Good Black hair care products are not all we need for longer hair

Black hair growth and maintenance has never been simpler since I learned what I can and can not do to my hair. In 1987 I started out with about 3" of hair and pretty much kept that much all my life until 1989. That's when I found the last step in the only moisture balance system created for black women, by a black woman.

In the past we were used to getting our hair care information from men and whites. Neither has ever felt what it was like to really want long hair. After thinking, they came up with wigs, weaves and braids, which may be fine for some, but I don't want to wear fake hair. I want to wear my own hair. So the idea had to be conceived by a black woman.

Like most sisters, I tried every hair growth product out there that said they could make hair grow. But in the end, I realized it was not about a product but how I was taking care of my hair!

Follow my 14 year success story below.

Very often people ask me has my hair ever been this long. Here's proof. These are my photos taken during the 14 years of working with my moisture balance system. When someone tells you they can grow your hair, ask them for their credentials. Here's mine

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These two photos were taken in the beginning when I started thinking about writing a book that would keep our hair on our heads. I just never believed that God would let Asian, Indian, Caucasian and Mexican woman have long hair, so I set out to find the reasons why Black hair was short and how to make it longer. I soon realized it was a common problem that most African American people have.
These photos were taken in 1988 when I was still researching the book. I didn't quite have all the steps in the system but I knew I was on the right track. This was around the time when I had to learn that brushing was destroying my hair.
Above are pictures of my sons and I in 1989 along with the cover photo that was taken for the first book. The first Ultra Black Hair Growth book was published in December 1989.
This picture was taken three years later (1992) for the Women Leaders of Colorado.
Four years later in 1993, I was recognized and honored as African Americans Who Make a Difference 3-10-93. Also introduced the conditioner with the book.
Five years later in 1994 - The picture was taken for the cover of the 2nd book.
Six years later in 1995 - I took this photo for the advertisement on the right.
Seven years later in 1996. You cant really see the length of the hair but you are able to see the fullness.
Eight years later. The pictures above are all from 1997. Remember that I do not trim my hair, so it's not very straight. As you can see, it has not hampered my hair growth one bit. I don't believe it's necessary and I am living proof that trimming is not necessary to grow hair.
Eleven years later. This is the photo from the inside cover of the 2000 edition: Ultra Black Hair Growth II - the only proven black hair growth system!
12 Years - Later Sept 2001
My hair care growth method has afforded my biographical profile inclusion in Who's Who in American 2002
Who's Who of American Women 2002-2003
And Who's Who in the World 2003

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Disclaimer: UBH products do not fix balding and alopecia problems. UBH products address dry, brittle hair that breaks.

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