dew - just mist - don't make it so wet as it takes too much time to dry. If you spray dew on before you get in the shower and put your shower cap on, by the time you finish your shower, you should not feel the Dew (wet) any more on your hair.

As far as All Ways, I use crèmes only when my hair still feels dry after the Dew. There are some times I will use them both together but not all the time. Mostly when it is time for my retouch.

5/19 UPDATE I no longer use All Ways- they changed the formula when they changed their label! I threw my bottle out. It no longer contains water and has alcohol and protein. Two ingredients that are terrible for our hair especially during the moisturing stage!

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60. Is roller setting and sitting under the dryer ok and if so, what kind of setting lotion would you recommend that is not drying?

Yes, roller setting is okay as well as a setting lotion but just make sure you don't leave product like setting lotion or hair spray on your hair without washing frequently. Cant recommend a setting lotion because I don't use them currently. I used to use Miss Cool 5 Minute Fast Set. I have no idea if they even still make it!

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61. Your conditioner is amazing. Talk about stimulating I have never experienced a conditioner like it before! I don't mean to be bothersome but I really want to get this right. I was also wondering about relaxing if I go to a professional should I bring my UBH products with me?

As far as bring the products to the salon, some hairdresser, don't mind but other do. I don't think it is necessary to take UBH products with you because most of their products are good. It is the maintenance, after the shop that you should be concerned with!

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62. I noticed a lot of hair in the sink when I was curling with the curling iron but when I combed my hair there was hardly any hair coming out. I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong.

Curling with the curling iron and breaking - this could be caused by a couple of things - if you are almost due for a retouch, and air-drying the hair close to a retouch. When it is time for my relaxer, I notice the same thing with the breaking and the curling iron straightening technique. Right after my relaxer up until about the 3rd week before I need a new one, I notice the breakage is a little more than I want to see. If it becomes extreme, I start protein treatments until I get it under control or I avoid the curling iron straightening technique until after my retouch. Air-drying my hair around this time also seems to make my hair less straight than using the dome type dryer, since I generally smooth my hair as I dry it. It seems to break less when using this method (dome dryer) -close to a new retouch. You may also want to try the Dew with just a regular conditioner (off the shelf or crème rinse) After you wash, apply Dew and dry.
(Do this in the middle of the week - but still deep conditioner on the weekend).

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63. Is it wise to get a relaxer while my hair is real dry and brittle or should I try your conditioner for at least one year and see if the dryness has disappeared, and they try a relaxer? In the pass my hair has always come out after a relaxer was put on it. What do you think I should do? Will you please help?

It is VERY unwise to get a relaxer on damaged hair. I would recommend you go to Sally's Beauty Supply and get a protein treatment to stop the brittleness. Use this on your hair for about 3-4 weeks in addition to your conditioning treatments, then see what your hair is like afterwards. Your hair should be stronger. Also if you are not using Affirm as your relaxer, I would also recommend you find a hairdresser that does. Hope this helps!

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64. You probably have heard about Hair Formula 37 vitamins that contain vitamins and proteins for the hair. I know you mentioned in your book about the importance of supplements for the hair, but this product contains 4200 mg of proteins (amino acids) for the hair. Have you heard of this product? If so, what do you think about that many mg of proteins?

Pamela, internal applications of protein have very little affect on the hair. The application of protein has to be applied to the outside of the hair in order for it to strengthen it. I experimented with this when I did my research. Ingesting large amounts of protein causes the body to speed up to process the extra protein. The brains uses glucose to feed off. When the body speeds up to process the additional protein, the brain is left with very little. You starve the brain of its only nourishment thereby causing you to have headaches and increased girth (in the midsection) when too much protein is taken without reducing carbohydrates.

On using this product for the vitamins, you be the judge, if it contains the recommended ones I stated in my book they are probably okay. I just would get rid of anything with protein in it that suggest it should be taken internally to make the hair stronger.

65. I press my hair, will Dew revert pressed hair?

Yes, if used heavily. Try misting lightly to see how it works for you. Have you tried the curling iron straightening technique with the Dew that I mention in the book?
You might be able to get rid of the pressing comb!

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Disclaimer: UBH products do not fix balding and alopecia problems. UBH products address dry, brittle hair that breaks.

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