1. Will I be wasting my time using your products if I do not have drier/steamer?

Hair products benefit the hair most when the hairshaft swells open by heat and the products go inside the innermost part of the hair. Putting UBH deep conditioner on in the shower and immediately rinsing it out is a waste. If you add a plastic cap this helps and if you added a warm towel that is even better. When you can, invest ($40) in a hooded hair dryer. You will be glad you did.

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2. Please could you tell me the correct way to blow dry and then curl using the curling iron. I recently had to go to a different hairdresser- my reg was off island. The new person after blow drying applied a spritz and curling oil. I found this to have a burning smell and the curling iron was very hot. It made a "fizz" sound.

Dont know what the spritzer was but did the curling iron come from the little marcel stove as opposed to a plugged in one? If it did this is a no no for chemically processed hair. (you didnt mention if you have a chemical) did you experience breakage after the method? As far as the correct way to blow dry and curl with the curling iron, My hairdresser does it for me when I have shows. I find nothing wrong with his method which is: after washing, section the hair so the back is done first, use a comb from the ends up to detangle, blow dry with a brush for straightening, bump only the ends with the curling iron, do this all over using small sections. There is no one method but if I hear an iron sizzling in MY hair you can bet I am not going to let it happen long! I speak up (like I did when my hair dresser had the blow dryer TOO hot one day that it was burning my scalp - it was turned down immediately) If your dont speak up it will be you that allowed your hair to be burned out by some hairdresser!

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3. First, I would like to thank you for shipping me another bottle of conditioner. I have already begun your system. I've got it down pat. It's almost too easy. For some reason, I'm really confident that it will work for me. I plan to follow your guidelines to assure positive results. Because of this, I must ask you a question. I have not been able to get my hair straight with a curling iron. My hairdresser once told me that ceramic flat irons are not as damaging to the hair as other irons. Would it be alright if I allowed my hair to air-dry and straightened it with a ceramic flat iron? What do you think?

It does not matter what you straighten it with as long as it is not heated on one of those little stoves and it is NOT a pressing comb at all! The curling iron or flat iron must be the plug in kind.

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4. Is there any specific size the curling Iron should be to straighten the hair?

The size of your curling iron barrel depends on the length of your hair. If you currently have one use it. If I were to buy one I would suggest using a 1/2" barrel.

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5. Is sitting under a hooded dryer okay to do at least 2 times a week without causing damage?

No problem. The hooded dryer dissipates the heat all over the head and is far less damaging than a blowdryer with the heat so close to the cuticle.

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6. I noticed that you wash, condition, moisturize. Do you let your hair dry naturally such as pony tail method or do you get under a hooded dryer?

When my hair was relaxed I would dry my hair under the hooded dryer when I was in a hurry or during winter to speed up the drying. In the summer, I would let it air dry. Now that I am relaxer free and my hair is all natural hair I have to blowdry my hair to straighten and then flat iron.

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7. I noticed that one of your responses to a user was that you use straighten your hair with a curling iron, is it okay to do this 2 times a week?

I straighten my hair with a flat iron now (when I wrote my book flat irons were not that popular) Yes you can flat iron 2X per week if you wash your hair each time.

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8. Are heat appliances with temperature control and steam heat--i.e. curling irons, hot rollers, flat irons--more gentle on the hair than the regular kind?

Regular kind? Like in the ones you put on the stove or just don't have a thermostat? The kind you put on the stove should never be used on chemically treated hair. Those with a thermostat control are okay to use, (provided they are not pressing combs), just test them before putting them in your hair.

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9. In your book you never talked about flat irons, is it okay to use one of those on permed hair?

When my book was written, most women had curling irons in their bathrooms, not flat irons thus the reason they were not discussed. A flat iron is okay to use also.

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10. Now, I know that you enforce NO BRUSHING, but there is this brush on the market called Revostyler....are you familiar with it? Well anyways, it doesn't cut the smoothes the hair...and it doesn't tangle the hair. Would you suggest that I should buy it? Because it could take the place of the relaxers I do, so I could grow my hair more naturally.

Baloney this is another gimmick for black women. This revolving brush WILL destroy your hair I dont care what they say. Under NO circumstances would I suggest you buy this brush. Dont believe the hype - this thing is a joke for black hair!

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11. They use marcels at the hair salon, are those okay for my hair to be flat ironed with?

Under NO Circumstances should you let your chemically processed hair be touched with any appliance heated on the marcel stoves. It will destroy your hair! Watch them. If you see her reaching for the marcel heated appliances, insist they use the curling or flat iron that is plugged in. NEVER use this type of heat with chemically processed hair!!! NEVER!!!

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12. I use a wide tooth rubber brush (wig brush) to help detangle my natural hair into a smooth ponytail to air-dry. Is this okay?

Get rid of the brush. It should never be used on our hair wet or dry. Wash your hair in the shower and you will avoid most tangling problems.

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13. Is it okay if I use the brush with the bristles with the balls on the ends?

I do not recommend brushes at all.

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Disclaimer: UBH products do not fix balding and alopecia problems. UBH products address dry, brittle hair that breaks.

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